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Lightroom Tips for Beginners – How to make your photos look STUNNING in 5 minutes

October 4, 2019

today’s Sunday and this is my plan first
of all I want to finish my seduction short film because I want to post it
tomorrow which is Monday but because you’re going to see this video on
Thursday basically if my seduction video is done
you will see a link right here I hope this is clear done with that I will drive to the ocean
because here we have 100 thousand degrees at the ocean we have 40 degrees
Fahrenheit less and also the scenery is much nicer I want to fly the drone and
take some pictures from the sky to use this video where I will share my
Lightroom adjustments – that’s all so this is the plan there is a
lighthouse right behind that rock the fog is coming in so I hope to get some
good light before it gets really really dark I will take the drone up and try to
see if I can have the lighthouse and part of the Golden Gate Bridge behind
complicated – we’ll see there is still quite a lot of light so I will use an ND Filter 16 I always recommend to hold the drone like a baby and with the left hand you hold the gimbal steady with the other hand clip in your ND filter safe way to put it on! unfortunately no luck it is too windy
for the drone on this side of the ocean and it’s really not worthy to lose the
drone for the shot so I will change location and see if I’m luckier so things didn’t really go the way I
hoped which for my experience in photography it happens quite often I
really wanted to take that lighthouse image with the golden gate behind oh well I
will need to go there again but I have some images that I will use in this
tutorial before we get started I just want to
make sure you understand this is not going to be a comprehensive tutorial of
every single function that Lightroom can give you instead I want to share with
you some basic adjustments that very quickly will improve dramatically your
raw images so have a look so I imported a few images in Lightroom
and I’m going to open them into the develop module in order to show you a
few basic but very effective adjustments that are part of my workflow to express
the full potential of a pretty flat RAW file as you might remember from my last
week video I like to shoot in a 4 by 3 ratio so the very first thing I will do
is to crop the image in either a 1:1 one so a square format or a 2:3
these are my preference and in this case I will use the two by three so we’ll
adjust the the crop to my liking and I really want to show in this composition
this path which is a very nice guiding line I also want to crop these
people here because it’s a little disturbing to me so I will go to the
pole and bring everything down and this is my final crop I think it’s much
cleaner so I will work with this as you can see all the information in my
histogram are in the center and I’m not clipping in the blacks or in the white
so this is great it means the images is exposed in a balanced way said so I can
still do quite a bit of adjustments first thing I usually do is that I want
to really bring down the highlights and increase the shadows a little bit by
holding shift and double-clicking on whites I will actually expand the whites
in the image and doing the same thing shift and black I will expand the
dynamic range of this image to the limits I usually add a little bit of
vibrance not much and also a little bit of saturation in this case I don’t touch
the clarity as I shot this image in RAW I can change the white balance to
whatever I like and I think that the daylight will work quite well for this
image but if I’m not satisfied with it I can always drag the white balance
selector to any part of the image and usually search for a neutral color
neutral gray to basically pick your neutral target and manually select your
white balance in this case I’m happy with the with the daylight white balance
before moving on there is something I really don’t like so basically there are
these two guys here that I want to delete from my image I know that you can
do a much better job in Photoshop but I think we can remove them using the clone
and heal brush let’s see if this will work I think that these might work very
well for this image because as you can see they’re gone and you cannot really
notice they were there before I might do the same thing over here I can see that
there is a distracting element of two people right here let’s see how this
works I think it works fine as well so now no more distracting elements in the
picture let’s move on from the basic panel to the tone curve we can manually
adjust the tone curve or we can rely on some
pre adjustments and the medium contrast usually works very well for an
image like this let’s move on to the detail basically in the detail panel I
can increase or decrease the sharpening I usually don’t go crazy with this and I
use a minimum radius and a maximum detail and I mask the sharpening area by
clicking on option and moving the mask to in this case 30 also will increase
a little bit of luminance in order to remove some noise from this image just a
tiny bit in this case a value of 10 make sure that your lens correction settings
are clicked in in this case when I import I automatically have chromatic
aberration and profile Corrections enabled and then let’s move to the
effects I in an image like this I think would be a worthwhile to put a little
bit of vignetting and we without going crazy we can adjust midpoint roundness
and feather to our liking and create a little more dramatic feel the upper
right corner is is clearly brighter than the rest of the image so I can add a
gradient filter once I’m happy with my selection I can maybe bring down the
highlights maybe increase the contrast a little bit and maybe reduce the exposure
and by clicking here I can see the before and after effect it’s a subtle
but in my opinion worthwhile adjustment I can add a new gradient filter because
I want to eventually bring a little more light in the lower right corner which is
a little darker and I might just increase a little bit
the shadows and maybe just a tiny bit the exposure so I will add a little bit
of Dehaze to the image just a tiny bit and I am done with the effect and this
is it so let’s see how this image looked before and as you can see with very few
adjustments we dramatically changed a very flat RAW file into a more
compelling and interesting image I think so again very basic very fast but also
very effective adjustments that will quickly increase the quality of your
images and let your images express their full potential without the need of
buying any presets online from anybody a lot of people are scared to use RAW
format in photography because they think there is too much work too much
processing to do afterwards instead as you could see with very few adjustments
you can transform your RAW files in beautiful images so if you want to see
more content like these you need to let me know and there are a few ways to do
that consider to subscribe to my channel like this video and leave me a comment
below thanks for watching see you next week


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