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Make $110 Per Day With Logo Design (Make Money Online) 2020

February 13, 2020

all righty guys on today’s video I’m
gonna show you how you can make up to a hundred and ten dollars per day doing
logo design and it’s so easy you can do it with one arm tied behind your back so
stick around we’re gonna get started on that ear right now all righty guys welcome back to today’s
video and as I told you I’m gonna show you how you can make one little over
$100 a day doing logo design and it’s so easy and free a child can do it okay so
alright so first of all my name is kevin langan with kevin nash laner calm and
it’s your first time here in my videos or my channel and you haven’t yet
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on this channel here all right guys we’re gonna get started in today’s video
this is going to involve one of our favorite websites at least my favorite
website to use is called a fiber ok so we’re going to come right over here and
get in on this here right now we’re going to come to fiber now once you get
to fiber here in this on fiber here what’s gonna do is click on become a
seller here okay now you may already have an account here
it’s free to sign up here it’s free to do everything that I’m going to show you
today is free and this should be able to be done anywhere in the world ok alright
so what you’re gonna do is you’re going to become a seller here because you want
to set up a gig to do logo design ok so it’s easy enough click on become a
seller and then brings you over here you click on this button right here become a
seller and you can sign up either with your Facebook account or your Google
account or you can just do a local account here it doesn’t matter either
way and when you sign in sign up and get
sign up it’ll bring you over and we’ll walk you through steps on how to create
your gig and then what you’re going to do is create in logo design that’s what
we’re gonna do today so I’m just going to come back here to the front page I’m
gonna type in hero logo design there’s lots of businesses and lots of people
that need a logo designed for whatever it is they’re doing particularly
businesses people are starting new businesses
either online or offline they want a logo they want a nice
professional-looking logo for the business ok and I’m going to show you
how you can do this for them very very easy now as I look up logo design you
can see there’s all kinds of them here and if you’ll notice some of the prices
are starting here some of these are fairly high like here’s 50 50 120 150
195 135 150 3200 even and you can see some of these logos are pretty plain
looking actually I mean like right here this is fairly plain looking logo right
here so what you’re gonna do is create your gig and I recommend when you do
create your gig that you created after someone who has like for example this
one way use this top left one here because it’s got 4.9 star rating which
is good with over a thousand plus reviews which means this person has had
a lot of business they’re starting theirs at 50 I recommend you start yours
since you’re just starting out if you don’t have anything like this already
which probably not you’re gonna start out brand new what you’re going to do is
you’re going to start out say about 30 bucks and that’s that’s a little bit low
but yeah it’s not too low or anything like that actually you can start it out
with whatever you want but I’d recommend about thirty dollars okay so what you
want to do will click on this one here we use this one as an example you’re
gonna create what you’ll tell them you’ll do right here like this person
here and you want to get some good good logo pictures to put up on your gig as
well okay and I’m going to show you this is this is so easy and so amazingly
quick to do that you can create your own types of logos like this and put them up
on your gig to show other people sort of what you can do okay and then you’re
gonna model your gig after these you don’t ever want a copy I’ve told you
guys this the pass you don’t want to copy someone else’s
gig you just want to get your ideas for yours from someone else on their gig
here alright and it’s gonna tell about the game that you’ll do and then a
little bit about yourself and so also forth and put your own picture here and
a little bit about yourself here tell about yourself and your response time
and so on so forth and delivery times now like I said I recommend that you set
your packages you have you should have a basic a standard and a premium package
and you can of course each step up I recommend you start at 30 and then the
next your standard package could be something like maybe $50 and then you’ll
add maybe instead of two designs you’ll do this ones doing three designs so
maybe you’ll do four designs for $50 and then your premium package could be like
it a hundred okay and then offer like this guy’s doing five of them you could
maybe do six six of them 400 and then you can do logo transparency our
resolution and so on and so forth down through here you set your packages
up now so then once you get that done and you come down what you really want
to do though is find someone like this that has a lot of sales a lot of high
reviews like this guy had over a thousand reviews right and you want to
use their tags that they’re using on their gig so that the tags that they’re
using you use because the tags will help rank your gig up higher in fiber as well
as in the Google search engines okay because all this stuff is ranked in
Google as well all right now so let’s say that now you have your gig created
in logo design you have your basic packages starting out at $30 and $50 for
your standard and a hundred dollars for your premium
package okay and there again you can model after some of these other people
if you need some help with that just look at what they’re offering and you
can do these same types of things okay now so let’s say for example with your
gig created here now let’s say you get a you get a customer that puts in an order
for they want to have let’s say they’re getting ready to start a open up a
sports store an offline Sports store and they want to have their own company logo
to put on like their t-shirts coffee mugs hats well just about anything and
then they can even make blow the thing up and make a sign out of it for the
front of their store on the outside of their store with that logo so they may
ask you to create a logo for them and you’re gonna do it for say you’ll do a
premium and you can do you can do two different concepts like this guys got
right here well right here you can do like five or six different concepts of
different views of it and different types so that they have a choice on what
they want to choose from you give them more choices in and so on and so forth
so so let’s say you just get one for $100 okay now so you get an order what
they’re going to do and they’ll give you the specifications they’re going to give
you the the name of the company that they want they may even give you the
type of font that they want for their company name and they will give you
colors the types of colors that they want in the logo as well right so what
you do is when they give that to you you’re going to bring that information
right over here to this website right here called free logo design you see it
right here in the address bar free logo design dot org see that now right off
the bat the nice thing about this particular site is if you’ll notice
right up here at the top there is no signup required
no signing in required for this site you just simply come here and create a logo
so if you look down through here you can see some of these logos that are created
just as examples here it says here create a logo in seconds free logo
designs of free logo maker for entrepreneurs small businesses
freelancers and organizations to create professional-looking logos in minutes
get a free logo for your website business cards or correspondence and our
free user friendly editor will help you create the perfect level for your
business sports club organization etc in just a few clicks so and what we can do
is is we’ll come down here they had a thing down here where it’s easy enough
to I like this right here because it already puts it in so let’s say for
example right here we’re going to create an actual logo here ok so let’s say for
example that your customer gave you the business name and let’s say it’s called
let’s say it’s called all-day Sports store something along that line
all-day sports store so we type that in there and we just click create my logo
you see it brings us over here and it already gives us some things to go on
here and you see right here not all of them over that you know it’s a Melia and
these are Saint Johns high schools and restaurants here but if you’ll notice
some of them it’s already got an all-day Sports store look at that that’s pretty
cool design right there here’s another one right here here’s another one right
here another one here here’s one and right there’s one that’s not too bad
looking and so on and so forth and then here’s one used with like a shipping
anchor here I kind of like this one right here this one looks seems this one
gives it more of a sports feeling here so we click on that
and it what it does is it brings it over here into this editor so let’s say that
the let’s say that the customer your customer wanted to have it in black and
gold black and gold colors those two code I mean it could be three or four
different colors or whatever but this is say black and gold
so we see that we have this logo that it gave us already and you can see how easy
it is to do this so what I’m going to do is I’m going to click on this circle
here if you just put your mouse on any area click on that and it brings it over
here and you see this tool come out here to the right so you see I clicked on
that circle there so what I’m gonna do is click on that and it opens this up
right here and then what we’re going to do is simply click on the color and then
I’m gonna make what color did I say that make that gold yeah okay so we’ll just
click on this looks like pretty well gold color right here we could use this
palette to scroll down here and give us notice but I like that gold color right
there alright so I click on that so well then what I’m gonna do is just click
select right here you see this right above my head here you see this button
labeled select here click on that and then what we’re gonna
do is click on the star and then it’s right here shaped number five what we’re
gonna do is make that black alright okay bang right there just like that and then
click select so there we have our gold and black star circle there and then
what we’ll do is we’ll do this right here and we see that a shape number
might be number two two elves come down okay shape number four here and then
just click on it and we’re putting make that gold okay click select see how easy
this is guys and this other one over here we’re gonna click on it shape number two
up here you see it’s highlighted over here to the left when I put my mouse on
the shape it’s highlighted there on the logo I click on that and then we’ll
create that and make that gold as well and then we’re going to take our ribbon
in the middle there and click on it and make that black all right so okay so see now we’ve got our colors
that the person wanted and we’ll make our words we’ll take the words and make
that a little bit darker black color as well see how it works actually we’ll
take we’ll make these words gold the sports store will be in gold so so we
got a good mixture of black and gold and that’s all there is to it
that’s just an example but you see that’s all there is to it you see how
easy that was to do that and you could if you wanted to add another shape you
can add more text you can add another shape and an icon to it too or even
change up the logo and I mean you can do all kinds of things and you see how easy
it was to do that this is so simple a child could do this now the nice thing
about this is when they’re done with it and you have it the way you like it come
up here to the upper right you’re gonna click on save and when you click on save
it should bring up here and flip us over here now you’ll notice that some of
these they do charge for but don’t get freaked out about that because we’re not
concerned about the money what we’re interested in is the free one right here
okay and here’s the nice thing about this it
downloads it in a PNG file format that means it’s transparent it’s transparent
and it can be put on t-shirts it can be put on hats it can be put on like I said
coffee mugs or glasses or whatever because it’s transparent there’s no
background to it it’s just straight-up what you see right there the lettering
and the logo picture and that’s the nice thing about that so you download the
down just simply download that for free right to your computer in a PNG file and
then all you do is you’ll come back over to fiber and simply give that back to
your customer and you get paid $100 now if you chose the premium and you said
you were going to give them five different concepts or six different
concepts then you would just simply create go back and create a another
variation of different maybe a different variation maybe make this circle black
in the star gold and so on and so forth change up your coloring and so on and so
forth you can maybe add a little bit more than others shape to it or
something or add an icon or some different text or something shape or a
different logo or something like that or maybe add a different color whatever so
you give your customer about six different variations of the logo and
then they can pick which one of these out of the six that they like so when
you do that you give that back to your customer and then they choose what they
like they like one of the six Davout designs that you created and right away
you make $100 just like that just like that you made $100 now I mentioned that
you can make a little over a hundred dollars well let’s say if you’re on your
basic package here which you charge $30 for that it’s what we said right that
you set it at 30 well if you had four orders for $30 where you’re doing only
two different designs to choose from for the $30 of their logo and you’ve made
about a hundred and ten dollars in one day
alrighty guys guys that’s what I wanted to show you today on how you can make
some pretty good money doing logo design that’s so easy you could do it with your
hand be tied behind your back karate guys well guys make sure you give
me a thumbs up on this video if you got some value out of this don’t forget to
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and so forth alright it guys I’m gonna let you guys
go with that and I’ll see you again here in a couple of days on the next exciting
video you guys take care bye bye


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