Lightroom Tutorial For Instagram! How I Edit Travel Photos In Lightroom (NO PRESETS)

September 3, 2019

Hey guys, Ryan here at Signature Edits
and today I’m going to show you how to edit your travel photos in Lightroom for
Instagram, without using any presets. We’re gonna take this image from here to
here. Are you ready? Let’s do it! Alright let’s edit this image together.
First things first this photo was taken by the incredible Zack Sorrenson he is a
photographer here in LA good friend of mine. He said “Ryan you can edit this photo!”
and I said “you are the best!” so make sure to check out his Instagram here. Okay
next we are going to start our edit process I’m going to start with this guy
because I want to see if there’s detail left in this guy before I spend a bunch
of time on it so I’m going to grab my exposure and pull it down and that’s
going to show me exactly what I’m working with so you can see that there’s
lots of color left and the Blues up here we’ve got some nice oranges and the
mountains in the background but this area on the side of said guy’s hand is
looking all white even if I pull the exposure way down we can see there’s a
little bit of color but not a whole lot and right here in the very corner that’s
all white so that was clipped in camera there’s not gonna be anything I can do
to get it back so I’m just going to have to edit around that so I’m gonna get my
sky kind of where I’d like it to be in an ideal situation let’s see a little
bit contrast highlights take those down maybe around there perfect a little bit
of saturation maybe lower the white paws just a little that’ll add some blues to
the sky that’s kind of our best-case scenario okay great we’re looking pretty
good so the next thing that I’m going to do is grab my adjustment brush and we’re
gonna mask out the sky I’m gonna show you how to do that really quickly
you’re gonna zoom out here to the 1/16 view I’m gonna make my brush nice and
big so that the entire brush is covering the image then I’m going to take my
father down and I’m going to turn on auto mask make sure your flow is set all
the way to 100 and press o so you can see what you’re doing and click once on
this guy anywhere perfect so you can see that lightroom has gone through and it’s
found similar areas in the image that it believes matches with the perfect place
that I just clicked you can actually move that point around and Lightroom
will adjust from there depending on which version of Lightroom you have some
older versions won’t do that all you have to do to add more to that
mask is just click again somewhere else in the image so I’m gonna keep clicking
on the sky here until everything is masked out nicely perfect I mean even
I’m gonna click on the oranges here in the sky just like that our sky is masked
out so that took I don’t know three four seconds to do total and it got
these complicated lines here around his arms and hands and feet and just saved
us a bunch of time now all we have to do to adjust our exposure in the sky is go
here and ring my exposure down the reason I’m doing this is I’m gonna
brighten the whole image now and we have a closer balance of sky and said person
so probably around there you can see that things are looking a little weird
around here if we zoom in I’m sure that’s because Lightroom’s
automatic feature hasn’t perfectly captured all the Bands within this color
so all I’m gonna do just to make sure that the mask is good I’m going to grab
my brush again turn off auto mask and just paint on those areas really quickly
you can see I over painted here on to the land scape so I’m just gonna make
that brush smaller and just go over these spots that Lightroom missed a
little bit I can turn my flow down a little
just what’s more subtle and I don’t have to worry so much about being exactly
perfect and tur my feather up and that’ll also save me alright so we’re
just gonna paint in here good I’m just gonna look for any other areas that
might have been missed this guy you can see that Lightroom didn’t quite extend
all the way to the land here so I’m just gonna paint on there just feather it and
blend it in the auto mask is awesome but it doesn’t always get everything so you
just go over really quick another easy simple way to do that up here I’m just
going to paint like that okay now so again to get rid of that and we’re
looking a lot more natural great okay so continuing on I am going to move down
here to my tone curve and add just a little bit of contrast so to do that I’m
going to click once on the highlights click once in the mid-tones click once
in the shadows so the way the tone curve works it’s very confusing when you’re
first learning this represents the blacks the shadows in your image this
point represents the whites the highlights in your image and this point
is your mid-tones so all I have to do is click once in the highlights once in the
mid-tones once in the and I can drag this little point up in
the middle you can see it’s made kind of an S and that’s going to add contrast to
our image so I’m not going to do it that much but just a little bit and you can
see how the image pops ever so slightly from before perfect so that’s the
easiest way to use the tone curve next I’m gonna go into my HSL and if I want
to I can mess around with the colors a little more now another way I could have
masked out the sky and darken thing is just bun go into my luminance and
grabbing the Blues dragging that down that would have taken all the Blues in
the image down and then I could have saved a little bit more detail maybe add
some saturation to the blues that sort of thing and if I want to tweak the
colors I can take that down towards my kind of aqua rather than Navy or magenta
and you can just mess around here as you like it another way to adjust things
really quickly is with this little point I can click any area of my image and
drag it up or down Lightroom will automatically adjust the hue since I’m
in the hue menu of that particular color so I can turn these oranges into reds or
greens whatever I want let’s sit him around there and saturation luminance
that same thing applies so let’s say that I wanted to brighten up the sand
click and drag BAM but the problem is it’s also going to affect the sand or
sorry the sand the reds and oranges in the sky as well so that’s why we mashed
up the sky manually rather than try and do it with the HSL because I don’t want
to mess with every single instance of blue in the whole image just the parts
in the sky so I’m going to dial that blue back so it looks pretty weird
around there and let’s keep going split toning I could add this it just depends
what you’re feeling an easy way to do that is hold down the Alt key and drag
your hue and that will automatically just show you exactly where you’re
affecting so let’s say I want to add some blues to that beautiful sky I can
do that and then I can dial in my saturation to where I like it let’s say
around there and shadows what do I want for shadows I’ll hold alt drag the hue
until I find something I like so I’m thinking something warmer in the shadows
would be nice probably around there and drag that up so split toning this is
before and here’s after before after so that’s up to you if you want to you can
I’m thinking I actually liked a little bit cooler
we’ll take that shadow down perfect moving on detail sharpening you can add
that as necessary again holding the Alt key will let you on toggle and see
exactly the amounts that you’re adjusting really easily so let’s say I
just want to adjust around my person here and sharpen them I’m gonna turn my
radius way up great lens Corrections make sure these are on because we’ve got
some vignetting happening in the corners of our image press enable perfect and
effects I normally add a little bit of grain to my images just cuz I like it
some people don’t feel free to do what is good to you perfect and calibration
you can again adjust the colors blues BAM just like that you can get that
ever-so-popular teal magenta look or you can adjust your
shadows make them a little bit more green or a little warmer depending on
how you’re feeling what emotion you want to give to the image and the very last
thing I’m going to do after I’ve gone through that please go up to my
adjustment brush and paint a few little things in here I’m gonna go down to my
add texture brush and this is included in any signature at its preset pack you
can make your own though if you don’t have that just add some clarity some
saturation a little bit of sharpness and then I’m going to paint just in the
images that the images the areas of the image that I want to pop a little bit
more so these footprints this sand texture here of his feet I’m going to
just make those pop by painting on them just a little bit perfect so here is
let’s grab before and here’s after you can see how it really brings out the
detail especially in the sand I’m going to even emphasize that a little bit the
easiest way to add more of an effect is you can toggle on your adjustment brush
with this little triangle here and that will actually give you an overall slider
to adjust the amount of effect that’s slowing up showing up so I’m going to
grab this and I’m going to drag it up that should make it more intense or less
intense depending which direction I want to take it so I’m gonna take it probably
around there great and the last thing I’m going to do is fix the buttons that
are popping out here I just think they’re a little distracting in this
image so I’m gonna use my spot removal tool make sure that my opacity is set to
100 I’ve got my 8 around 50 that doesn’t matter super much
and the size you can just adjust depending on how big the spot is I’m
gonna click on those and I Lightroom will automatically replace them with
there is the image that it thinks works if you need to change that for whatever
reason you just drag it to another area the image and it’ll sample from there
instead and a little bit of a stomach poking out will do the same thing
perfect and last but not least we are going to export this for Instagram I’m
going to do that by going up to the 4 by 5 setting and I’m going to just crop my
image here the way that I like it just like that and then I’m going to hit
shift command e to export we’re going to hit our Instagram preset which is
included with every signature edits pack but if you don’t have it all you have to
do is grab it give it a custom names we’ll call it
Zach Sorensen shot and the best settings for Instagram we found is quality right
around 70 resize to fit 1080 pixels on your short edge and sharpen for screen
that seems to be the best compression settings to your images look as good as
possible in Instagram so just like that we have gone from our raw file all the
way to here alright so I hope this tutorial was helpful for teaching you
how to edit your photos for Instagram your travel photos inside of Lightroom
and if you have any questions please let me know in the comments make sure to hit
that like button if this was helpful and smash that subscribe I will see you in
the next video and if you want a free sample of any of these preset packs you
can head to the links below all right talk soon you

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