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LIGHTROOM or PHOTOSHOP?! When to use EACH! |Should You Buy Photoshop CC or Should You Buy Lightroom?

November 4, 2019

you’re out there you’re taking photos
you’re doing well you want to make those photos look even a little bit better
even incrementally better, maybe you want to tweak some colors or maybe you
want to go in and like make somebody have demon eyes and make them look like
they live in a cave and the Goonies well should you be using Lightroom or
Photoshop huh let’s talk about it hey there and welcome back to espresso
Full Mug Media, the show where we try to give you as much value in as little time as
possible so today like I already said we’re going to be talking about
Lightroom versus Photoshop what do you use them for well it really depends on
your use case it depends on what you want to do to your photos do you want to
take a photo and then make those blues a little bit more vibrant or change some
exposure settings on your photo or just tweak your photo to make it look a
little better anything that is not messing with the integrity of the image
I would say use Lightroom but if you’re looking to torque your photo if you’re
looking to twist and kind of you know give people demon eyes and add text in
your photos and like add backgrounds and things like that
that is much more what you would use something like Photoshop for now
Photoshop has a ton of uses and so does Lightroom but that is the basic basic
premise is if you’re tweaking photos editing colors editing things like that
Lightroom is your go-to if you’re torquing photos if you’re really
twisting and messing with things and adding text and changing the integrity
warping the image all that kind of stuff Photoshop is the way to go it’s got a
lot more tools for that kind of thing that’s kind of it Lightroom if you’ve
got not a lot of editing in Photoshop if you’ve got a lot of editing in
conclusion though I do want to disclose I do pay for both I pay for Photoshop
and I pay for Lightroom because as I run a company I have to use them both every
day I have to make Photoshop thumbnails I have to edit photos and headshots I
take four people in Lightroom so it really is a mixed if you guys want to
dive more in depth into this or if you just want to see a little bit more maybe
share something with your friends it’s not a video I’ve got an article right up
of this exact premise over on medium so if you guys want to check that out I
will leave it in the description below it’s got a bunch of links off too like
Lightroom tutorials and Photoshop tutorials to show what I mean and some
other videos with people like Peter McKinnon going a little more in depth
into this exact topic but that is the tidbit that’s the value if you guys have
any questions comments concerns videos you want to see
next things like that any tutorials you might want to see please leave us a
comment in the comment section down below telling us thanks for watching

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