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Lightroom One-Click HDR Panorama – Good enough for a Pro?

August 28, 2019

Alright guys, welcome to Tech Talk with
turf. Today we are gonna look at the new functionality in Lightroom called HDR +
panorama to see if this is really gonna help speed up your process and still
give you the high quality prints that I know you guys are looking for so let’s
dive right in. And we see that we have a number of prints here actually did a
shoot out in Washington United States and went to the top of Crystal Mountain
to take some shots of Mount Rainier beautiful day got a fantastic panorama. I
did bracketed shots of I think I did point 0.7 exposure value differential
between them and this is what we ended up with here. So you can see my three- one, two, three.. one, two, three and one, two, three. So we have a set of four unique
pictures in the panorama and three exposure values per picture. Now, as
advertised, in Lightroom you can do HDR+ panorama at the same time so let’s see
and let’s put it to the test here we go So I’m gonna select all the photos. I’m
gonna go to photo at the top. I’m gonna go to photo merge and you see the new
option – HDR panorama is it a magic button? We will find out, here we go! All right and there we go. We have a
beautiful preview it looks like it did it flawlessly. Notice here we have some
options, standard options for panorama spherical, cylindrical, perspective. When
dealing with lengthwise panoramas I’m either gonna check spherical or
cylindrical. In this case we only had four prints so I’m gonna do cylindrical.
It’s gonna make it a little bit bigger and stretch it a little bit. Okay I’m
gonna leave my boundary wrap at zero notice that we do have another option
down here called create stack. So essentially what that’s gonna do is it’s
gonna create a stack of all of the images so instead of having a view in my
library or develop in the bottom bar of all of my prints it’s just gonna show
one image with the number of images in that stack which I can expand on. So
option if you like to do it and I like to be clean a lot of the times and if
I’m happy with my panoramas I will delete the photos that I use for HDR but
that’s totally up to you. Finally down here you’ll notice this exclamation mark
and this is kind of a big deal because it says that HDR brackets merged with a
line image on so it’s gonna do auto align images that’s good we like that
and de-ghost off. Uh-oh de-ghost off completely? Well that could lead to some
problems and I guess we’ll see once we create the final images if it does lead
to some problems but it’s de-ghost is off completely there’s no lo I’ll tell you
on these images in particular there was some slight win that day and I was not
shooting on a tripod so we could run into some issues but I guess we’ll see.
To merge the different settings merge see our brackets individually that’s
what we’re going to do is the alternative that’s the traditional way
of doing it and then we’re going to compare the results so let’s do it
let’s merge it right now All right, merge task was added and we’ll
speed through this. Okay, and there we go. It completed the merge and the HDR
brackets for each of the four sets of photos and it created this stack so if I
look down below I only see one but I see the number 13 down here which means
there’s 13 images in this stack. So let’s see what the map is here that’s four
images times 3 that’s 12 plus the panoramas
that’s 13 boom Lightroom you nailed it nice job. But really the proof is in the
pudding here so let’s take a look and see if we like the image. So I’m gonna
take a look this is looking pretty good pretty good
I’m just kind of browsing through here quickly.
Overall I’m not seeing really any ghosting there in the clouds which I
would have expected so pretty good job there. But here, yeah I can see it. I see
it! There’s definitely some ghosting
going on. So, I guess we’re gonna have to check and see if we turn de-ghost on for
individual HDR images and we try to do it the traditional way if we end up with
a better quality print. So, with that, let’s expand this puppy back out. I’m
going to click on the 13 that’s gonna expand all the images again and now
guess what we’re gonna go through the long arduous process of doing HDR to
each one of these sets of four images and then doing panoramic and then
comparing the two to figure out which one is actually better. Let’s do it! First I’ll
select my first set of images, shift and select and then I’m gonna press ctrl + H
for HDR I’m just gonna do a medium de-ghost because it did look like there was a little ghosting and I wasn’t on a tripod so I do want it to be a little
more specific about the areas that it de-ghosts, and then we are gonna speed
through this for you guys because I’m just gonna do the same thing on all of
them and I’m not gonna create a stack for each of these.Okay, there we go, HDR complete. I’m not done. Now we need to panorama. Okay so
let’s take a look select all of our HDR images shift click
ctrl + M for panorama. Whoever came up with that brilliant command M… command make my life difficult because I can’t remember how to do panorama with keyboard. Anyways,
we’re gonna do the same we’re gonna do cylindrical we’re gonna do Auto crop
we’re not gonna do auto stack and the images should turn out just about
exactly the same with De-ghost on. We’ll see… Okay we’ve got a successful merge
people here we go okay so now we got two panorama images
one done with the new feature of hdr+ panorama at the same time the second
done with the traditional way of doing each of the bracketed sets of photos
individually and then merging them into a panorama we’re also going to look at
energy consumption for each one of those and the time that it took and do a
comparison there because that is going to be a factor in determining whether
this is a viable tool in the new Lightroom. Okay so let’s do the
comparison. We have the new photo and then we’re gonna drag the first photo. So
let’s go back to the first photo Oh, just kidding. Okay back to
the first photo on the right okay we can see the ghosting here. So yeah, I mean
we found the pudding guys, it’s right here and we can definitely see a
ghost here I mean we can see some slight ghosting happening around here which we
could probably eliminate if we’d actually set that on high de-ghost. So
that being said if I wanted to use this as a gallery print and I wanted to blow
it up to let’s say on the short edge 30…24 inches, then using the new
functionality I would not be happy with that print it would not be a gallery
quality print I wouldn’t be able to sell it it’d be really easily recognizable so
it’s not feasible for me to use that option. And the weather conditions were
not super significant and I wasn’t doing a lot of camera shake even though it
wasn’t on a tripod that being said compared to how much
time and power it took to create the image doing the traditional method if
I’m gonna use it for let’s say Instagram or I’m gonna use it for Facebook, yeah
maybe not a big deal like this ghosting you’re probably not even gonna be able
to see it once you save it. But if I am gonna blow it up as a gallery print and
I’m gonna print this puppy and try to sell it either on canvas or metallic
or acrylic or a framem then I’m definitely going to do the traditional
method I’m gonna go back I’m gonna redo HDR I’m gonna pick this on high ghost,
I’m gonna add a little bit of extra pre- sharpening to it and
that’s what I’m gonna stick with. So for me the new functionality without de-
ghost is not gonna work for you it might but if you want that really high quality
print stick with the traditional method until Adobe comes out with ghosting
within its functionality for creating HDR and panoramas with one click. Okay
that’s it guys, thanks for tuning into Tech Talk with Turf. We’ll be coming out
with new videos on the weekly so check back make sure to subscribe hit the bell
icon so you can get notified and new videos coming out, like, share with all
your friends, and then make sure to put comments in if you got some better
suggestions for me about how to do things. All right we’ll catch you guys
next time.


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