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Luminar 4 AI vs Photoshop CC || Sky Replacement

February 9, 2020

hi guys Wajahat here back from Wajahat Photoshop
In this tutorial we’re gonna talk about machine learning or artificial
intelligence of Luminar 4 which will replace the sky in just second
also you will changing this photos sky using Photoshop manually and you’ll
compare how much time it will take it in Photoshop and how much time in Luminar 4 so let’s get started. all right so the software loaded now
now if you want to download this image we will demonstrate this all using this
image if you want to download this the link will be in the description now I’m just doing it as a very basic
concept if someone don’t know about Luminar We’ll go through all of them. All right click on
plus symbol and now click on edit on single image this will open file explorer now as I said if you want to
download this image the link in the description now it will take a few
seconds to load this because there’s a lot of processing going on when you launch
this software it’s now loaded now the first thing all you’ve do to is to there a lot of settings we
will talk about them in later videos so now we are just changing the sky using AI ,Which means using Artificial Intelligence now all you’ve to do is click on this symbol which is
creative and once you click on this it will open up this you know of using all
styles and presets that is built in the software now all you’ve to do is to click on AI
Sky Replacement which is artificial intelligence so just toggle on this and it’ll automatically
do this job with just a few second now not to mention if you
want to change to other sky this enormous amount of sky you can use the
custom sky for that but we for now we’ll not go through that with that I
would like to choose a blue sky 1 so let’s see how it looks like now I can see here
Luminar 4 AI automatically adjust the color with a composition so it
doesn’t look like a fake now for some reason if it looks like a fake you can
always change the hue saturation in color balance
anytime you want but for now I think that’s look pretty good so there is
another setting that I would like to show you this is highs on blending now
if you do change this it will the blending which is occur between
these edges of building and the sky so this is a blending how it is blend
together this horizon which is you can see here now this is the
position which you can play around with that so that how this is positioned and
now the relight scene how much it would know this is the relighting by the way you
can play with this if you want other is is importance and if you just call close
gaps now close gaps is how the image is blend together with the buildings there
likewise if I drag this now it’s always just processing this it takes so it
just change that close gaps how much it will how much it is blend together
there is another thing which is called sky defocus which I like the most so they
just look very realistic so yeah that’s look cool to me now there
is haze you can change with that also the temperature well the software is always takes
times it’s too lag I mean using a lot of processor
yes sky exposure and so on and you can see here now another thing to mention you can
change the whatever sky you want likewise if you go to be dramatic sky
one it will change the dramatic sky in also apply AI now if although in
this case this image this composition doesn’t match because there is lighting
is behind the subject and the lighting on the face you can see her the
lighting come from other side so it’ll look fake but for that you can use a Photoshop
but for some reason if your lighting match the Luminar will always usually a
good job but for some reason if the object is too complicated to select it
will not select that now in this case you don’t have to do this we will do it
using manual in Photoshop but for now if you select another sky like a galaxy one
port how it look like now this is kind of easy thing you can do in Photoshop
but for luminar it will take a few seconds just change this now this looks
amazing for some reason but not really because since the light will have to
adjust more or more of them we will do that in later I would like to choose blue
sky one but since it’s more like convenient for these images so let’s
export this from here go to file and then click on export
now I’m gonna export this to my desktop so I can access them quickly select
this and now I’m gonna rename this to Luminar 4 AI Sky replacement All right guys
so now it’s time for Photoshop so click on the file and now open now as I said
we’ll work on this image press F full screen image now you can use your favorite tool any
favorite tool you want now I’m using here latest version of Photoshop CC 2020 you can
use whatever tool you want but I’m using her pen tool which is available on
even in the oldest versions so let’s select the pen tool and click on this
gear icon and click on rubber band now what it will do when you’re select a
pen tool and created anchor something like that it will show this line when
you are trying to create a path on object so what I’m gonna do here is to properly select the subject and buildings so I
will speed up this alright so the selection is completed
now hold space and right-click and you will see this menu we can fit on
screen now right-click on this subject and click and make selection now feather
radius should be 0 because we’re not changing anything like that but for
some reason we will do it in later if we need them now go to select and then
click on select and mask if you’re using older version you will see a refine edge
button but they are using they are working the same way so it doesn’t make
sense they’re using the older version now this feature is only availabe in Photoshop CS4(Refine Edge) Now that one thing now click on this edge which is called
select refine edge brush now this is refine edge brush to select this and the
opacity should be around 80 percent and that is enough now paint over the hair to
just mask out it properly now again I’m gonna speed up this
process for you we will explain this in later videos how to use select and mask also we’ll paint on this area so that
properly mask out all the branches of trees and I think that’s cool to me but there
is a lot of fringes there let’s hit ok now click on layer mask to just mask out object properly hold
space and click on this right click and mouse and click on fit on screen all
right so now most I have already downloaded image if you want to download
the same image the link in the description let’s open up of the sky now hold space and drag the image to fit
this image on canvas so let’s select the sky properly now I’m using here
rectangular marquee tool just for quick and dirty selection
so we will use that select this area so let’s just like this and go to select
like to move tool and then go to select not select go to go to edit in then
click on copy go to windows and click on woman in so go to edit and then paste
the image now let’s just drag this and drag the layer one below the layer 0 so
this will behind the subject now this looks good to me
but since we will have to adjust the more and more light since the object in the
sky have a different colors so it will fix that now i’m gonna rename this to
sky and rename this to object I just misspelled this word let’s do that now
oops so let’s create a new layer and click
and color balance now what I’m gonna do here is just select
this icon to clip this so it adjustment layer I’ve just workable on this object select on
shadow and just drag this toward this to match with this blue sky now click on
midtones and then drag this to match with that the yellow is so that
we can use to match with that also the highlight will go with this one now it’s look may be redish and i think that’s cool to me. if you wanna blur this them into a smart object so that later
we can non destructively we can work on that go to filter and then click on blur
and then Gaussian blur we can do blur for that now as I said there is a lot of
fringes there we will fix this hit okay let’s select the select and mask
this is zoom in a little bit if I select right click on this layer
mask against we can selected mask and now there’s just increase transparency
that you can see what’s going on on really in masking just this and now
there’s properly select this again it’s look good to me hit okay to commit
changes there you go although it’s still not doesn’t make sense now this was just a
basic concept in later videos when you work on that we will change a color like
a we will apply some gradient map on that so that it looks amazing and for
now I think that’s cool there some of the bluish color so that’s look
realistic delete this change the blending mode
to soft light may change the opacity so yeah that’s cool to me now we will also check the
difference is how it was so I hope you liked this video but if you like this
make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more free tutorials
because I upload every single week and also if you have any suggestion make
sure you leave them in the comments below see you in the next video you

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