Learning with iTunes U on the iPad

September 13, 2019

Learning and Education with iTunes U on the
iPad TRANSCRIPT In this lesson we’re going to look at iTunes
U, an app which lets you discover any sort of course: educational course by a university,
a college or a K12 school where you can subscribe to that course or just watch lectures from
that course. iTunes U may come with your iPad but if it doesn’t, go into the App Store and
search for iTunes U. And there’s what it looks like, an orange app. Download that and install
it, it’s free. Now let’s open the app. I’ve already got some courses on my iTunes U app.
I’ve searched the library of courses and I’ve subscribed to some courses and I can organize
them along the bottom. I can organize them, at the moment they’re organized by category.
 I’ve got Computer Science, Engineering, Modern History, Teaching and Learning, or
you can organize by provider. The different universities or schools. By title – alphabetical
order and bookshelf and I’m not quite sure what that one does. This one:  iPad Training
sessions and they’re going to be a little bit different in how they are set out or structured
because some are courses and some are just collections of information. Some of them are
actual courses that a teacher might use in their school. In this case, it’s got information
on the course and you’ve got on the left, you can change to see who the instructor is,
what the outline of the course is, an overview of the course and then you’ve got ‘Posts’.
They are the things that you normally have to do. So in this example, on the 9th of September,
the students would’ve been going through the app called Notability and working their way
through those four tutorials which you can also do. You can tap on one of them and then
download. So if I tap that cloud, it will download that lecture. There’s a ‘Notes’ section,
where you can actually add your own notes as you go. Course notes. Tap the ‘Compose’
button and you can actually add your own notes as you progress through the course. Go back
to ‘All Notes’ and then there are materials. These are the different apps that this course
is actually focusing on and they will be direct links to the App Store for some of them. If
I wanted to get Sound Cloud for example. There is a link there. Tap that and it’s going to
send me straight into the Apps Store where I can download that app. Now that’s in this
course. They’re all going to be different. Let’s look at a different one. Look at Talking
Technology which is from a university and that one looks a whole lot different. It doesn’t
have all those tabs of notes and posts and things. It just has lectures that you can
listen to, sort of like a podcast put out from this particular university on talking
technology and if I wanted to listen to one or watch one, I just tap a cloud and it will
download. The ‘I’ indicates the information so that’s going to give you an overview of
what that’s about If you want to download it and listen to it. This is an audio file
so some will be audio, some will be video. Go back to Library. Programming Methodology
in this particular course is a real course that is done at that university and you can
follow the exact same course. Again you can see its information posts, notes, materials.
It will give you the website to the actual course website, so this one has much more
depth. I’m going to a post and into this one here, and these are all the lectures that
you have to watch: lecture 2, lecture 3 and problem solving. There’s some of them are
notes. Some of them are videos, some are web links so this one here looks like Safari,
it’s a web link.  This one is a PDF, this one is a video. If you want to edit or delete
a course, you simply tap the ‘Edit’ button and I could tap that, tap the course I want
to delete and tap the ‘Delete’ button or a simpler way is to just swipe to the right
and now I can delete that course from my library. So how do you find courses? You can see here
the ‘Catalogue’ button. If I tap the Catalogue, which will take me into the iTunes U Store
and very similar to the other stores that are on the iPad. You have a Featured page
and you’ve got a Top Charts page. Everything in iTunes U is free. You don’t have to pay
for any courses. Now if you want to filter it a bit and if I just want schools, K-12,
and that’s going to actually going to list all the schools. If I was looking for a particular
school…  here’s one near me. That school. I can see what they’ve put on for their students
and in this particular school, they would use an iPad for their classes and they actually
use the iTunes U as their text. If I don’t want that I can go back to ‘Featured’, Universities
and Colleges. Now it’s going to list the particular university and college, so if you’re looking
for something in particular, so if I was looking for Yale University, I’m going to tap on the
right there from the V-Z, which gets me closer to the bottom there and if I tap on the Yale
University that will give me all the courses that Yale offers in iTunes U. Within that,
I’ve got some more filtering. I can look for one of the categories offered by them. I want
some notable courses and see all of them. If you know the course you want to do or you
know there’s something from a particular university, then you can pick it that way. I wanted to
look at game theory and then I have some information about that course. It’s a whole course by
the look of it but a lot of lessons: 123 lessons. It’s an actual course on Game Theory. There’s
the details. It tells you what each one is about. If I tap one, it’s going to download
it or send me to the actual worksheet or open the actual PDF in this case. There’s a PDF
file which I can then go and open in iBooks or another app to read it. It’s dropped me
in Safari. Now I have to get out of Safari and back into iTunes U. So on the right you
can see what it is. It’s a video, it’s a document, it’s audio, or it’s a web link. You have
reviews. Somebody might have written a review. If not, you can write one yourself or rate
it and then you’ve got related courses. More from Yale or more in that genre. Economics
… and if you really wanted to do it, you would then subscribe and get the course and
that course is then added to your bookshelf. Here it is, Game Theory. I want to tap that
and it gives me the overview, the instructor, the outline, the syllabus, and all the different
lectures under Posts. Any notes I want to take, and any of the materials that it comes
with. So this is a real course from Yale University. If you went on to the website and looked up
that course, you’d be able to find the actual website for it. Game Theory in Yale University.
Back to the Catalogue and just note that the navigation is always up in the top left. I’m
going back. I don’t want to go to My Library, I just want to go back to the main page of
‘Featured’. Featured is a general browsing of courses. If you want something more specific,
you can search. If I tap up here and I’m searching for something about marketing and this is
the results of that search. I can see everything about marketing that iTunes U has because
it all is selected. I can look at the collections, the actual courses, so if I wanted to do a
course, I’m going to tap that button and then I can pick a particular course that I wanted
to do. So let’s pick a course. Digital Marketing. Not much in that one, so tap outside that
box, pick a different one. Small Business Entrepreneurship and there’s a few more there
and if I wanted to do that one, I would subscribe and get the course… which adds it. Now I’m
going to organize it by category, so that’s in business courses. You go back to the Catalogue
and the other way to find a course is to look at Top Charts, where you have the top courses,
top collections. Now ‘Collections’ is just a collection of lectures that don’t really
relate to any particular course. The course is actually a course that students would do
at the institution. If none of those are useful, it goes down to ‘See all’. That’s going to
give you the top 150 courses or Collections in this case. Go back to Top Charts. So I’m
looking for Categories. I want to see the top 150 courses in a category. If I look for
‘Philosophy’, I want to see the top 150 courses in Philosophy. Here they all are and now I’ve
got a much more focused way of searching for that genre. If you want to see them in a different
way, you’ve got to scroll down to the very bottom and tap ‘See all’ and then you can
see all the courses and you can just tap the ones that are interesting. Ethics … and
then you get your details, your reviews and related. If you want to subscribe, you tap
‘Subscribe’. Tap away. So this was a look at iTunes U. Everything on here is free and
if you want to improve your education and learning on any type of topic, then this is
the app you need to look at.

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