February 26, 2020

Guys it’s Kelsey and Kendra. And today we’re going to be doing a Q&A for you guys You guys know we do these annually or if we haven’t done them in a while I feel like this have been over a year since we’ve done our last Q&A Uh-huh and we decided to do one for you guys today because this just gives us a chance to reconnect with you guys and just to Sit down and chat with you guys today. We’re having a wine So this video doesn’t feel as long as they usually do. Yes. So can you deal with your some wines with some dead arsenic? Cuz of course you guys to know our q and A’s are always pretty lengthy So, yeah, and thank you guys so much for your questions. Everybody’s an XS questions today Okay, so we’re just gonna ping-pong here. We have questions from Instagram and I have something Twitter as well So I guess I would go first by the way I’m not saying anybody’s name because I do not want to butcher some of these. Yeah names uh-huh So, but you’ll know what your question is. And a lot of you guys were asking some of the same questions Yeah, some of them are similar. Do you ever regret allowing the YouTube world into your life if that makes sense? Yes, it does make sense. I feel like I haven’t shared too much. Honestly. I feel like I haven’t over shared I feel like a lot of people make the mistake of Over sharing about their lives on YouTube because they feel like the more open you are the more successful you’ll be that is the case with some people but I just feel like Privacy is best and for some people it turned into life a double-edged sword because yes They got successful but people expected them to maintain that openness and then transparency all the time Yeah, and I saw that it affected their mental health and just like, you know internally So to me, it’s not worth it to be extremely transparent all the time. Obviously. It’s okay to share things with you guys Yeah connect with you guys on more than one level, but it’s all about balance to me So I feel like you can do a cry of yourself without giving all of yourself. Yeah, you don’t need to give everything Yeah Cuz I feel like then the people in your everyday real life won’t feel special if the world already knows every single thing about you Favorite books you’ve read recently so This is a you question. Y’all not read like that if I do read I’m reading devotionals You’re reading something right now though. I am and I’m loving it. You guys know I don’t be like novels and stuff I love a good knife and less tender really really recommend me read it. But right now I’m reading the Iyanla Vanzant, I think it’s called X of faith. It’s a devotional and I’m obsessed with it. It’s basically like you read a page every single day I used to have a Joel Osteen when I used to read but I wanted to switch it up this year for 2020 Oh hi. Oh Claire. Yeah that I could survive. I like selling and laughing Joel. Yeah, but the exercise by iyanla Vanzant definitely Manzana Jana Jana who it is. It’s her. It’s basically her book is the bestseller. It’s a really great book. It’s very positive It’s very enlightening I’ve actually experienced on a couple of pages on my extra story and you guys are always like oh look at this And I already shared with you guys on Instagram So some of you probably already see me share that book, but that’s the current book. I’m reading now So the book that I’ve read recently that stood out to me is I’m always reading some types of novel so I don’t I won’t mention novels because I feel like that’s very personal and not everybody’s into the same kind of novels, but what I’ve read recently that I will recommend to you guys is It’s called The Four Agreements And it’s really good. I finished it in like two three days. It’s very short Um, and I really like a couple of chapters a day. I love that book. I thoroughly enjoyed it I feel like it was super helpful in a way where it just simplified everyday Things he gave you a simple way to handle things in your everyday life. So You will understand if you’ve read if you read The Four Agreements, you know what I’m talking about. So it’s four agreements Literally just four and you can implement them to your everyday life. There are agreements that you make with yourself and they’re extremely simple They’re things that are super easy to remember I have I’m done reading and I still remember them I don’t know if it’s fresh on my mind. I’m sure I won’t yeah, you can Barbara. Yes. Okay. It’s really good I recommend it to anyone It’s a great gift for those who don’t read that often, but anybody can meet, you know something You know positive in their lives and something that feels like they’re you know Improving every single day, but I feel like life is all about growth And if you’re not growing then I feel like you’re not really living How long were you guys on YouTube before y’all were able to do it full time? full time three for you, like four years four I was like four and when we like went full throttle and just commit it completely to it Yeah, because in the beginning it was nearly impossible to do it full-time because we were still working Oh, no We were working and it was kind of hard to focus on it full-time. You have other jobs. Mm-hmm Yes, you know what? I mean? I was hard to divide up the time and make time to film them So we look filmed them like, you know, sporadically we didn’t have a schedule. We just film whenever we had the time Yeah And then when we moved to Atlanta it became more of a schedule because we wanted people to feel like we weren’t going anyway We want to have like a consistent. Yeah, you know presence on YouTube I feel like in the beginning when you’re like when you first make it a full-time job like with YouTube I feel like that’s when you really have to go like pedal to the meadow and like upload like three times a week That’s why I guess they’re necessary for people for people to keep saying you That’s feel like you feel like maybe take a day off after you get into it after a couple of years plus a week Yeah, that’s like you don’t have to do it. Like it’s like three times a week. It gets kind of overwhelming burned out You’re never in doubt Yeah, we did get burned out cuz I’m you guys remember when we had the coral wall that apartment We were uploading over like three times a week. So my aunt of law and about four times We see a daily beauty videos and ones lawfully. Yes, and our if a mermaid was slowest and horrible. It was a night orrible Poor yes, it always works in apartments. We’re like look, so 5:00 a.m. Wings for medium clothes. Yeah I remembered it cuz we had like a really slow computer. Yeah Favorite everyday perfumes for year-round and my must-haves so if I think my must-haves I thought who would be here until tomorrow because I do not have a signature scent so to speak because I like to switch my up and I enjoy perfumes in general but right now My must-haves right now. I’ve been loving this perfume from girl on it’s called a longer line and it’s very sweet Y’all know it’s right up my alley. I love Okay, my Lancome is good, but it’s on the pricier side in a Affordable one that I still like to wear is fancy my Jessica Simpson fancy love so the white one white gold Bottle over my three favors at the moment you guys and you have been following us for a while You guys know that my signature scent is the Givenchy at Angels & Demons perfume. Like I don’t know I’m just obsessed with that sainthood. It’s great Kind of hard to describe. I feel like it’s not sweet It’s not a citrusy kind of fruity, but I feel like a really good year-round perfume its dad Obviously one that I feel like is perfect for every month of the year is to be Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose and then a cheaper option that I’ve been liking lately is that Ariana Grande cloud perfume is Really not if you can get it at Ulta is pretty bomb Yeah those for a really good like year-round fence. How do you stay positive when you have family members who are negative? Heat the away from them great big basement, especially like when you’re an adult like you don’t have to see them all the time No, like everybody is living their own lives You’re not obligated to see your family ever single day every single week. Yeah. I thought that’s easy to avoid I don’t boy cuz that’s not here to avoid family members, but just keep your distance no in this Instance I think it’s good to avoid Especially if you’ve already confronted them and you feel like they are negative and they haven’t done anything to change it Then me that I really care about you because I feel like if somebody truly cares about you they will change the thing That’s hurting you, you know what I mean or just in general for themselves? They clearly don’t have a problem with being the negative person So that’s clearly not affecting them in their everyday lives and if it is they probably don’t realize it because I feel like some people would get Comfortable comfortable with being negative and it becomes the norm. So that’s just yeah, that’s their problem. Not yours Do you ever consider doing? Susteren challenge videos. I feel like that would be great to watch. Um no, we never really think about doing sister challenge videos and I feel like we get these questions a lot on YouTube being that the culture has changed on YouTube tremendously when it comes to what’s trendy and was cool and For Kelsey, like if it doesn’t feel like right for us, like if it doesn’t feel authentic urging you to our channel do it So yeah, it has to make sense light has to go with our channel It can’t be like completely left field. Like what we do. Yeah, it’s the house It has to be in relation to like hair makeup lifestyle lifestyle. You know what I mean? Yes, but if there’s like a clue left field and it’s like dumb yeah, stupid if it feels If it if it feels uncomfortable For us to do if it feels like we’re just trying to fit into a box that everyone assumes we should be not supposed to Be here Now, what’s the number one thing you do for yourself when you’re sad to cheer yourself up. Well first I pray Absolutely because see reported my relationship with God is very important to me and this got me through a lot of tough times I personally feel like It depends on whatever makes you feel good. So go go to that place where you feel the safest like mentally So for me, I always go back to like whatever made me feel good like it So I’ll try a Disney movie that I like Disney always does it to me? So a Disney movie is good, whatever kind of feel-good movie you like Binge watch a show. So anything that’s gonna distract you kind of get in mind. I’ll lift your spirits Yeah, anything’s gonna make you laugh. So you think it’s fine So definitely, I like watching a good comedy first. Yeah, you like comics also something that I’ve been doing recently in the new year I started journaling So if I’m feeling a type of way I’ll just write my feelings down because I feel like it’s good to kind of like look back and see how you felt at a Time when you weren’t in that good of a place mentally and it shows you how much progress you can make and that Reminder of how God brought you out of a place once he can do it again is very very comforting for me So I like journaling so I like writing in my drawing so that kind of helps put me in a better mood and help me to be more optimistic and think about how blessed I am cuz I’m not gonna lie is very easy to Think about all the things you don’t have but so often we don’t appreciate what we already You know do have and I feel like counting your blessings helps to cheer me up What’s the hardest thing about being a youtuber today? And the last question that I had was exactly why I have this accent, so people automatically assume just because they see a Popular channel or people that are responding to something that’s trendy and that everybody loves at that moment They assume that you should be doing that. So it’s almost like a jump on a bandwagon kind of energy on YouTube right now It’s like Chelsea and I always want to go left with everybody going right we always feel like we’re always being like that Yeah, we always have always had like this leaf not following Absolutely, and it’s also kind of real easy too. Because anytime somebody tell me to do something I want to do it all so it’s kind of the opposite Yeah, I feel like yeah Would you say that to me is the hardest part currently? I don’t like over like the whole negative comment saying I could care less about that We’ve been on YouTube for almost 10 years now we use today That’s not that much part people having certain expectations now Yeah I feel like it’s the whole Expectation of you like not doing everybody else is doing or you should be doing this It’s time for knowing like if you’re not telling your whole life story is you’re not Telling all your views cos are you not revealing all the intimate details of your life? If you’re not acting a fool on camera, huh, if you’re not extra animating People though they don’t look like they don’t want to watch that anymore. I feel to be honest They don’t want to see like real people anymore. They don’t see my character Exaggerated or they want to see characters. Yeah. Yeah, they like they want to be entertainment in a way where it’s not real. Yeah I think so, too Yeah, and I feel like that’s where me and Kendra I feel like we always feel like we have to stay true to ourselves No matter what because when all the trends die out what you gonna do it in Yeah, you got to go back to see you got fingerspell style You got to come up with this whole other persona but I feel like if you always your selves you don’t have to change and I thought I mentioned this before but every time people ask us to do certain videos that they see other people doing it almost feels like Like shouldn’t everybody just have all one community cello if y’all want us doing the same thing like isn’t that the point of YouTube so we have variety and different kinds of challenge Yes different kinds of people that you can relate to them Different cultures and ethnicities and races and in their tension different energy energy Yeah, like like I want to watch this person because they have more energy but you might be in a calm move so you don’t feel like watching them right now cuz they’re doing too much it is also somebody that’s like Melody I just feel like everybody has different moods and you have to accept them for who they are yeah, if it’s real so I feel like just Watching people that you badly I always say if you wouldn’t hang out with that person in real life Watching them cuz that’s how I pick the people I watch yes. Um, I could tell her she seems cool I’ll watch her but about when she would you Grow too much. Okay sit out. You know what I mean? And that also helps you to not be negative on somebody else’s channel Definitely not gonna like everybody it’s just like your per day like, uh, huh any particular goals you wish to achieve this year So me personally I would like to get a personal trainer and consistently workout All year because I feel like I’ll start working out. Yeah, we nice We’re like two or three months then I fall off about a mom Mac now. I’ll fall off I’m like Kelsey the holidays are what I get extra lazy As long as the gym, yeah first of all, I don’t like You know going out every single day in cold weather for the meetings wherever it’s not in the night seat Yeah, it’s like who season you want to be in the damn? I just want to be on my couch is some sugar cookies from Trader Joe’s watching a Christmas movie Yeah, so I feel like it’s always hard I thought like December is an exception, but I feel like at least I can do you know the other months Like there’s no excuse for me to be falling off Thank God you are you are tweeted on New Year’s that I’d not want to have cold this this year I said I wanted to help like lifestyle changes I feel like a goal of something you say anything when you achieve it then it’s done Lifestyle changes are something that you will continue to maintain for life. So that’s why I don’t want to stay with goals I get that that make sense. What does femininity mean to you? That’s a great question I thought don’t anything about this it’s different for different I was going to say I don’t feel like he’s liked one thing forever I want to enter isn’t that one thing for every woman. I feel like it’s whatever makes you feel beautiful to me That’s what femininity I feel like it’s whatever makes you feel beautiful and sexy and confident and confident I also feel like femininity to me means being sure of yourself because I feel like sometimes a lot of women second-guess themselves and How they should be er, they always want to be accepted or are worried about how they’re perceived from the outside So I feel like been sure of yourself and govern yourself to me. That’s the definition for me Okay, I feel my best when I know Exactly what I want what I will and won’t tolerate and being independent, honestly Because I feel like for the longest time women were ashamed for being Independent and being like having like a boss energy not a long time still Well still I feel like people are coming around to the idea now, but for the longest time They would just act like it was so rare in life You have to choose to have a family Or be this but now it’s being done all together and it just shows that you can have everything. Yeah, I think so, too I don’t feel like you have to choose between one or the other and femininity to me is also self-care a hundred percent Do what you will affect. What is your current playlist on Spotify? so I Have one but I don’t use it. We have SoundCloud Yeah And you sound like a sound saw has like a lot of different mixes rare finds That you don’t hear on iTunes or you can’t even find on iTunes or Spotify. So I like sounds loud but if you’re asking like weren’t listening to tanks new album is so Little so man’s hopeless romantic money. You have not listened to the album. You should I came out. I’m found the other day Yeah, Kamel fountain Yeah I think it’s one of our favors and I thought she was very like under a Underrated because she’ll come out with a single man. She’ll go off for a while there She’ll come back out, but she’s like a solid aren’t she really is. She’s one of my favorites I feel like she doesn’t get the Crypt she deserves. I’m so I listen to a lot of that I listen to her like pretty much every day a love tank. I love Elena Perez a Linda. Moran is great I love mcfist Dalian. I feel like she definitely gets me Yes, Mike, you know she gives me energy she gives me like literally it’s like a nothing higher I needed I love me I need it. So thank God for her I feel like she like iron and treatment or something and she’s just her home person to me though No, she’s our own person. But I feel like you were talking life talking like Adam Ori legend. She’s like our training Yes, she just is gotcha. You know, we listen to a lot of variety I also have been doing these Sunday service the Connie lifts out He’s so good and love I like well, I like dancing this King and he’s warm and Jesus is born I like both love though. I like both my favorite song is ultralight beam It’s actually my alarm when I wake up in the morning. Oh Right now I try to change because it’s not too low. I don’t like nothing loud waking me up I like to wake up in a calm manner Because I get up your thoughts when you who are your fashion inspiration Mm-hmm. I can literally go from like right now all the way to like back in the day cuz I feel like fashion always repeats Itself, yeah, I like nineties fashion a lot. Yes. We are. We’re not as baby. So yes, we love like nineties style But yeah Aliyah Definitely Leah, but currently are collect. Are you currently if anybody asked me this question? My inspiration was always Kim K Yeah, that’s cause you’re very minimal because like like she said I’m minimal. I like a lot of color no matter You know do this So I always loved campus. She’s just like a sure thing for me some stuff I’m not gonna like she can only pull of but a lot of the things she wears is our things that I have in my But I everydays to love like, you know casual like tomboy bugs like I love Teyana Taylor Mm-hmm. I love her style my like Rita Ora like Rita Ora has great style. Yeah, I like how she just is alive, huh? She’s very eclectic. So that’s why you like her. She loves accessories like you Yeah, but I feel like I’ve come down with As much jewelry and they used to wear even though I’m wearing three necklaces right now. Is this style? It’s okay This is minimal for me. We’re not very happy with it. How tall are y’all and wait you both are body rolls Thank you. Well we are X53 and I have a weight look to it. I had to know how much I have no idea how much I weigh out She’s gonna say, I don’t know. I mean even I have not weighed myself from probably Less I want so the doctor would be like six months ago Yeah, and I don’t even remember what the scale says. I really don’t care But we’re five three I mean it’s offensive to some people but I don’t mind cuz I’m not ashamed of my weight If I knew I would say I feel that way because I would never ask someone else. No, I don’t care to know But it doesn’t miss fear me because I’m not shame with my weight. Okay, I feel like you cooler I’m usually only expanded if yeah, they’re nice a number if you have feel about that I feel like the number one matter It don’t matter to me cuz I honestly want to gain weight in certain areas of my body So if my weight goes up, it’s not a bad thing What local tips do you have for someone just moving out don’t eat out a lot. Yes, cuz that adds up Fast food just doesn’t feel cheap through a driver. It’s going out of all the way to lucky if you like like save all your receipts and add that up you like spend a lot of money on eating out and I just ask you for Restaurants. Yes, learn how to cook go on Pinterest. Don’t go now to Find some easy recipes and just eat that because that’ll be better for your bank account and your body I’m just saying yes Cuz people are always trying to eat a blow with a friends like you fell right hang up invite them over have a girls night Yeah, like, you know, I always have to be out in the streets It doesn’t end up rule. You’re saying what happened to first time Fridays. Oh They went on my hiatus for a while. They got gone. They’ll be a bad one for you Yeah, the only break they’ll be back. Mm-hmm. Yeah, they’ll be back. How do you deal with feeling discouraged or unmotivated to do something? Honestly, I just think about Where I was at one point where you started in that where I am now once upon a time was what I dreamed of so I can only imagine What my future looks like exactly. Well, you always got to think about where you’ve been before you can get to where you’re going Yeah, it just makes me think about the tweet that I tweeted maybe like couple weeks ago, by the way, follow me on Twitter It’s always gonna screw box thinking about what God has already done I makes me excited for what God is about to do uh-huh son like that Yeah but I’m telling you just think about like what God has already done in your life making about the future just makes you Super optimistic and also yeah, I mentioned being I’m motivated to you’re not always gonna be motivated. That’s your reality Yeah, you’re gonna have like those moments where you just feel super motivated and inspired to do something But the problem with people who I was looking for the motivation. Hi, you have to keep it up so for me I would say learn how to be more disciplined like whatever it is that you want to do or that you’re trying to do You have to be disciplined because there are going to be days that motivate motivation temporary loci Yes and discipline like you have to make things to happen. Yeah, so discipline honestly is more important than being Motivated yeah motivation is very temporary when you and can’t ever start your own natural haircare line Absolutely Yes, we want curly hair products and we would also like to have straight hair products because you guys know we wear our hair both Ways it makes sense for us to sell to both gals? But yes, we will eventually have a haircare line But that is something that’s gonna take years as far as the kind of quality. We want where we want to sell. Yeah, and just you know the type of products we want to have yeah ain’t on it like we want to like that deep Internet and others gonna Take years about some time to develop Yeah, because I know that hair care is a whole nother beast and we have to be prepared for that So yes when it’s meant to be that’ll make it happen I feel like having I think It’s easy for people to ask and I’m so I am glad you asked because you can tell any of you guys Yeah I feel like you guys would like support us and buy it and then make those already so like excited but it’s a big responsibility to not only have your own product, but have your name on something because They met it like something happens. They’re not looking at all. The behind-the-scenes people. They looking at you even if you didn’t do it Yes most excites you so I thought it’s a very big responsibility and I feel like we don’t want to go into it all like Irresponsibly and like oh my gosh, why aren’t product any plans of traveling to an African country? Absolutely Yes, we want to go to Africa for years years a long time I don’t know when but I do want to go to a lot of parts in Africa. I would love to go to South Africa Cape Town looks gorgeous. I want to go to Ghana I want to go to Nigeria And I can sing like a lot of in spoke pics on Instagram of Africa and so just beautiful so beautiful like this Anyway, I want to go to – I forgot the name of it. I want to go to Morocco I love to go to Morocco. So but I really want to go to South Africa k-town ok talent and I would love to go to ghana ghana Yea cuz I feel like something about you know ancestors are there probably and I would love to go I don’t know what Morocco every time I see pictures I don’t know pretty she’s just so pretty do you ever feel tempted to do more protective styles braids? Twist, etc Spank you acts that because I have been itching to get rates not cornrows I really want box braids cuz every time I see them I feel like I have not seen them on anybody and they don’t look do it. Yeah you wanted to do Erica. Let’s go So pretty damn pretty but I want to take out it down and vixx. Most people want to take it down They’ll cut the end but my hair is long. So I want to EXA Bentley clip my own hair So yeah, I heard they’re kind of heavy like depending on how many you get like they hurt like your neck I might worry about David. Oh my hat. Hey greetings. Wait, I can handle it Okay, you gotta walk around like that all the time. Oh No, I feel like next time we go on vacation or something like the beach. I really want, right Yeah, you’re probably gonna get up for vacation. Um, I don’t know. I’m not sure it’s not yes, but it’s not No, they look pretty on you too. Thank you. If you can have any other job in the world, what would it be? I will still want to do something in the creative field because I am NOT a ninety five girl Ninety-five puts me to sleep and I would quit in probably like 48 hours you like being creative so like I have to be creative I Have to be my own boss because I hate people tell me what to do. So I would still like to do something in the creative field I just don’t know what I love beauty and I love hair and I love fashion It’s just it’s naturally like ingrained in me to do definitely like I’m always Interested, like I just it’s not a day that I’m not looking at that shadow Hair or anything you do really definitely me – it’s definitely a passion But I’m sure if I wasn’t an influencer I think I would probably work like for a magazine or something betcha and be like a fashion Editor or like something like that Oh In the fashion realm I feel like I’m on the carpet I’m selling clothes. I will be in the fashion Davar I’ll be in the beauty department Seiler you would or perfume fragrance that’s beauty so anywhere like products Anywhere where there’s beauty product related, but we know the product junkies so I would be in the beauty department for me I feel like clothes Yeah, there’s definitely a passion and I see you doing lots of targeting because you like it selected everything and I want mine doing that Cuz every time you see like a pitcher and you like the lighting you like the vibe and stuff lucky. Yeah I’m weird about like I’ve noticed every little detail about a picture and I’m not talking about just the person in the picture I imagine you know how most people look at a picture me like, oh she look pretty I’m like, oh I love in lighting unless the angle I like the angle. I’m like how the back is leave I like the shadow on the side of her face. Like that’s what I look at favorite places to eat in ATL Well, we have quite a bit because if y’all know what y’all know we love to go out to eat Not that often We do because even though I’m not like struggling nothing. I still like to keep my coin Uh-huh, but when we do go out to eat, we’re very very particular Yeah, because I feel like ever since we started cooking at home if I go to certain restaurants But who don’t eat everything spring it do not taste You know someone we go out to eat and none of these like it gotta be top-notch So I would say the time I highly recommend some city kitchen southern city. Kitchen is so good. Yes, it’s two locations one in Alpharetta, I think the other is either in Midtown or downtown Okay Wait a minute The one I offer other so that one I love it’s something that they have to miss Everything that I ordered and this let’s call oak. It’s also really good steakhouse Oak State Council really do by the way, most of these restaurants are in the same location. Uh-huh Okay, probably go to the city that often. I hate once a parking is annoying. It’s a pain Houston’s is still with you. Houston’s is one of our all-time all-time faves Yusin’s either go to they have the most amazing Spanish, dude. Yes, and I love their kale salad. I know it sounds like They all do that. Okay, that was fun. It’s different Oh cool ever if you like Italian food is one of our favorites. Yeah about it. Yeah, Mikey I’m so gonna cite when we always eat at those places in my patient, huh? It’s funny because if any of my friends are watching they like yeah Cuz I go who you want to go to dinner didn’t know all the places get me all we eat Look with the same places then relax. You mean like I don’t want to peek so we’re going here exactly We all our friends always make us pick this cuz we have a good tasting food slowly. They trust us. That’s true What do you love most about yourself? Well, I start really I Hate like talking about my I know it’s so often. I we want to put a pillow under my face. Yes It’s weird. I love that. I am I really I prefer you know Operates just like Let me Daniel is Yeah, feel like it’s just like a little leg. I don’t like the enemy. I feel like I’m like 60% Narcissistic you say 16 or 60 60. That’s true Why I love me for me, I love you too, but I don’t mind talking yeah, I don’t like So let you answer this question for me. Okay, and I am sure for you Okay. So am I saying the things I think you love about yourself cause that’s the question I can’t say what I like about you. That’s not a question So I’m gonna say what I think you love about yourself Okay, you do also like the truth test to see if you know each other. Okay. Yeah, and I think you’re right. Okay So what you love about yourself is you’re very determined Like me, you can’t do something that you gotta get down to like you got anything else. What else is very determined? She is a very independent let anybody doing something like that’s a group and she ain’t we did she like I don’t agree I’m going over hings quantify myself. Hello. I’m an extremely independent You love that you are loyal. I do look at your loyalty So I’m say those three don’t determine independent local. Thank you. I do little all those things about myself. You do know me Yeah, I think about you you will say this about yourself you love that. You are wise Have a great discernment. Uh-huh. I feel how she got VIP with God. She be knowing that She be knowing stuff. I think that you actually like that your OCD I love you feel like you interesting like that about yourself and you don’t care if it annoys other people. Oh Well deal we do no come to my house if you’re not even ready to deal with her OCD Miss and I also say that you like that you are Things like to see how about you? I don’t know That’s a good thing I also think that you would say, oh that you’re a good cook yes I love a great thing. You would say that you’re a good cook. I am your food is delicious Okay, you know like my food, thank you that great, but this is about me right What was your favorite and least favorite subject while in high school ma’am? That’s like that was like all grades. I hate it now I never been doing math. No Matthews counting my money and that’s the only mouth I need to be doing it. Okay, where’s my profession goes? Yeah, like I can hire could be do up stuff. Yes. I’m not trying to build a house I’m not trying to calculate formulas I’m at I’m trying to do Internet even though I’m you school bells chemistry, though But we still they still involved numbers. That’s true, but it wasn’t as Complex. It’s certainly like classes. We had in school that yeah Thatcher Almost flunked pretty much. I sucked at math – I was pretty horrific. But I love you I think I probably did too but never got one I just kind of like got lucky a lot of times or I’m like I knew a boy like me and I just chopped it off his paper because I feel like boys are very good at math. Yeah Yeah, I know is that – they’re very good at math, huh? But I was pretty good at like all the other subjects but my favorite subject I think is history I always been an English girl. Like I’ve never not loved English I’m pretty good at English, but I want to say it’s my favorite It’s my favorite for sure because I always love reading that I like always loved writing and like just expressing myself in papers, like babies. They excite me So I use I love English and I always like to write up writing papers – that’s what I like writing Yeah, the reading that Haiti that’s one you like today. We have a book like she literally like bean I have read a book That’s like healthy you still in a chapter because I don’t like fall asleep. It’s just so boring to me I don’t know. I like feel like the language part of English Like like I had like a big pet peeve like how people use their and their when they sell it Like that is not how you use that this 3d th er E is completely different than th e AR and also th ey Apostrophe re not the same thing now stop Using those words wrong. Yeah, how do you recommend finding your passion? I personally Like your passion has to find you because when you’re passionate about something It’s innate like you don’t have to think about it Yeah It’s a desire that you let you can’t help but to do so you do it without even thinking like it’s what like if your purpose is what you’re Ordained to do in a way. You’re not genuine Susie Yeah But not this you up her because I feel like it’s something that you actually like to doing because a lot of people are good At things but that doesn’t mean that you’re like doing that’s true in kitchen each of you want and do either of you want Twins. So the first question, I want two kids. I want three or four. I feel like the older I get Fellow the answers question all the time. My answers still have not changed. I remember you want a boy and a girl. Yep Wait, you know the two girls I’m a trifle a boy Oh, it’s like a multiple girls look anybody because we have a ton of girls in our family Isn’t him and all the personalities is just okay But in the babies the new babies in our family are also girls except our brother. He has a sign. Mm-hmm We have a nephew but he just had a daughter. So we have a nice we just both sides of our family Just go throw dominated. I feel bad for the boys, but it’s nice having twins though. Do you want play? Thank you in their clan. If any one of us would have honey only God knows but You would want to have fun ain’t out it you do want plan. Don’t laugh I would not I’m saying now that I wouldn’t mind having twins but if I was laying on the table And my husband will stand next to me holding my hand and we all just like in the clouds all Cathy. Oh Yeah, and ultrasound the doctor saying oh, there’s two heartbeats. So I’ll probably like feel like I have to pass out Okay, first of all, we have to incur and we help our older husband. This’ll our Babysitter’s too much work. It is too much work So I don’t you have to have a really good present husband and I know that I will have that so I want my having twins that I won’t be scared out of my mouth cuz carrying two babies you sound like I’m now talk about one baby moving against on me. So well for me, my answer is no no The whole world is heard to say that and we’ll just wait don’t put that I’ve done What do we both? Have got exited the other day what we both. Yeah, and thank you was fine But I do think we’ll be pregnant at least one of our fragrances together that’s the possibility your speciality trying to have career fuck I don’t know. I for Q so I felt like at least one of my pregnancies she’ll be pregnant with me Would you date slash marry a guy that already had kids? I have a one time limit It’s not ideal like if he had to choose between a man with no he’s a man with kids I’m choosing the man with no kids but He if he did have kids I would prefer a Kia anything singular. So I’m saying I have a one-child limit Yeah, because I never want things happen people make mistakes Nothing that I told her mistakes, but let’s be real most of us are not here on purpose Most of us our planet know most of us are accident baby at least nineties children Most – maybe I know more about your accident babies one day I don’t matter one time and also the child has to be older than like six years old Because I feel like if the child is smaller You probably have dealings with your baby mama And I guys it’s technically not overly still feelings involved because in her mind she think y’all gonna be a family champ Yeah, I’m gonna get it together all of the drama and yeah, I won’t need that in my life. So I got time So Chinese to be a little bit older. Yeah. I need to know like that You moved on all the way on long time stubby. Would you ever move to another state or country? If so where I would not see Emily I would move to another state and country not permanently though. So Oakland summer for as far as state I would Definitely, I would move to Colorado You look all right. Every time I go there I just feel a sense of peace and serenity Yeah, like the first time we live every night. I would choose them from ear to ear. I will learn in Tennessee I was thinking Tennessee because I like for now like, Tennessee I think I’ll election even though I’ve never been we’ve been in Tennessee before we’ve drove through Tennessee. They mean you been Yeah, I live in Tennessee or Colorado and that as far as another country. I would have like a summer house I will only live there like during like maybe like a couple months in the summer Italy We haven’t been yet. I don’t care. I’ll get it. Okay, Tuscany specifically, okay I want for sure live in Tennessee. I think Tennessee will be a nice place to live as far as country I don’t think I would live in another country as far as visiting like for a extended period of time Yes, Liv No, where would it be hold you length, like well my train would you want to stay in for at least like two three weeks? Franks so I would live in Paris not live without visit Paris for like a summer That’s a living. No, it’s not not if you coming back home. I’m coming back home really considered a living Yes, it is. If you spent my whole summer, you live it looking at leaving this the real news Working on another book. Would you consider John a coffee table? I never thought of a coffee table look After we finished our self-help book, which is the glam twins got to longer healthier hair If you haven’t got that Chang was playing it out on Amazon. Yes, and also are all books result Um, I would like to play do a novel I was gonna say we have we’ve had ideal for knowledge for cry sometimes we actually like started the whole summer and everything would it would be about Angle same environment as it is But I really be had like talks about a knob I feel like I won’t look seems like it would be fun to shoot I was like that coffee table books not sounds like it would be a lot more fun because we don’t have to write as much Obviously, yeah Yeah, but comic book also sounds like a lot of work less writing but a lot of physical work Okay, cuz taking pictures every homages recently do one I thought you did well I think so cuz second pictures is a lot harder than it looks like novels and stuff Like when we have to do photo shoots I get excited but I’m also low-key like I’m like sore afterwards you have to admit we prepare myself if you’re and like a certain pose for a long period of Time you let okay. This is doing too much and I’m not at all So my limbs don’t like stretch in certain ways that I see it. I will do they make it look so easy That’s true. Do you believe in manifestation? Enough. Yes I definitely do but to a certain extent I feel like people get confused when it comes to manifestation when it comes to manifestation people think that they can sit unrealistic Goals and expectations of what that is not a Christmas list No, make sure it’s the realistic and also we shouldn’t room all day But if you know things would intent like if you don’t go into your everyday life with intention That manifestation is not going to become your reality Exactly. It’s kind of like prayer in a sense. Like oh, you know they say prayer what that work is dead So it was a manifestation. Yes, but you can’t just sit around and write. I think he’s gonna show up in a friend It’s not gonna happen that way uh-huh. So I feel like it is it to a certain extent? I thought I manifested a lot of things but it happened with work. Yes, you know what I mean? Like I didn’t just fall out of the sky other things had to happen for Those things to be achieved. Yes. Absolutely. Which character trait from Chelsea. Would you like and vice versa? Well, that’s a great question Why cuz we talked about, you know, talk about the person see okay, I’m saying that’s a really good question Okay, a character trait that I would like from Kelsey is her I mentioned earlier you always have this want To always figure things out Like you always need to figure it out let your determination. Not that I’m not a determined person but if I have like zero care or even like I can’t 50% I probably won’t like Pursue it. I have to care 100% to really put my energy into it yeah, I can kind of like 50% Justin care half way and she’ll still just like You know go with it because I just hate not fearing things now. I hate when I let things beat me Yeah, I’m like, no, I’m sticking this out and I’m thinking this out. That was that I am. Oh, thank you Um if I had a character trait from Kendra, it would be so with Kendra I feel like I would love her intuition. I feel like she has great discernment. And like I said, she’d be knowing stuff So I would love to have that character trait from you Because sometimes I don’t really like being around certain people sometimes I don’t fully know. Mm-hmm But I feel like you being around them. Like I feel like it’s very helpful to me if I don’t really know Yeah, that’s true. It also what the people act here about – I’m just always like leery of people around them, especially new people Yeah, so and I can’t like ignore energy But I can feel that’s almost energy like so hard if it’s good or bad Like it’s nothing big. Like I just cannot ignore luck. He won’t shut up So I can’t like, you know ignore that about myself though Are you a go-with-the-flow type of person or do to know what when and why me? Basically, you say oh you go with the flow type person. Are you will control from pretty much definitely a control freak Well you answer for me or for you. So both of us It depends I’m gonna do stuff like I said earlier I don’t care I will go with the flow but Usually yeah. Alright. Come on. Okay. I need to know Question. I need to know what we need. Why absolutely yes, that’s nine eight details. I don’t know I just get invited without half the answers. I just feel like you’re like I need to know bTW. Absolutely That’s our just say yeah, just a detail. Oh, yeah, sir. You can’t go anywhere with anybody and be doing anything yeah just can’t and I feel like so many people just live like so really million like Loose its times to be loose wily pretty young like it’s time to know what the hell going on Yeah, so I quite like be mindful a memo. Ask the question now, especially your license and all Yes, so definitely the second part of the points when that’s done. Yes, sir. Absolutely What are your pet peeves when dating? So for me a pic a liar? Well, obviously a lie about dating This is the beginning stages. That’s a pity people can live in the beginning But for me a pet peeves like when it comes to dating is a man who cannot plan Looking you can’t even plan a date. How you gonna plan our life? Yeah, okay So i’ma leave it up to you what you want to do Know everything all you gotta do is ask what I’m like and leave it there can’t figure it out figure it out Yeah, I have like I don’t need to plan my own date. Yeah, you need to plan to date I just wanna get something so sexy about a man. It just takes charge actually It doesn’t test for me to see if you like pay attention yes, we’ve had conversations like in the beginning like talking into know each other and then we go on a date I would know if you’ve been Chased on the kind of day you take me? Yeah. Well, I’m like what? I don’t do a plan of someone who plans ideas she unattractive a man who can’t plan so I know I’m definitely I don’t like that and I also don’t like a man is trying to Are just be yourself. That’s true. It wasn’t much we can tell when it comes to dating I don’t really entertain any of my pet peeves because I’m type of person we just dismiss If it’s like a major pet peeve of mine cuz I thought I can’t peace can be in my heart Or they can be make them. So if it’s like most of my pet peeves are major but that’s like Deal-breakers, I don’t really that was the deal Even a deal breaker to this I know it’s a reason it says pet peeve Cuz it’s petty okay with I’m being penny like I mean bad manners like if you can’t eat at the table with me like smacking You no way that it’s not heavy. Okay. Well, I think that’s the deal-breaker. It’s the pet peeve oh, it’s also a deal-breaker like table manners best advice about dealing with people who just like introverted people Introvert I think you know like somebody’s introverted I’m so that sounds like people who are bothered by people who don’t mind not being around people Because those people thrive off of other people because clearly those are extroverts. They’re the opposite of us. So if their father but Introverted people. I think they just man cuz they can’t be happy being introverted. I was about to say Like oh that’s some extra mercy low-key envious of people who can be comfortable with themselves Cuz I feel like in order to be a true introvert you have to be comfortable with yourself in your own Company cuz to me having to be around people all the time. It’s all day They all stare so dreaming like you always got to be around people got to be around people this week I’ve been on you have to be alert I’ve have to listen to what people are saying. I don’t care and I have to use my energy to do that I don’t have more energy the more people I talk to I have less energy I’m drained, but you know like an integrative person. They’ll say that yeah They’re not bothering you but not that they’re shocked cuz most introverted people are not showing they’re around people that they know and I’m speaking For myself because I am an introvert but when they’re around people it’s hard not to like them cuz thanks and that’s the key you Know I wouldn’t that’s that’s just like you can’t go through life expecting everybody to be like like you that’s true That’s not real life. And honestly, I feel like the best friendships and relationships are people who are opposite Yes, very so you could be missing out Unlike a question like that person that this person is to ask them out like is your affirm to that person is missing out That’s so true. Because a lot of youtubers, I feel like have good conversations. Mm-hmm We have more depth like when you talk to them. We don’t do small talk. I don’t do small talk. It’s a waste They missing out top three favorite things about your grandmother. Oh It’s a random question When I start my grandmama is a dope. Yeah, she’s everything she is first of all Loomis understood it though She is if you don’t know her you would be like wouldn’t Lady mean We’d be my looks are kind of scary lucky You don’t know her that first of all, I would like the first thing I would like to say about grandma I like how honest she is very blunt. She is so blood. I think that’s what we get it from Yeti, right She owns nothing man. She’ll hold nothing back. It could be the meanest rudest thing. That’s true, but it be true He always beats remember like bang or mummy, right? Yeah, that’s true. She’s very honest. I like her honesty. I love her strength Ellis gonna say it too I like how strong to you but not in a way where because sometimes I hate how people make when we feel like we always have to be strong with our situations when you can just movie like he’s out of it but in her in this particular You know question her strength because she hasn’t heard she did not have an easy life I’m not even really and she could write a book about her her life She’s been through a lot and she’s seen a lot. So her strength is another I was gonna say her strength to it They’ll see my faith when I was gonna say that. Oh, really? Yeah, and then the third way her humor her human, even though she would even be knowing we should be fighting. Yes She’s just you could just sleep. I’m thinking you speak. It’s so hilarious Okay, so I was I don’t think she knows she’d be she just naturally find it Oh, I think this is my favorite question out of the whole Q&A really? We’ve got a good question you we’ve had great questions. Okay. Wait, is it what is it? What artists would be in your dream concert Lana? Oh There’s people that we love to listen to at home or in the car but this our a collar or glue those together There’s not some people I probably won’t go to the concert. Yeah, we sure likes to listen to them at home. Okay? I’m so concert Lana. Okay, I would say Beyonce first, but you need her own show so I’m not going to there No, Sam, you know, I’m not yeah arranging. Yeah, they think I’m like a good three edit outlines Oh, I was gonna say I’m not so long. She is the like that so yeah, I’m sure it’s real, okay Oh, this is hard. So I like variety So right now right now I’m gonna give you like the old-school like the nineties Lana Okay, then I will let the city me like a right now. I okay married a black, okay TLC oh the new Concert the lovers and friends Well might be going. Yeah No, looks like you may be people only a little bit friends. Oh my go. Yes, the FBM. Uh, sure Oh, uh, oh we might be going le they might be going to LA. It’s midnight. Uh, you know, I’m just gonna combine I’m gonna combine all in one show my Lana Okay, okay her Rihanna Kendrick Lamar you trying to have us go all night J Cole? Lil Wayne not sure in what show they said it a lot of Okay, it’s my concert. Alright, whatever I want, but I feel like all those people have so many songs So they’re gonna think they their songs being and perform them you right that’s it okay. Yeah, okay That was those afraid. Okay. Okay, so I have two different Babs. Okay So these are about two different cars on the Lord. I think I already know what she don’t say. Okay this concert her pink Kailani. Oh, I love Kalani Elena Perez and Georgia Smith, oh One one one cello with us. I loved or just man. I know one shot of the concert J Cole Kenneth Lamar Lou Ann Period that’s a great calm down three love that So there’s two different shows but they both would be solely want to go right? I’m excited just Okay guys, so that wraps up this very long Q&A Hopefully you’re still here comment below if you made it to the end of this video. Ok, we have to do a emoji test Ok, what’s that launching? Why? Why comment wine with a wineglass emoji if you made it to the end of this video or just the wineglass emotion? Yeah, he’ll wineglass emoji, huh? We’ll just keep it simple when eyeglass emoji Yes, if you made it to the end of this video, so we learned you guys. Thanks so much for watching We hope you enjoyed this long Q&A and you got to know a little bit more about us Especially if you’re new to our channel and yeah, we’ll see you guys in the next one

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