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Latest Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 أحدث فوتوشوب

October 30, 2019

hello everybody this is summer at one from Tommy learnt authority today we are going to show you the latest version of adobe photoshop CC 2070 we are going to talk about the four things which is the most improvement in adobe let’s start by new the one you have seen before in 2015 and cs6 normal opening today we have good menu which is total we can get a ready template default photo shop signs landscape landscape different sizes and also you can see some illustrator ready template also even for web mobile film and video the second thing we’re going to talk about the panorama we usually use to do panorama in Adobe Lightroom but this time we have one two three four five six seven eight pictures for the mountain and after that if we need to combine all we just need to go for the search you can see here at this time search and you just type am Rama PA in all and then you find this one here you just need to browse your photos or you just can use the same photos which is you open it ready and you make mark with control like this like that after that you choose also all different menus but the results really is amazing here we go third thing we’re going to talk about the most beautiful filter it’s going for both sides if we see this guy I showed him already left here and that’s here we can go for liquid when you open the liquid you can see here the new option it’s also deduction for the face you see the ice right there no legs even the shape of that portrays hear the new options regarding eyes which is he can control how the ice is being small to put it a bigger or smaller this is up to you look here at the left side of this eyes we’re going to control he is to make smaller or swing creates more the same a try sign you can do the same if you go for the nose even also you can do it down we can put it up it’s up to you even also for the mouth you can do is mine and for the upper lip and lower lip also can control it which is here make a smaller bigger you can see here we can control everything after we so cute shop so this is really amazing an improvement in adobe photoshop 2070 if you’re going to save this photo we can see here the difference between this one commands that you can see the difference ok last hang with us we’re going to talk about combining photos here we go we have this one i showed in Africa us here and there is also one guy he was doing some fishing there and this pictures mostly the same background but we need to combine both together how we do let’s see first of all we need to hold this by the right and we go sorry you have to make the select ok again hold this and then go up for the second picture don’t leave the mouth just drop it down here now we can leave the box ok here we go this guy is mostly like poor face and we can reduce the size by commenting less than that just to reach the edge of the best ways better okay enter then after that we go for select and select unmask usually it is both pictures we have to select this one here and then to start here to mark slowly it’s going on then after that we can make the sauce theorem you see there are some yes you can just remove it and now if the correct one you press ok and then you can see the difference between the portal this is normal one and this is the second one if we do here you can see a difference thank you for watching us please follow us

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