Lightroom Mobile HDR vs PRO mode

September 26, 2019

– All right, guys. A little quick video
about Lightroom mobile, whether using the HDR mode
or the Professional mode. Let me show you what I mean. You see, I’m here on Lightroom mobile, and you see here at the bottom, I have Pro and High Dynamic Range. Now I used to only use Pro because what I love about Pro is
that I could go into ISO and take it out of Auto mode
and go to the lowest possible, which is for me ISO 25, okay? The problem, and then I
would take my photo, ISO 25, I would just then play
around with the speed here until I get something that I like, and then I would press Play with a two-second timer on, and I was good to go. That’s how I’ve been shooting
with Lightroom mobile most of the time, but now,
I found this new option called High Dynamic
Range, High Dynamic Range. So the problem with High Dynamic Range is that you can’t change any
more the speed or the ISO, so you cannot guarantee to be
at the lowest ISO possible. All right, so I’m here
in Lightroom CC mobile, and I want to show you. So this is the photo that I shot. If you see here, it says HPC HDR, so it’s an HDR from my iPhone 10 at ISO 40 because I was not being
able to control the ISO, and this is a row file. So it’s just a DNG, but
this time at ISO 25, so better ISO, but if I use my presets, so I’ve installed all my central
presets on my Lightroom CC. And the way you do that by the way, you just click here on the (mumbles), you go here, you open the presets, you can see that I have
all my presets here. If you want to install my
preset then you can get them for free by the way, by
clicking the link on this video. I mean, not all of them,
but a few of them for free. You can go here, click on prepoint, create preset, no, open
preset folder, sorry. You click that and you
drag and drop the folder unzipped that I’m gonna give
you in the link on the video. You won’t get all my natural everyday. You’re gonna get a few. But it’s a good starting
point, and it’s all free. So this is the HDR, you see now, I have all my presets here, so I’m gonna go to the golden aura section, and what’s cool about Lightroom CC is that when I hover one of my
preset, it’s gonna apply it so I can see before I click
it what it’s gonna look like. So I’m gonna go in the golden aura. I think I’m gonna go maybe on this one, which is golden aura light,
yeah, something like that. Or, actually no, I’m gonna go on this one, the third golden aura,
I think I like this. And then I’m gonna go to the next photo, which is the non-HDR, and I’m
gonna use the same preset, same settings, and the funny thing is, you see here it’s very noisy, it’s very contrasted,
this is completely burned although I really underexposed the photo, and here, on my HDR,
although the ISO was higher, I find that there’s a nice gradient, there is less noise on this
little playground thing. I just find it more cool, honestly, I think I would do the exposure. So it’s just a little video to say try the HDR mode on Lightroom if you use Lightroom to take your photo. You will be surprised at, I think, you know, I got
better results doing that than using the regular
professional shooting that I have been doing so far. Don’t forget to check out my welcome kit with some of my best
free signature presets, some of my best textures,
skies, and brushes. The link is under the video. It’s a Messenger link, you’re gonna get it through Messenger, it’s fast and quick. Thank you very much, see
you in another video.

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