Lightroom Profiles vs Presets

September 27, 2019

– Hey guys, Denny here. I know it’s been a long
time, but I’m finally back. Today I want to talk to you about Lightroom Profiles vs. Lightroom Presets. Now most people think that
Lightroom Profiles are just Lightroom Presets in a new interface, with opacity control and that was it. But I’ve been working
on Lightroom Profiles for the past few months and
I can tell you that they are way better than Lightroom Presets. In this video you’re going
to learn the differences between Lightroom Profiles
and Presets and why Lightroom Profiles will be the future
of color grading in Lightroom. (elevator music) – [Denny] You can find Lightroom Profiles in the profile section. It comes in a new interface
with thumbnail previews and I like this thumbnail
preview because it shows you how it looks without having
to hover over each one. There’s also opacity support. In the past with Lightroom Presets, you had to install third party plugins. This is now built into a profile browser and you can change the
opacity from zero to 200%. (elevator music) – [Denny] The standard
lightroom work flow is to fix your photo and in then
color grade afterwards. Lightroom Presets ruined your work flow by over riding your develop settings. So let’s say, you had a
catalog with 500 photos, you fixed the white balance,
you fixed the exposure, you did some tweaks to his
shadows and highlights, and then when it’s time
for you to apply a preset, you realize that it over
rides all of your settings. And many low quality
presets will over ride your exposure and white balance settings, two settings that should never be touched. But as you know, in the
Lightroom Preset world, price does not determine quality. So you never know what you get until you actually try using it. Lightroom Profile solved
this by separating the color grading from your develop settings. It doesn’t touch your
develop settings so you don’t have to worry about
redoing all of your retouching. The downside is that you can’t
edit the Lightroom Profile settings, this is because
they’re not always created using Lightroom’s
develop settings. We’ll talk more about this later. (elevator music) – [Denny] Lightroom Presets are slow. Speed is a big issue for
Lightroom and the most significant speed issue is in the develop settings. Most Lightroom Presets use
a lot of develop settings. Every setting is another
calculation that makes rendering slower. But Lightroom Profiles are super fast. They use more efficient files called LUTs, they stand for lookup tables. LUTs work by remapping colors instead of giving math equations. When you have 20
adjustments, the calculations and processing times stack up. Speed is even more critical when you’re using Lightroom on your phone. Lightroom Profiles will render
fast even on an old phone. Lightroom Profiles are
fast, they reduce CPU usage, and save battery life. But with that said the speed
boost only works on profiles created with LUTs. Lightroom Profiles created
using traditional develop settings will be just as
slow as Lightroom Presets. (elevator music) okay, let’s talk about my favorite thing about Lightroom Profiles. That is that you are
no longer restrained to Lightroom’s develop settings. You can create the color
grading in other software, like Photoshop, and then
use it in Lightroom. For example, you can
create a Lightroom Preset that desaturates the greens,
but if you want something more advanced, like you only
want it to effect the midtones. You can’t do that, you have
to use a Lightroom Profile. There’s a lot more you can
do with Lightroom Profiles and here are some examples. Now just a note, I created
a lot of these effects using non Adobe software
and my own custom scripts. But I just wanna show you
the potential of what you can achieve with Lightroom Profiles. (elevator music) – [Denny] K, thanks for watching. If you liked it, please
remember hit the like button. Now there’s not a lot of
hype with Lightroom Profiles and you can’t blame photographers
for being uninterested. Frankly, there’s just
not a lot of interest in products out there. Hopefully this changes. Anyways, hope you guys have a great day. Let me know what you think
in the comments below. And I’ll see you in the next video. (elevator music)

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