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Liquid dissolve effect – Photoshop Tutorial

January 17, 2020

so apparently eighty percent of the viewers of this channel are men so in order to please the views i am going to man up i bit on this channel. So before firing up Photoshop or anything else Get a beer and get a cigar. So hopefully you have your cigar and your beer and you are ready to fire up photoshop. What we are going to take a look at today Is how to use photoshop to a dissolving effect A liquid dissolving effect and if we take a look at theese tutorials None of them have beers or cigars. And the technique are also quite similar They are moving around either with move tool or the liquify In order to get some kind of pixel mesh And then remove it with some kind of brush Wo are also going to be using some resources, some milky splatters And that splat will be the guidline for the displace The good old displace which we will use Instad of moving around and erase so even though liqufy might seem Like the obvius chouse to go with to get this look If we take a look at this awsome piece of art created with the liqify tool We are going to be using the displacer instead just for the learning purpose so we don’t get stuck with the same teqniques as with theese tutorials Open up photoshop and let’s get started I hope you are ready to create this if you get lost just go back in time alright so create a new document and i’m
going to past in the model And make some space for her. So now i wan’t you to nagvigate To your liquid splash stocks – you can find them on the internet. Just type “milk splash” Copy that and go back to your other document and I’m just going to see but like that
and past that in now I’m going to move it around and is not particularly really you know important how you place it just
have to look interesting anyway this splat behaves
and this ressources is for later And open up other things you find interesting Zoom around and just play a little bit Find another one .. maybe this nah.. that one. Pass that then rotate it To get something you like insted of theese big splats So resize that too And you can see we know have room for another splat So navigate back navigate back find a new one that one I’m going to pass that in. CTR + T to transform its rotated as well just find Something you think look intersting Select all layers with splat on it duplicate that aprrently i can’t hit it correctly Duplicate theese splat to a new document, becuase in that document we will Save that as a psd file. allright so i hope you got that saved i will call that “d1” And go back to our old document and select the model To get distorted The values ehre aren’t really important you just have to play around until you get something you like play with the hoirsontal scale en the vertical negative numbers and huge numbers Stop until you get something you like. Now we are going to it a bit more splashy so we don’t have to perfect You will see me play around a little bit too i know that negative 200 and negative 200 works perfect for me me but you have to play around until you get something you like now open up the psd file that you already created before That psd file we just saved to make that as a displace for the the model i thought that looked good so press control + f to do the displacement once agian Now i forgot original so i will copy this and then undo and then past that in so we have the same thing again. And ass you can see i didn’t quite cut off her hair so we have some problems here now I’m just going to align it By negative it, and press an opacity of 50 so you can soo through If it fits perfectly. And it does. Alright so now i am going to unhide the splat again and i am just going to move around until i get something interesting again now this time its not really that important we will only look at the shape So i am going to move it around to see what looks intersting in theese splashy things Control + t, rotate it. Let’s see wherei t fits I will place that down there Now i am going to select the milky splatters by control + shift clicking shift and then press control g Then i am going t select the model and duplicate that with control j Merge it down to one layer and put that on top Now this look a bit weird but we are going to take the clone stamp tool on “s” and then we are going to move her around instead of moving I’m just going to
clone her around actually so we get some pixel mesh we can work with or distort again and really cut out to get this splashy And yes this is weird. Now i am going to duplicate the folder with the splash create a new layer merge that down so actually just rasterizing it. So we have the pixels in the same layer as in the folder. now just i am just going to control click on the layer, in order to get it selected And then i am going to make layer mask of that so We will have the shape of theese splats On her instead now i just diplcated the model. and i am about to rasterize that Because we are going to displace her And we don’t wan’t the layer mask with that. Allright so rasterize that. Go to filter –>Disort –>displace just going to pick a new displacement
map on the splat moving around move this this splatter thing around s being around aswell and see where it fits play around here. I am going to grab the milk and move that around and then when i wan’t to delete something control click on that and select the layer above and then erease that so we can arease it with this splatty pattern Alright so let’s see if there more stuff to get deleted The way to do that is taking the same layer. again move it around and spot it on the hair up here some hove the head have been duplicated i don’t wan’t that So control click on that to select it Go to the layer on top erase that whops wrong layer. We are going to erase with theese little splat things. so down below i see some hard edges and i will move that around too so i can erase again with this splat texture or shape. Turn that around Allright okay Control click on that – nah it warp that So it up and touches the pixels Control click on that go on the layer we are going to erease and erase I think i wan’t some of the splatter down as you can see we are missing something So instead of doing the whole procces agian i am going to To duplicate that and agian use the same splat As some kind of reference point to get the shape erase.. yup allright Just going to erase parts i don’t like And erase some areas as well – just for the look of it i am get this dust And pas that in And you can see i did some terrible job on the cutting of the hair sorry about that Move that on top. you don’t have to do this It’s just god a good idea in order to sell the effect. I guess we already created the effect I’m just going to work a little more in this rezise that and then – actually i haven’t even saved this yet Just go ahead and do that, control + s. Save that and lets get back to the project I am going to press control + l And we will set this on screen And then i am going to move it around And then the lights of theese particles or dust is going to help fade liqfie splash Lille more contrast and see what i like by pressing control and then play around with the settings while the blend mode is on screen Now i like that let’s displace it a little bit i will pass in some smoke – some blue smoke And put that on screen as well. And here comes some of the playing agian Move that around until i like it and play around with the hue value this is just to help out to sell the effect. And again a lot of it Is just adding in some different effects or some different displaces i had kind of a hard time to get the right displacement or splashy thing, so it’s all about doing it over agian and then try again. as you can see here this is the smoke thing – displace that as well So now i am going to add in a color from her hair just paint that in you know get the looks of that little brown thing and it’s going to add in – not color dodge But the color dodge add. Turn down the opacty Just to get this extra brown feeling


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    really first to view?? :O

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    Helped me make an image for a friend who was really impressed!

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    the milk is actually glue, I know they say milk but yeh.

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    Excellent tutorial  thank you  a little fast for me but I got it.

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    Great tutorial, love your style and I will be making my first attempt at this very soon.

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    where are the photos that he used ?

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