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September 30, 2019

hey guys thank you for visiting ananta creation today I’m going to show you how can you add watermark in android Lightroom CC application. I know Lightroom is very essential for every creators I mean every Designers. Now Lightroom has updated their old version and
they added this cool watermark update I gave link in the description below so
you can update your old version or if you did not download it you can download it from the link in the description below so what is watermark ? first of all let’s understand this, watermark is like you put your logo or your brand name maybe your
Creation or your Photography tag in your photos so let me give you one example
that you should clear about the whole thing
suppose you captured some photos and if you set your watermark already then
whenever you save your image after some retouchment you’ll see your brand name or anything else that you set it already. Now let’s look where you
can get this option as you can see the graphics of this lightroom cc application there has three dot icon from upper left side. Let’s touch this and let’s go to Preferences, let’s go to Sharing Option and here the watermark option. Now just turn on the share with watermark option and type your own text. I’m going to type my photography logo, heres Ananta Photography and let’s done it. Now customize your size where you can want to set your logo. Let’s bring it down and let’s size your logo how much you want and here the offset and the opacity so
I’m going with 50% opacity 50 percent okay no problem
and let’s back this. now after you’ve done this option you can
import your images, you can click here or maybe you can go your gallery and share.
now you can see add to Lightroom option and I already imported five images let’s do some
Adjustments. When you done your retouchment just go to these
three option and save your device sorry save to device but I have five images so
I did not do it from this side so I just probably go back and let’s mark this all
photos and here the three option also you can see and just save to device I am
going with 2048 pixel. Now it is exporting, let’s wait for a minute . by the way guys I hope you like this new
features Lightroom CC tutorial if you have any question then comment down
Below I will definitely reply you and if you are new to my channel then please
subscribe for latest tips tricks and tutorials thank you for watching guys I
will see you in my next one and my photos are exported successfully.
let’s check out the result of this and Here it is as you can see in every photos
and where I placed my copyright it has been already exported. it is very amazing
guys you can try this so I hope this video is helpful thank you again.

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