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December 30, 2019

watch the full video for the password Hello guys I’m Farzz and I’m here with another mobile lightroom tutorial and this tutorial is about Moody urban effect. So let’s get started okay, first open your image and Go to the light and Exposure, I am decreasing a little bit I think Minus 0.2 is perfect and Contrast I’m increasing around 50 That’s fine and Highlights minus 23 Okay Then increase the shadow around 50, that’s fine Then I’m decreasing the white Minus 80 81, okay and increasing the black around 60 Okay this fine Now go to the cuves and select rgv Make a point there And now bring this point a little bit up I think this is fine another point there And another one here Looks fine Okay now go to the color Vibrance around 50 Okay saturation minus 10 Okay And go to the color mix and red hue – 14 Then saturation – 50 Luminance around 15 Okay an orange – 10 Okay saturation -23 Luminance 26 Then hue – hundred saturation – 30 And luminance 26 Then green saturation – 100 saturation -100 and again repeat the same thing for all the colors Okay now go to the effects Clarity around 60 And dehaze 20 Vignatte – 10 Okay, that’s fine Then go to a split tonning Highlights around 220 and saturation around ten, okay It’s fine And Here 219 and saturation five That’s fine Then go to detail and sharpening around 20 Noise reduction 35 Okay, that is done So now look at the before and after this is the before and this is after Okay, now let’s check other image how it works okay for this Look at this this was before and this is after it looks great Look at this. Okay another one Look at this, this is before and this is after it also looks great. I Hope you will love this video. If you did hit the like button, please do subscribe and leave your comment

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