LOVE & RELATIONSHIP Life Hacks – Every Couple Should Know | #LoveLife #Fun #Anaysa

January 20, 2020

what was you doing with that girl? when you’ll make me meet to your family? but We can’t marry you know form all these …which thing had happened with you in your Love life I am sure once this happened with every one those who are in love so we’ll bring for Relationship Hacks so all that love you gonna see in this video so the same you’ve to shower on us & this video so now nothing can happen?? we both of us can’t get match with each other we’ve to stop it right here No Suraj…now we’ll never meet so to get his love back..he found a way he spray her perfume wherever the girl goes so that she can feel of his presence I can’t bear this any more…let’s do patch up now wait…you’re know your boyfriend and dumb friend are together there

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