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Make $160 Per Day Downloading Files Make Money Online Free

January 11, 2020

all righty guys welcome back to the
video it’s a boy can’t coming at you with another exciting video today in
this video I’m gonna show you how you can make $160 per day and that’s being
conservative alright and what you’re going to be
doing is just from downloading files so stick around I can’t wait to get you
started on that and I’m gonna time-warp you into that right now alrighty guys welcome back to today’s
video like I said or they’re going to show you how you can make a hundred and
sixty dollars per day with downloaded files and that’s probably being
conservative it could be even more than that way more than that
alrighty first of all my name is Kevin later with Kevin – laner calm and if
this is your first time to my videos what we do here is how to videos
affiliate marketing videos anything to do with making money online videos to
help bring financial and time freedom into your life alright and once in a
while we throw a motivational video in there as well alrighty also if this is
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here on this channel alright guys well let’s go ahead and get started in
today’s video I’m excited to show this to you it’s a really great way to make
some pretty darn good money here and you’re gonna see it here right now so
we’re going to come right over here to our favorite browser opera and we load
it up here have a look at this site right here it’s called DL upload you see
it up here in the address bar DL upload com upload files and make money now hold
on I can hear some of you now Kevin you just said we were going to make money
from downloaded files well hang on a moment
just hang in there with me you know your boy calves always got to back alright
have a look at this paragraph right here DL upload paper down
program lets you earn money with your files upload your files share your link
and for every download you earn money and that’s great it says some of the
features on this site here are cloud storage
we understand how important it is for your files we use SSD cloud server
drives to store your files a better reliability and faster performance and
then they have a super super speed servers located in multiple locations
across 30 plus countries which provide the best downloading speed to every user
in any country so there you go guys this is available worldwide it doesn’t matter
where you’re at now before we come back to this we want to see about how we’re
going to make money here right before we come back to this let’s come down here
and look at the rest of this and says there’s three easy steps to do this to
start generating money immediately and then you can request a payout first is
creates your account and that’s easy enough to do you just come up here to
where it says register or you can click here and click on register it opens up
this little application or form here put your first and last name and a good
email address because they’re probably going to send you a confirmation email
to verify that that’s your email address okay put your phone number in your
gender your birthdate your address country city and also you create a good
password for your account here and don’t forget to check this box here that you
agree with the terms and conditions and you can read those in the privacy policy
by these links as well right here alright so that’s how you get registered
it’s free doesn’t cost anything to do this alright and then create your
uploads your files share your files or your link and then start earning money
and it says paper download program upload and earn every time your file
gets downloaded program is the simplest program which
lets you earn money every time your files get downloaded by users the more
you share the more you earn DL upload provides upload and earn feature with
highest payout rates ever you’re earning rate depends on your the country from
which doubt your download is coming and you can check the earning rates by
clicking here and then you couldn’t register right here’s another register
button as well so let’s find out how much money can be made and I’ve got a
good suggestion for you on how you can route it you can you can do this all
right so hang in there with me that’s coming here in just a moment now
so quick paths is we provide fast and easy payout to users with dozens of
payout methods available we only limit the minimum payout amount to $5 so all
you got to have is $5 in your account and you can request a payout if you want
if you request a payout by PayPal ISA walk and nipple Paytm in India and so on
so forth so let’s go ahead and click on this see the pricing right here and it
says the DL upload payout rates what do we offer uploading service up to 2
gigabytes for each file so in other words you could have a two gigabyte file
uploaded at any one time that’s if you if you want I don’t know that’s a that’s
a pretty huge file you can have a video file if you want that would probably be
about that big I suppose that even be a pretty huge file steady servers with
huge storage and network speed download learning and watching services in
maximum quality earn money from your files and videos songs software photos
drawings articles and other types of files and we limit 30 gigabyte file
storage capacity per user so 30 gigabytes of storage capacity for free
that’s pretty large that’s pretty large that’s oh that’s lots of lots of files
payout information minimum payout is $5 you earn
wisely through our uploading network you would your withdrawal will be cleared
every week every Sunday through our team members but before we send you
withdrawal we check all the downloads made by you before sending the payments
and here’s how much you get paid Group a is the United States Canada Australia
and the United Kingdom the payout for every downloaded file there is $8 pretty
good huh Group B is in United Arab Emirates Saudi
Arabia and European countries it’s six dollars per download their Group C is
India and Nepal Pakistan in all other countries of the world it’s five dollars
per download of any one file that you have that’s actually pretty good now you
want to make sure you read the rules and conditions here if you come to this
website DL upload calm then I’m not going to read through all these rules
here but the one to pay attention to right here is we count every successful
100% completed download okay in other words if somebody starts to download
your files and for example and they lose their internet connection and that
download stops you won’t be credited with that or if they manually stop the
download you’re not going to get credited with that okay something to pay
attention to and it says don’t click on your own links or your file or or ask
you any friend of yours to do this for you it says here it’s easy to discover
it don’t delete your files gathered money after it’s gathered money when you
request payment and don’t share your files and sites use software to exact
expect the download link without loading the page and so yeah you got to be
careful of copyright you guys can read this when you come over here these rules
and conditions pretty simple pretty straightforward
just don’t try to cheat the system that they have because they’re paying pretty
good money here just for one file download you’re paying pretty good money
so don’t try to cheat their system just to you know try to you know get more
money out of or anything like that treat it with fairness and treat it rightly
and it will work pretty good for you now one of the suggestions that I
suggest here how you could make a lot of money and how I came up with 160 dollars
per day let’s bring up the calculator here and I’ll show you this now I want
to give you an example this is my suggestion for example if you have a
playlist of songs that you like of music that you like okay you can a lot of good
music that you like a playlist of maybe you know 10 15 20 songs or whatever and
it’s in a in a folder or whatever you can upload those files to this server
here and let’s say and you get a shareable link and let’s say you put
your your link to your playlist on all the social media platforms and share it
there like Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest reddit just to name five of
them there’s many others I’m sure that you know about share your links on there
now let’s just say for example if you had 20 people look up the calculator
here 20 people download your playlist per day that’s $8 a sake now this is
saying that you’re in the in the United States here right group a so for 20 to
20 people 20 times your playlist gets downloaded times that by $8 and what do
you get that’s $160 do you think you could get 20 people in one day to
download your music your playlist or for any of your stuff you can put any videos
you can put anything up on here as you saw earlier saw software videos songs
software programs vote drawings articles and others do you
think you could get 20 people to download your songs and playlists after
you shared your link on all those other social media platforms I’m being pretty
like I said I’m being conservative here that’s 120 and all you need is 20 people
to download that in one day each day 20 people that’s pretty conservative what
about if you had a hundred downloads per day let’s take a look at that so 100
times 8 that’s $800 guys $800 you made in one day now let’s say if you’re let’s
take the low end over here Group C over here in India and Nepal Pakistan and all
other countries let’s have a look at that if they had 20 downloads off of a
example being US a playlist of music that you have and that’s what you wanted
to upload it can be anything and let’s say you had 20 people just downloaded 20
times in one day I think that’s awful conservative I really do so times $5
you’re looking at $100 right there that’s $100 in one day just for 20
people 20 times that your file was downloaded in one day that’s amazing
that’s really good money if you if you really got good at this you could
actually make a full-time living out of this I would think you could really
really do pretty good with this well guys that’s what I had to show you today
wanted to show you this really cool exciting way that you can make some
pretty good money off of this website DL upload just by having people download
your software or files or music or whatever off of this site and make
pretty good money alrighty guys also hey if you like this video give me a thumbs
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Tom and get my free video training and check out my business at the end of that
funnel there where you can make up to even anywhere from three hundred to four
thousand dollars in just one day and that will really free up your life
pretty quick alright guys well guys I’m gonna leave you with that here and I
hope you take action on this and you get some good success with it okay I’ll see
you guys again here in a couple of days on the next exciting video you guys take
care bye bye you


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  • Reply Linda B January 10, 2020 at 12:53 am

    Cool! Thanks Kevin!!

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    The payout-rates are for 1000 downloads and not for a single download! Greetz from Germany;-)

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    It's not $8 per download it's $8 per 1,000 !

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