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Lightroom Challenge, BEFORE and AFTER let’s look at your photos!

September 6, 2019

the Lightroom challenge is over in fact in
this video we’re going to check out your work welcome to my channel here we talk
about photography and and I make videos just like this one where we look at your
photos so if you are here for the very first time it might be a good idea to
subscribe a few things I like to say before jumping into your photos first
thing thank you very much I saw almost 200 photos posted on
Instagram with the hashtag Lightroom challenge it’s fantastic I really
appreciate that so many of you decided to take part to this challenge which
really is not a challenge is just a photo edit assignment next thing and this is
related to the criteria that I used to select the photos that I’m going to show
you I’m not going to show you what I thought are the best photos I’m going to
show you the photos that impressed me more for the work that has been done in
Lightroom that’s why it was important to see the before picture in order for me
to understand what kind of adjustments you guys did to the photos and how you
brought those photos to life, good! one more thing I received a comment that was
suggesting what we could do for the next Lightroom challenge unfortunately I
cannot find the comment I will put some more efforts because I think this person
deserves some visibility it’s a smart comment I want to give you his name
nevertheless this guy is suggesting that the next challenge should be about
editing one of my photos so basically everyone is editing the same photo I
will give you a raw file and you will do the Edit at the end of the
video after I show you your photos I will give you some more details about
this challenge but now let’s open Instagram and check some of your photos
so what I did is that I saved the photos that I thought I wanted to share in this
video if I go here saved let’s go PeNovak is the before this day after why I
selected this photo is that because I think I did a very very good job in both
enhancing the fall colors and then also I really like the contrast on the water
ripples that in my opinion are giving a very good depth to this image so very
very good job next photo here Krystalynn photography so this is the
before this is the after I really like the color treatments that Krystalynn
did in this photo I hope I pronounce all the names correctly but if not be
patient and even if on the left side of this image we can clearly see there is
some overexposed areas in this photo I do like the mood that Krystalynn was
able to create in this image next photo next photo is a Ray Palomares photo
so this is the before and this is the after I like what Ray was able to do
in enhancing the light that is hitting these posts in the water helping the
image to get a little more depth at the same time also in this case what
happened is that by opening the brightness of this image we did
encounter the same problem of over exposing the sky right in the center so
in this case would be maybe better to try to brighten the lower part maybe
with a gradient filter rather than increasing the exposure to
the entire image next photo this is Kenny Thomas Kenny Thomas this
is the before which has its own mood interesting anyways and this is the
after I think Kenny did a very good job in giving more details to the background
and also enhancing the reflections of of this peer into the water so good job
next photo JOCHEN FEHLBAUM from Germany the Tower Bridge in London
before after very nice job you can see how the the Tower Bridge was kind of a
overexposed and now we have very nice details on the towers on the bridge very
nice work nice long exposure I like it good job
next photo next photo is from Marcus Jose and this is the before and is the
after Marcus was able to bring up more details from the darker areas of the
photos without creating too much noise so thumbs up next photo next photo is
Kevin Nash I thought this was a very very good shot first of all even without
any correction but then with the corrections we can see the colors of the
fall and overall a very balanced image where the colors of the foliage of the
sky of the water create a very interesting mood I think that the sky
has been darkened with a graduated filter and I think that part of the tree
has been darkened as well but you have the possibility, Kevin
and everybody else, to erase is part of that treatment by using a brush tool and
we will see in one of the next videos next photo pierre glr from france all
right here’s the before here’s the after I like how Pierre was able to create
these almost sunset mood from a photo that in the original it was a little
more flat I can see and I understand what Pierre had in mind while editing
this photo nevertheless even in this case I believe that Pierre used the
graduated filter and part of the upper part of this skyscraper got very dark
compared to the lower part even in this case with the erase brush we can remove
the graduated filter from affecting the building next shot next shot is from
Anthony Poole this is the before and this the after Brooklyn Bridge Park this
place sounds familiar to me long exposure we can see the the light
trails of the boats that are passing by the East River lovely view of the city I
think that from an image that the before shot to most people will look like oh my
god this is wrong but with good technique we can bring to life a shot
that seems doesn’t have a lot of hope so good job on this thanks for sharing
your work next shot is from SHAUN Bamford upstate New York this is the
before and this is the after another long exposure SHAUN was able to bring to
life the fall colors I think it gave nice details to the foreground without
making the foreground too distractive and basically drive us
into the river turn nice job thank you for sharing this photo with us and these
are all the photos I have today I will link in the description down below the
names of all the photographers that took the pictures you just
saw now let’s talk about the next challenge I have picked one of my photos
which is this one so as you can see this is a 15 second exposure f8 ISO 64 I used
an ND filter I used the 10 stops ND filter in
order to get these daylight long exposure and as you can see I don’t have
a very nice Histogram my curve is all on the left exactly the opposite of what I
usually would like to achieve I was not very happy with this shot and by the way
this is a beautiful waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon
unfortunately it is very popular so there’s a lot of people around me on the
bridge everywhere nevertheless I did edit this photo and this turned out to
be one of my favorite photos interesting isn’t it
so I will not show you yet my edit I will put a link to my Dropbox right in
the description below so you can download the photo do your own edit and
again I would like you to share this on your Instagram you don’t need to put the
before because I know the before very well just put the final result TAG me
in the photo and use the hashtag #LightroomChallengeARP – Attilio Ruffo Photography so
that we create a new hashtag where I can see all the photos related to this new
challenge so this is all for today I hope you enjoyed this video I also would
like to know what do you think about photo assignments and please leave me a
comment below I’d like to know your thoughts I have some ideas so let me
know what you think and now of course do your part
little like little subscribe little sharing with your friends all the good
stuff thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video! 🙂


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