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Landscape photography tips: how to prepare to photograph the sunrise

September 3, 2019

– Hi folks. I’m down on Lunan Bay beach, it’s been an absolute gorgeous morning. But I feel as though today
is a bit of a lesson for me, and for all of you on what NOT to do when
you’re shooting landscapes. Mornin’ guys. It’s soooo early. It’s like about ten to six this morning, and I’ve just arrived at Lunan Bay. I’m trying to navigate some steps here which is why I’m looking a bit silly. Let me just go around this way. I thought I would jump on this morning and let you follow my journey as I go to shoot the sunrise. (upbeat music) Oh sorry guys. Helloooo! I’m forgetting that you’re there. (music fades) So I don’t really have
too many rules as such when it comes to photography. I believe that rules are there. You can learn them, but then you can absolutely
go out and break them. One of the things that I try and abide by is to always be prepared so any type of shoot that I’m doing, I prepare, prepare, prepare. I haven’t been out to
shoot a sunrise in a while, and I decided this morning, that I was just going to get up and do it. First of all, I checked on the Met Office,
had a wee look there, and conditions looked favourable. There was going to be a
little bit of cloud coverage, but I like that for a wee sunrise. You want there to be just a
little bit of cloud there. So I knew that there was going
to be a little bit of cloud, it wasn’t going to be too cold, so I wasn’t going to be standing out here totally freezing my arse off. So the alarm went off at
quarter to five this morning, and I knew the sunrise was going to be just about quarter past six. And I would generally say, if you’re going to shoot a sunrise, then it really makes
sense to be on location and ready to shoot at least half an hour, probably even an hour before
the sun actually comes up. Yes, you get beautiful sunrises as the sun actually comes up but just at the point where the sun’s about to come
up over the horizon the pinks in the skies
can be so beautiful. But I kind of made a few
mistakes this morning, so I thought if would
just film this wee video to share with you my
ideas on what not to do. So I really should’ve
been prepared last night, but I wasn’t. So I got up this morning, my bag wasn’t ready. I went into the car, I was just about to head off, and I realised I had
JP’s house and car keys. It always takes me about an hour till I’m fully awake in the morning. So I’m driving along, thinking right I’ve been to Lunan Bay hundreds, like literally hundreds
of times over my lifetime, and in that moment, could I even remember how to drive there? No. What else went wrong? I knew I was going to be filming
on the beach this morning, and so I brought my Canon 60D which I’m filming on right now. Went to put the mic on, and no, I’d left it on from the last time so bad quality sound this morning. If you go to bed on an evening and think that you’re going
to be getting up early for the sunrise, don’t leave it to chance in the morning. Get prepared the night before. So look out all the clothes
that you’re going to be wearing. You don’t want to be fumbling
about in the morning, trying to find your shoes, or your boots, or your hat, or your gloves. Make sure that all your
batteries are charged up, so if you’re using remote batteries, make sure that you’ve got
plenty of charge in them. If you’re going to be
filming on the beach, make sure (laughs) make sure that your
video mic has a battery. Clean your lenses the night before. If there’s any filters that
you’re thinking about using, make sure that they’re all clean as well. And don’t take your Fiance’s
car keys away with you, cause that’s just going
to delay even more time. I know it’s a little bit dulL just now, but believe me, half an hour ago, it was absolutely amazing. There’s no feeling like it. When I was shooting sunrise, there was nobody on this beach. It’s just absolutely beautiful. And to see those gorgeous
pink orange skies, just before the sun comes up, it’s just absolutely amazing. (upbeat music) Guys that’s me finished for the morning, I’ve been doing a bit of
filming for my other video, had to take a selfie
with your DSLR camera. My hands are a little bit chilly now, I forgot my gloves. I think everything that
could’ve gone wrong this morning did go wrong. So the next time I go out for a sunrise, what am I going to do? I’m going to be prepared. I hoped you’ve enjoyed this little, behind-the-scenes video. Pop into the comments and let me know if this is something
you’d like to see more of in the future. Give the video a like if you liked it, and remember to subscribe
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