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Landscape Photography | How did I take Photo, and edit in Lightroom | Lightroom tips

September 8, 2019

last week last week I posted this photo
on different social media and I received a lot of questions about how I took the
photo how I edited this photo so I thought let’s make a video about it so if
you are interested in landscape photography long exposure photography or
photography in general and you want to know more about this sit back relax and
for the next few minutes just enjoy this video welcome to my channel here I post
my travel short films but I also make videos just like this one where I share
some quick and easy photography and filmmaking tips that everybody can follow so if you are here for the first time it might be a good idea to subscribe some
of you might know the besides making videos I am mainly a fine art landscape
photographer which basically means that my landscape photographs are more an
interpretation of a place than a description as I try to capture the mood
or the state of mind that I am in in that specific moment I mentioned before that I’ve recently
been to New Zealand and if you are a photographer and you are in New Zealand
you want and you have to go to see the Wanaka tree this tree is so famous
that it has its own hashtag #wanakatree but when a place has been photographed so
many times it gets really hard to be original and find a unique composition
but nevertheless since I was in Wanaka for one night
I had to have a photography session with the tree I usually like to get on location
early as I need to scout around the spot search for the right composition and be
ready when the light is right so I set up my alarm I got up and I went as I got
to the lake even it was 40 minutes before sunrise I realized that I had
completely underestimated how popular this tree is trust me I did expect to
find other photographers but not so many and not so early it was panic as I
didn’t really have a lot of options of where to place my tripod so I
immediately decided to secure a spot and try to do the best with it I also placed my
second camera and set up this time-lapse the spot is okay but I don’t know I
don’t feel the composition is right I still take a bunch of images including
this one for my lady in red series but I feel I need to do something different so
I take the risk of leaving in this spot so I walk fast I keep my eyes on the
tree and I quickly realized that the only way to find a composition that I
like and be able not to have any other photographer in front of me and in inside
my shot or to be in someone else shot was to move far away from the tree and
to use a zoom lens which I rarely do most of my images in fact are taken with
a 20 millimeter lens so I set up my tripod in the water no photographers
behind me and I really like what I see there is a beautiful light zero wind and
the Sun is literally painting the tree leaves in a delicate yellow it’s beautiful
I’m really happy now and I also at peace I know there is possibly another 50 60
tripod somewhere but I ignore them I can only see and focus in on my composition because I shoot in raw every single
image needs to be developed in Lightroom so let’s have a look at how I edit this
photo alright as you can see this is my image straight out of the camera it
is a 658 seconds exposure I got very lucky that my leaves are not moving you
can see some blur just at the bottom here because I think the water is moving
this branch and so here we have some some little movements but the rest is
very very still because there is no wind whatsoever so I got really lucky said so
lthe image is super flat because it’s shot in raw and so I will show you right now
my workflow to fix and adjust this image to my liking the very first thing I want
to do to this image is that this little buoy represents a distraction for me so
with the spot removal I can quickly get rid of it and this is done Z to go back
to the full image I will open the basic panel and and the very first thing that
I want to do is to adjust the profile with the latest software update
Lightroom gives us the possibility to see the image just hovering over
different color profile and I find that Adobe color is the profile that I
prefer to use so as I mentioned this image is shot with a neutral density
filter which often will give a blue color cast to the images so a main thing
to do in any longest poser is to fix the white balance and I we can do that using
this tool and searching for a neutral grey that will warm up the image and get
rid of the blue cast I think we went a little too far the
temperature is seven thousand nine hundred and I want to bring it down a
little bit I can also fix the tint a tiny bit and the next thing I want to do
is bring down the highlights a little bit increase the shadows at the same
time maybe that was a little too much in order to move the histogram a little
more to the right I will bring up the whites and in order to move it to the
left as well I will bring down the blacks and now I think I can work on the
exposure I want a little more exposure and a little less contrast I will also
decrease the clarity I am searching for a very ethereal look but at the same time
I will bring up the Dehaze this looks good to me I want a little bit of
vibrance and a little bit of saturation maybe a little less I think the image is
already looking much better we can see already with just a few adjustments on
the on the basic panel the before-and-after is encouraging you can
also see that my histogram looks better it is a little wider and but I will
close the basic panel for now and I want to use a medium contrast for my tone
curve and I will then move to the detail basically here I will work on the
sharpening I will not increase the sharpening and actually I will decrease
the radius of my sharpening usually 0.7 or 0.8 is what I like to use another
thing I will do is that I will make sure that the sharpening will not affect the
water and the sky to do that I will apply a little
mask and by holding option and clicking into the mask I can see where the
mask will be applied basically everything that is white will be
sharpened and everything that is black will not be touched the image looks
already much better but I want to do something else I want to apply specific
adjustments just to the bottom part of the image to do so I will use this
gradient filter and I will apply this to the bottom of my image so so what I want
to do is that I want to have a little more light in the bottom of my image to
add this ethereal look so I will increase the exposure a little bit I
will increase my shadows as well not by much and then I want to decrease the
clarity to give this really very ethereal look I can see the difference
with these adjustment is very subtle but is there another local adjustment that I
want to make is related to the tree I will use this round mask in order to
cover the tree and its reflection so now that I have the right mask you will see
that if I make any adjustment it will be applied to the outside of the mask but
this is not what I want so I will need to invert the mask because I want to
apply the adjustments inside and what I will do is that I will
decrease the highlights I will increase the whites and the clarity I will add a
little bit of Dehaze and also a little bit of saturation and sharpening and I
will move to the very last adjustment which is in the effect panel where I
will add a little bit of vignette in changing the midpoint the roundness and
also the feather so this is my final image as you can see didn’t take very
long but the difference is remarkable what do you think and this is all for
today I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did and you want to make sure
that I know you can leave me a like or a comment also maybe this is the right
time to subscribe thanks for watching see you in the next one


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