Lasso Tool In Photoshop – Selecting Curved and Straight Edges

December 8, 2019

This video is a quick Lasso Tool in
Photoshop tip. I’m going to show you what to do with the lasso tool when you’re
selecting something that has curved edges and straight edges, so don’t go
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that page a Like. The address is Let’s get into the content. So here we are in Photoshop and I have this
image of a D5200 open. Now this image is actually already a PNG, it’s already
been etched out from the background, you can see by the checkerboard there. But
I’ve placed a solid white color layer behind it so that we can see what we’re
doing a bit better. So you can see this camera has some curved edges and it also
has some straight edges. So what you would normally have to do with this is
switch between your lasso tool and your polygonal lasso tool. So
you’d do the curved edges with your lasso, and the straight edges with your
polygonal lasso. But I’m going to show you a way that you can use both without
having to come back up here and swap and change. Now before you start selecting
anything with any selection tool, I suggest that you zoom in. Now I do this
using the scroll wheel on my mouse. You can also click and hold……press and hold ctrl or command and use the plus or minus keys on your numeric
keyboard. Or you can also come over here to the Zoom Tool if you like and you do
it that way. Many, many options. Now when you are zoomed in and you want to move
around your image and look around, press and hold the space bar, click and drag
your mouse and you can move around your image. Now, so come up here and select the
lasso tool. Now to do this technique, what we’re going to do is hold shift before
we start selecting. So keep shift held down. Left click and drag on your mouse.
Select your curved edge…when you get to your straight edge….keep your mouse
button held down and shift hold down and also press and hold alt or option. Now
lift your mouse button. You can see the icon turns to the polygonal lasso tool.
So now you can just drag your mouse – don’t click it, just drag across to where
you need your straight edge done, click and drag to change back to the lasso
tool. If you want to use the polygonal again, lift your mouse button. If you
want to use the polygonal and keep using it, just click once…click once…
click once. Then back to the lasso tool, click and
drag. Much easier than going back up here and changing between the two tools. So
there you go, there’s a quick tip for using the lasso tool and the polygonal
lasso tool for selecting things that have curved and straight edges. I hope
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