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Lightroom CC Tutorial – HDR look with a Single Image

September 5, 2019

Hey everyone Uri form,
and in this video we turn this image into that, again this one into that and
actually saw National Geographic cover the other day and it really had that
actual look its kind of super HDR contrast to look and I just saw my son’s
picture and I decided to try it out and it actually worked so I wanted to show
you how to create that and if you want to learn how to create this actual look
so let’s get started in before you get started don’t forget to subscribe to the
channel and follow us on Facebook and on Twitter and you can also download the
raw files for all of our episode and now let’s get started, so first off what
I’m actually going to do is kind of reset the whites and blacks so you can
see that with the blacks we don’t have any leverage or anyplace to kind of go
because we start automatically clipping it but on the white we actually
have quite a few to go with so I can actually do that again before and after
just a little bit more what I’m going to do with this image I’m actually going to
push the contrast all the way up I’m going to push the highlights down I’m
going to push the shadows up and we automatically have this kind of an HDR
style image I’m going to go to my clarity and vibrance I’m actually going
to push the vibrance up and push the saturation down so we can have this look and I
really like how this is looking I’m also going to go to my clarity in really
scootch that up really something like that and now you start
seeing this kind of super HDR contrasting look I’m going to also crop this
image so maybe something like that kind of something like this lets crop this
point the little bit more that we have this line in the middle of my son’s face
and now we have that so now we have this super HDR type image we can also go
to our exposure slider and kind of slide this up so maybe just leave this like that
and then grab a mask and then just add a little bit more light on his face
right now the contrast is on 100 so lets that contrast and clarity so let’s just
reset that also reset or drop down the exposure so maybe just the tad
we also definitely want to bring out the eyes, so I’ll grab a
new mask and really zoom in and let’s go for the eyes let’s just reset the
contrast and clarity and also the contrast or the exposure is going to be
0.3 and now we can actually add a little bit more lights to the eyes
let’s move to the second eyes and do that just something like that so just something
like that that zoom out and see how thats looks, that
look nice we can also create a new mask and kind of
go for the hair now I actually don’t want to
make the hair like that so I’m going to drop the exposure just a little bit not
too much and let’s see the mask yeah we have a little bit kind of sticking out
there so I’m going to erase and this part, just like that so now we can
actually go from out from the selected mask overlay and now we have this so again
let’s go out of the mask so we lose this little gizmos over here now we have the
before and after so very simple really high contrast he look if you guys like
it I don’t know depends for you sometimes it could really play out nice
and I really like how this came out but sometimes you know depends on the actual
image depend on the person if the skin has a little bit more blemishes then
they will definitely pop up and you don’t want to go extremely that now
let’s go all the way down I’m actually going to go to my tone curve in just
create a three points I’m going to drop the blacks and push the whites , not too much
maybe just left everything up just a little bit and then on the bottom part
I’m actually going to grab this kind of make it is if the blacks are just a
little bit washed out and also the whites so maybe just something like that
and if you want to you can actually go into the color channels themselves and
just add maybe just a tad a red in the shadows and also let’s go to the blue and add
some blue in the highlights and then go into the green and just such a little bit
more green out of the image so maybe something like that so again before
after just a lil bit color correction with the tone curve can actually do a
lot for this image if you want to desaturated part of the image
so right now the red is overly saturated so you can go to
the HSL sliders go to the saturation and then just suck out a little bit more
of the red and now you kinda have this so let’s do red and orange and then you
can over saturate some of the other parts if you want to but I’m not
actually I’m just going to just just reduced the situation just on the red
and orange you can actually also do that with the luminance so you can just
desaturated parts of the image if you want to do that or just drop the
luminance a little bit, so again before after this is also a nice picture but this one
looks very similar National Geographic cover that I saw
while ago let’s go to the sharpening let sharpen it about 60 put that on 60, I’m going
to hit the mask in,and just maybe do that and definitely had some noise reduction
so I’m gonna put it about 40 I also go down here and just down to the
post crop vignetting , this and maybe grain I will definitely add some grain so
let’s put that on about 40 and I’m going to decrease the size of the grain
and also the roughness so now we have this and that again depending on your taste
that could work I really like this type of images not too much but you know once
in awhile it’s fun to create this kind of really kind of super contrasty and
super clarity image so I really hope you enjoy this
now you can’t really download this image because it’s my image it’s my son
so you can’t do that but on the other episodes or other videos that I have for
Lightroom you can actually download the actual raw files and follow along with
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