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Lightroom 6 Review and New Features Walkthrough

October 17, 2019

what’s up I’m travel photographer of Brendan’s adventures on this episode we have a review
and walk through of Lightroom 6 so I’m here Huanchaco which is
like northern and north-central Peru and I know I’m jumping ahead in real time obviously skipping through
equity work but there will be videos from Ecuador from banner stylus and I
it’s a portrait in auto market and stuff like that so stay tuned for
that but yesterday Lightroom 6 came out so I thought why
wait to publish a video about that and so I
hear in my fabric shaped hotel room here in one choco I can literally see the ocean from my
room right there a half a block away and it’s a little
bit muggy outside but really cool destination there’s like
these reed boats to fishing go out on his boat made a reads other surfing there’s up here examination pataki from here there’s
gonna be a view from here so be sure to subscribe to the channel: %uh and you’ll get to see that episode
but this is all about my room 6 so we’re gonna jump into it right now
we’re gonna jump into Lightroom 6 over on my computer amity you through
some of the new features there’s a lot of really cool features in
the new one %uh I would say it’s changed drastically there’s no real real big difference
there’s just no added features that are cool so I don t he threw some other than a
minute to talk about %uh some other new features a litigator oh
he’s been jumping into my room 6 use even mean free market has a change at all nothing
is changes nothing different that I can see with the exception of this this is
people there’s now face recognition tool in Landrum six
which is really cool because it will basically figure official features people that you catalog in my
room sex and anal automatically find those people through
your catalog which is really cool it too easy way to search L specific people they photographed
quite often so i think thats cool feature up also within the meaning for him the
main mainframes the mainframe the dashboard you have this up here which is new I
don’t believe I remember seeing this on Lightroom 5.3 and that’s probably
because this is now the Creative Cloud to you have your Adobe sign in information up here and you’re setting so that’s different
within that develop module on let’s go over there there are a couple changes nothing
massively mind-blowing or revolutionary but there are quite a
few changes %uh to the developing our jewel one of
those changes that I find to be quite interesting and I think they probably
could have done a little bit better to be honest ways with a degree in graduated filter
which is a fantastic tool for landscape photographers there’s now a brush tool so what school
is if I wanted to brighten up this
foreground I can just take my gradient graduated filter throw
it in there increase the exposure and that’s normal but you can see how
this is dark up here so with the brush 20 you can now safe put on a big feather other thats
was neces- soft I’ll but you can help paint the edges so it goes to show you my way my mask it’s not just a layer mask
alright gradient that there’s also a little bit brash work done if I wanted
to receive building here and go like that and paint that into so I think that’s really cool but where
they messed up or maybe they missed something here in my opinion is doing a perverse so if you take a gradient filter let’s
say I wanted darkened the sky if I wanted dark in
here you got your layers here and then here drop the exposure whenever
you want to I would love to be able to do the same
thing with the brush and the Jets remove layers but unfortunately you can’t do that if I
believe yes it’s just add to the filter rather than removed from the filter and
I think that too easy fix that lightroom 6 coded adjust in the future I really
think how how simple with that P just the same
remove remove the layer mask from the paint I think that would be
super easy for them to do it would be something that really handy a special especially for
architectural photography and things like that the
other big adjustment that Lightroom has me in my room sex is
they’ve included an option for people that use on touch
screens and tablets to and do a lot of their
phone away today and they have a whole new section that touch editing which i think is really
cool so this is it HDR DNG file that I’ll I’m gonna show you
how I need later just passed literally at sunset around sunset last night just
using a hand-held image out the window yesterday but I’m gonna show you that the touch
editing workspace I’m here because I think it is
really cool it’s probably not something I’m going to
do a lot of but I really hate using the finger pad on laptop and I tell you some money mouse so I
might use this in situations that I don’t want to bring
out the mouse and only use them out that finger pad but it is especially useful
for people that have tablets that are using these really powerful new talents
like the Microsoft Surface three for example
which is extremely powerful and you can do your photo editing on something like
that so i think is the wave of the future I
think almost everything will be touch eventually it’s just a matter of getting
comfortable with it so this now over on the computer is the that touch workspace and how it works is
you get your Flex down here men you’ve got you click this brings up
all your photos these are your adjustments this is the the preset see their black and white
presets your color presets all your fax things like that and you’ve got your
cropping tool ray here if you wanna crop so everything
can be done with your fingers just by dragging the edges as you would
normally over here and there in there adjustment
area is really simple you just use on what
you want to just so if you wanna change in weight balance drastically you can
choose from a preset or you can click temperature and then it
just a simple drank to get it to where you want it to be so that’s really easy use and you can
just scroll through the mall with your finger and I’m not sure if they’re not showing
up with my finger just there but obviously you can tell I’m using my
fingers right now exposure the same thing you can drag it out for a downer where everyone contrast you the exact
same thing is super easy to use really fast I’m really simple simple simple have a
big fan of how it lays out and I obviously don’t think I could you
mind tire anything they are certain things I don’t think I can do here like I’m clone
standing like layer masking and things like that but a or blending word gradients filters and
things like that those things that are missing from their basic editing I really think it’s really
cool and up here in a corner you got your export which is
cool as well so it’s all really great there if you don’t like your edits you got the
I did you hear or reduce you give that up as far as you
wanna go back as forward as far as you want and then to get onto the you’ve got the
axe down here so I think that that’s really cool I think that’s a
really nice improvement the labor miss dunn et touch I’m side of things and um let’s talk about the issue big features
a everybody seems to be talking about right now which is that HDR blending and the panoramic blending as well so this image is the
result of one of those photos I did another one later and I’ll show
you just how to do it because it’s really really simple so you got your three images down here
obviously if you’re if you don’t know what HDR photography
is what you’re doing is taking three different exposures were five different exposures our eleven
different exposures many as you want and then your blending
all those images together to get a really nice for a very wide dynamic range you’re getting
everything from the very brightest colors to the dark is how s so usually assembly she are as three images 11 properly stars1 overexposed and one
under XO cell let’s hit the street that I really
I just shot these handheld so up there probably not super sharp
they’re not shocked at all probably and then if you want to turn it into a
HDR you go up to here to follow to merge each gr or you can press Control H orchard on a Mac command %eh and super super easy the one thing I did
find is that usual really slow at my computer process the thtr I don’t have the best
computer I have a Aspire b5 from he sure john is a four
gig ram and i5 processor so it’s slow I know
that it’s slow and I can’t imagine that he would be
this slow and other people’s computers too but he really took me like 10 minutes to process this image and this image here is the final excuse me is my computer acts up on
purpose because to fit my point that it’s a slow
computer this is the processed HDR and as you’ll see it’s not that big
dramatic color HDR that you see from programs like
Photomatix Pro or a or X Pro HD each year at expro something like that
and he kinda just keeps everything flat but because it’d
dmg file up basically ok RAW file created from
three different other raw files it’s got time editing capabilities so
you can Puma Hyatt the way you want you if
you’re that HDR photographer that likes really
over-the-top colorful up high dynamic range images if
you that have a photographer you can still do that you just have to do with
the editing process if the bring down your highlights yet to
bring it to shadows bring down to blacks increasing clarity contrast I play with your exposure a
punch you know there’s a you there’s a lot of
room to play with the HDR capabilities when you’re
shooting the TN the DNG file in Lightroom section that’s
really cool for those people that really like that and of course if you go down into I’m into your histogram you can also play
with your just minutes to make it as HDR you as you want it’s really all up
to you so it’s cool I really d that he/she are um said setup on the day on the lake from six model but it’s really slow on my computer it’s
not really a big deal though because I don’t do HDRI very very rarely do HDR an ass or if you can hear the hammer in
South America there’s always a hammer going off
somewhere there’s always he strips and some are back into the images now that you’ve
seen the HDR how easy that is the next features panoramic full or so if we’re doing a panoramic image any
she our ethics her and sorry if you’re panoramic image
in living room six were just selecting all the images again I literally five minutes ago when
outside and took all these images %uh a panel from the view from my
balcony here and one choco and then you just select them all their
clicking on the first line hitting shift on the last one clicking on it set my computer is acting
up and the Intel all a highlight and then you just right
clicking you going up to thought emerge again and
panoramic or you can take control and or command and on a Mac Book and then that brings
you when you click that it brings you into the into the system it’ll in a stitch
everything together for you which have been surprisingly fast and then you can even autocross the
image rate there and then create your final a panoramic image which comes out really
fantastic again on my computer it took a long time to go from the mainframe where I was
like stitching images and I hit OK create
panoramic it took a long time to get there but I think it was just my computer
being slow I think I’m most computers it’ll be much faster and again when she
get to this point you gotta fully editable file so you can do your your and its as you want them as you see
fit I’ll finally on this video which is
starting to go on a little bit the biggest thing that photographers are
talking about when it comes to lightroom 6 is that
it’s faster and dashed simply case in my experience so far it has been %uh a lot faster there’s zero lag time for
very little a time when I do my edit apparently he is a better computer like
a mac book I’m retina display computer the improvements for even more
noticeable where I really noticed the improvement was a exporting usually when I had exported
says preparing to export and then in exports don’t like a little
dragon line even a smaller photo takes a little bit
I’m a whole export takes you know maybe 10-15 seconds per photo
now I’m clicking in it buzzing through it I’m not even seeing
it sometimes it incredibly a fast way faster exporting that I could
imagine so that’s a huge upgrade for me this speech processing alone is probably
worth the upgrade from lehman 52 labor and six I’ll n there are other things that are
cool let the touch display the face wrecked rest recognition the HCR which probably
won’t use panorama which for me is awesome because so often
I’m just too lazy to take panoramic images I like to take vertical
panoramic images usually but yes tough because it takes a lot of
time to process them to bring them over to another program to bring back to paint so it’s nice to have it all in
like room finally and I still don’t like them
six I’m excited to use in a little bit more in coming weeks in coming weeks I
mentioned we’re still the episode coming from from
Ecuador which is now behind us up but we’re here and one
choco and then we’re starting a massive photo
tour in Peru we’ve got fourteen days going to the coolest places in Peru with
a group I which is sold out and that awesome and after that and it being crew school for
a while hanging out I’m gonna be exploring the area for a while and then in July I have another photo
workshop in both Peru and Bolivia to 14 a trip that’s going to be awesome and
you should definitely come and join me on a trip there’s
information somewhere around me for you to click on if you want to join
her on a trip for you what more information so definitely
coming out with me in Peru and Bolivia I’ll show you the world up your Aladdin so let me take you
around the world let’s go have some fun anyways that’s it for the show I’ll
catch you next time be sure to subscribe all the usual stuff kitchen later peace


  • Reply Brian Stalter April 23, 2015 at 11:06 am

    Brendan, you can indeed use the brush tool to remove part of the gradient tool from an image.

  • Reply Dave Everett April 29, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    Yes, you can use the "erase" brush to remove masked areas from the gradient tools…

  • Reply Jessica Dismont December 10, 2016 at 1:57 am

    Thanks for the video. Can you show or explain how to adjust sharpness / noise reduction in the touch mode? I get the slider option for everything else (temperature, tone, exposure etc) but for some reason it simply won't give me a way to adjust those in touch mode.

  • Reply Lars Kid April 10, 2017 at 4:14 pm

    1.57, put on subs (lol)

  • Reply CosmicMonster May 29, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    I point out that people (like me) who have severe prosopagnosia (''face blindness'') are able to recognize faces in this version of Lightroom. I'm so so happy.

  • Reply CarlosVanVegas October 11, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    I'm still a noob to Lightroom unfortunately, but I was able to follow this which is cool, also that's a pretty good Hostal you were staying at there Brendan, just off the main area, but such a great view…

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