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Logan / Wolverine 3 Poster Effect || Photoshop cc 2017 || Photo Manipulation Tutorial

February 23, 2020

hey with the guys my name is sumit and welcome to VisionCG so today we’re going to create a poster inspired by the upcoming movie Logan love the quote though : “ONE LAST TIME” Personally what I feel is Logan is the most badass and the toughest surviour in the x-men universe with all the years he lived I mean, literally survived through to so many generations Living with the regeneration powers and not able to die like a normal being what do you think is that a boon or a curse because I see both side of the coin to be applicable I’m bit confused Anyway , before we move on to todays concepts just wanna let you know that You all can leave a request or an Idea for any concept i’ll surely work on that too Coming back to our concept Create a new file : Ctrl +N with the following resoulution to begin with Lets import the model layer you might be wondering “Whaaaaat Happeeneeed to Sumit ?????” Let me explain thing is I wanted to change my hairstyle but barber wasn’t available So i was disappointed but when i was coming back home I saw hospital nearby and thought…. to give it a try Simple logic Barber uses scissor and gels and so do doctors took me a second to figure out I am smart so I went with all the procedures and that’s it but I don’t know why now people don’t recognize me anymore Seriously , I just remove my glasses and change my hairstyle Anyway , once we import the image Lets de-saturate it first not by using ” Hue and Saturation ” but with the ” black-and-white ” adjustment layer because we want to tweak color channels for the proper black and white tone you can use ” Hue and Saturation ” layer de-saturated if you want but the effects will be slightly different to make it simple to understand if you drag the key of any color toward the left that particular color will get dark similarly , if you drag the key toward right it will almost De-saturated I want to focus on my Red , Yellow and magenta channel by making it dark lets darken the other channels I am trying to adjust the channel so that its not to being on the right side and and not to dark on the left side or the front because, right now , it looks like totally light hotspot , on right side of his face or left side if you see from his perspective So, from my perspective its right So lets balance the channels Alright , this is good Lets get rid of the white parts on the head i am using mask and brush with low opacity *KEYNOTE* Do not use or change the color mode to ” GRAYSCALE ” you will loose your color channels if you do that so don’t do it….PLEASE!!!!!! Next increase the contrast of the layer to tighten up the colors crank up the contest value as we saw in the poster model is lit from one direction and rest all part is dark we can fake it , by painting black color to give Shadow effect we’re going to do it by creating the layer fill with the black color and also lower the opacity of the layer erase the mask from the left side I didn’t use gradient mask because it will give me perfect straight black to white transition and that is not required for this concept the it’s time to add the adamantium claw no I didn’t make it I found it on google i just kept one claw because that’s the requirement of this concept place it on the top of the model layer apply levels to change the lightness and darkness range if you want to stop here then you’re good to go but here at VisionCG nothing is sold without adding minor details we gonna do it by applying 50% grey using dodge and burn to apply detail create a new layer go to Edit>Fill>50% grey Change the blending mode of the layer to softlight Highlight the eyes using Dodge tool I think this is too much I am selecting the area and applyign 50% grey again okay that looks subtle we all know that Logan has 3 claws on each hand we are going to show that the claws are beneath the skin we gonna show it by creating highlights on the bump created coz of the claw beneath the sking and shadow on the opposite side of the bump this is just a quick tutorial you can take all your time to get it right once you’re happy with everything use the level to give it a final touch if you want you can add text I hope you all learned something from this tutorial can we have atleast 50likes on this tutorial show that you are alive show your awesomeness and smash the like button if you have any doubts regarding this tutorial the please do inform me i’ll surely help you on that and also don’t forget to comment your opinion on this tutorial please subscribe to channel : VisionCG because i am bringing you fresh content with creative methods all the time So help to grow this channel : SUBSCRIBE again , reminding you all that you can leave a request of the idea for any concept i will definitely work on that you can watch my previous tutorial by the time I upload a new video till then……………….STAY AWESOME

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