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Lightroom Presets: Polished Lightroom Presets Adjustment Brushes Collection!

September 29, 2019

Well hello there, this is Cole and I’m going
to walk you through my brand new presets collection which is called the Polished Collection. The
Polished Collection is a little bit different than all the other presets that you’ve seen
from me so far in the sense that … And just like the name implies, these are really meant
to be the final sort of spice, the sizzle, the polish. The taking your photos that are
already good and just adding that final touch to them. The way we’re going to do that is these presets
are actually graduated filter and brush presets. They’re really all under the category of the
local adjustment brush. You can make presets for that, so I’m going to show you how cool
that is. We’re going to fully edit 3 photos, so you can see these things in action right
now. As you can see, this is a RAW photo. These
will work fine on jpegs, too, but I’m going to come over here and I’m going to first edit
the photo like I normally would. In this case, I’m going to use the wild card preset from
the Crisp and Clean Collection. It already gives a nice little gold tone to it, really
nice. Now what I want to do is, I’m going to go
in and I’m going to really want to enhance the sky here. I’m going to come over here
to the graduated filter tool. I’m going to go in and click under here, and these are
the presets. Okay, so these are the presets in the Polished Collection. I’m going to go
in and pick ‘Golden Hour’ using the graduated filter ones, they say ‘Grad.’ I’m going to
say ‘Grad Golden Hour Sunset Plus.’ I come up here, and I click and I drag. Now, I’ve
applied a local adjustment to this image. You can see the difference, how much more
dramatic. It actually looks beautiful, enhancing that sky right there. What’s really neat is … This isn’t meant
to be a tutorial, but for the sake of you learning something, also. If I go in and hit
the ‘O’ key right now, or I can click on here, say ‘Show Selected Mask’, it’s going to show
you the area that you’re adjusting right now. When I drag this all the way down, you can
see it’s actually covering my couple there, right there. It’s not, but here it is. If
you are on the newest Lightroom, or Lightroom 6, you come over here to this cool thing called
‘Brush,’ and you come down here to ‘Erase.’ What you want to do is you want to go and
erase off of their faces, because of course, we don’t want this effect to be really on
them. We just want it to enhance the sky around them. Anyways, let’s go ahead and say ‘New’ and
then I’ll lock in that one. Now, we’re going to go ahead and apply another filter. I’m
going to go ahead and bring up the exposure here on this ground a little bit, so I’m going
to come here and we’re going to choose the ‘Exposure’ bump right here. Now I’m going
down here, and I’m going to click at the bottom, and I’m going to drag this in. It just looks
a little bit better, and we get some more of that detail. You can go ahead and hit ‘O’
to remove that. I can actually change the exposure if I want, up or down. When you’re
happy with that, you hit ‘Close,’ and we’re done. Of course, in this case I’m going to come
over here and use the ‘Spot Removal Tool,’ and we will just quickly get rid of these
people in our shot. That actually worked good right there. Let’s get this guy, too. Lightroom
tries to do a good job at matching it up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
Let’s see here. That looks pretty darn good. I can fine-tune a little bit later, but for
now, that is a winner. Okay, cool. Let’s go from start to finish. You can see,
have a nice little pop to the image. We added some detail. We added some warmth. I don’t
know about you, but I think that one looks good. Let’s move on to a portrait, and do
some retouching so we can see some of the other brushes involved. Let’s go ahead and
reset this image back to zero, there it is. I’m going to go ahead and for this one, pick
my ‘Classic Crisp and Clean’ preset, also in the Crisp and Clean Collection. In that
collection, we can also use the exposure adjustment. Let’s bump up the exposure a little bit. Let’s
see, let’s start with that. We’ll keep a little more detail. There we go, okay. Now, here’s what we can do here. We can come
here to the adjustment brush and we can come here and we can do a few things. We can start
with softening the skin, so I got a brush for softening the skin. Here, we can go in
and you can start going at it; or you can hit the ‘O’ key so that you can actually see
what you’re masking. I’m just going to really quickly … Don’t worry, we can sort of … There
we go, that was really quick. We’re going to zoom on in a little bit, so I can see where
I want to brush off. I’m going to come here to erase and I can say, “You know what? I
don’t want anything on the lips.” You can brush off wherever you maybe messed up, but
for the most part, it actually is good because I use this auto-mask feature. Okay, so if I turn off the ‘O’ key, now we
can actually see, it’s already done it’s skin softening. If you want more, you just click
in here, go back to the A brush so that you can add on more, and you can apply more. In
this case, I don’t want to. Here’s what’s cool is let’s say that you go a little too
crazy, and you say “Oh I don’t like it, it’s so soft.” Well just come over here, and you
can change the clarity slider to your own liking. You can fine tune it. When you’re
happy with that, hit ‘New.’ Let’s go to the next thing. Let’s go ahead and work on the eyes a little
bit. She already has beautiful eyes, but we’re going to go ahead and use the wide eyes brush.
We’re going to make this a little smaller, and then we can just … All I’m doing is
I’m clicking down in here, and I’m moving the mouse back and forth. We’re just brightening
those up a bit. When I’m happy with that, I’m going to hit ‘New’ and now I’m going to
go in and let’s do ‘Iris Enhancer.’ You can just come right in here a little bit. These
are very subtle, but I know many of you have asked for this. We can come here to a little
exposure bump, if we wanted, or a brighten brush. We can even do one quick run over on
the teeth. Once again, she has beautiful teeth, so we don’t have to do too much there. If
we want to tone that down, just come over here and turn the exposure down a little bit. The last thing we’re going to do, and I’m
just hitting ‘New’ on each one of these things. We’re going to go ahead and do the ‘Lip Booster.’
Check this out. Isn’t that cool? Now we’re just adding a little bit of color to the lips.
Once again, this is all personal preference, okay? This is not … You can also adjust
this a variety of ways. Okay, so let’s go in and close that out. Now, we come back to
our original image and we can see side by side, the improvements on this picture. We
have her skin just looks gorgeous. We brighten up the teeth a bit. We got the lips. She got
it all. Okay, so I’m going to do one more for you
guys, and then I think you probably seen what you can really do with these. This one, I’m
going to go in and … This was this, right here, no adjustments yet. We’re going to come
over and we’re going to pick a new preset called ‘Bright and Airy’ I’ve been working
on. In one click, we’re, as I like to say 85% done. You could be done right there, actually;
but in this case, I want to bring out the sky detail a little more. I’m going to come
into the graduated filter, and I’m going to select ‘Sky Enhancer Plus.’ Come up to the
top and drag it down. Here we go ahead, so we’re covering them a little bit. Now I’m
going to come over to the brush and I’m going to brush off of them a little bit. I’m basically
removing some of the effect that I did on them by accident because of that. I’m going to come back to ‘New’ and I’m just
going to brighten up this bottom just a little bit, I think. We’re going to go with this
exposure bump, just enough to bring in a little detail, a little brightness. Hit ‘Close’ if
you want to lock that in. I’m just going to zoom in here, and I’m going to … They don’t
need a whole lot, but I’m going to use the adjustment brush and I’m going to go to ‘Brighten,’
and just barely hit them a little bit. Okay. Now if I say “Done,” and I come zoom all the
way out, here’s what we’re left with. You can see where we came from. Let me go ahead
and show you ‘Before,’ which was here, and now, we have that pop. That picture just looks
ready to hang on the wall. There you have it. That’s sort of a quick
demo video. You can see more of the samples over the page, or right where you’re at, probably.
Give these things a shot. This is what is going to be the sizzle, the spice, the polish,
to help enhance your photos and really also help you really use Lightroom to it’s full
extent. I’m guessing many of you maybe knew a thing or two, but you didn’t really know
how to effectively use the brushes. Well, now this will just make your life a little
bit easier. Go ahead and grab them, give them a shot. I know you’re going to love them.
All right, we’ll talk to you soon, bye.


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