Luminar 2018 Visão geral e Edição de foto simples!

August 17, 2019

Let’s start working with Luminar. Luminar is a Skylum software very simple and very similar to the Lightroom. Here we are in the version 1.2 and so it opens Luminar has this very simple screen Where you can choose batch processing of images, various images same time So you will choose a preset or something from the type to process the images or you can process the images one by one. And that’s what we
will do today and choose an image. Here the image of one in a lighthouse here is a beautiful lighthouse. So like Lightroom the Luminar has certain tools and certain spaces that will
appear here in The top bar we have the
common tools, to open images, to open images in processing
batch processing we also have the closest the zoom tool,
zoom out and zoom in, fit to screen the image is
more or less the size of the screen if you have a mask enabled in the Luminar you can use the eye icon Click here to activate this mask or not. Here we have one before and after is a line that goes show you your picture before we also have CTRL + Z the famous
control z the back and go button from the moment you start processing the
We have here the whole history of image processing there are other tools like crop, transforming, cloning or delete tool if you have any the unwanted area in the image. There are two buttons here activate the general layout of the
program by activating the sidebar here where we will have their workspace, types of workspaces and you will be able to add more filters to do image editing then you click on the add filters here you have a huge selection of filters that Luminar has there are filters for you have a filter for everything Here this second that you you have access to presets where the presets are separated by category so just choose a preset and click on it you going to see your photo being changed for that preset. One way thing of Luminar is that it has a slider here is a control for you to set the how much of this presets is being applied to the image. In case you do not want any preset here to cancel all settings that it did or just give an undo back to the original some Luminar tools will have an extra menu.
You will see that it will appear here below submenu, and in this submenu you have
special attributes for that type of correction that I choose in the case here
the crop you can choose the type of grid As you view your image you can choose the aspect of the image already with pre-cropping
defined to and each of them here you can have your menu or submenu defined depending on which tool you choose you can choose the crop tool case
here you can choose the slope if
it will have angle adjustment, click DONE and the adjustments will be ready and it has already been done.
Very simple to edit in the name in the area with the help of presets and to access
presets come here on this button here which activates the presets tab where you can choose more
or less the style of the presets you
want to apply if you do not have lots presets on the website of the Luminar has some options to downloaded and just choose your preset. with the site as.
Let’s look for something interesting here Um … maybe you … Nah … let’s look for something more
beautiful [Music]
so you choose the preset all changes made to the image are placed here on the were, in fact, all the filters and adjustments that have been made
nothing prevents you from coming here and changing a little example You can see the before and after here too.
you come here to decrease how much that
preset is affecting the image and this is the simplest easiest way
to edit in LUMINAR does not have a secret using presets you will
get edits pretty fast and without much work. Well for
first class first video about how use the LUMINAR
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will talk about how to make more edits complicated using the LUMINAR. CYA!!

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