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Kabeela {HD} – Firoz Khan – Rekha – Bindu – Imtiaz Khan – Bollywood Hindi Movie (With Eng Subtitles)

August 18, 2019

‘Kabeela’ the meaning of which
is one tribe, one family. In the origin of human race
humans came together.. the form of one complete tribe. In those times you could
never hunt for food.. ..obtain fruits and flowers and
you could never get grains.. one place together. That is why man was
compelled to live.. ..a life of a nomad. But with the passing
time man too changed. He created a village for himself. He raised a city for himself. He raised a country. And he created one form of society.. ..and uniform law for everyone. So that man learns to give
importance not only.. his own benefits but also
the benefits of the society. But even today we have
such people who live.. ..a life of a nomad and so
they are known as Gypsies. These are those people who
have refused to live.. ..the life of the present world. And they stuck to their old
traditions and customs. They had only one aim
in life and that was.. survive at any cost. Hey you coward, where are you going? Sir, please have mercy!
He is my only son. Please spare his life. If you wish to see him
alive then tell me.. ..where is the dowry? Dowry?
– Tell me! In this car! Move aside! Hands up! Constable, take away their weapons! Get the jeep! I don’t understand one thing! Who has informed the
police about us? The informer is definitely
some one from our gang. But who is that one? Why are you worried? Whoever he is Mangal will
definitely find out. And whoever he is it is very
necessary to find him.. ..otherwise the police will
never let us live in peace. Have you understood? Those scoundrels again escaped. But sir, Santan had given
us proper information. I am not talking about Santan. Santan is our very
faithful informer. I am sure that next time he will
give us such information.. ..that we will definitely
arrest those dacoits. All you tribal folks, today
one of our companions.. ..have cheated us. He has deceived us! He has informed the police about us. Due to which all our lives
would have been in danger. I am asking all of you. Is there any other crime worse
than this against our tribe? No!
– No! – No! – No! Santa, do you wish to say
anything in your favor? I just would like to say
this that those people.. ..who commit crimes
they have no right.. address someone
else as a criminal. Have you not betrayed the tribe? Speak up, why are you quiet? Sardar, his silence speaks
about his guilt. And according to the law of the
tribe the punishment is death. I am ashamed that the criminal
is my own father. But my relation with the tribe
is far more great and close. So I demand death punishment
from the tribe.. my deceitful father. Santan, your crime is proved. According to the law of the tribe.. I do not abide by the
rules of this tribe. Who punish the criminal
but does not give him.. opportunity to prove
himself innocent. If you wish to prove
yourself innocent.. ..then according to the age
old custom of the tribe.. will have to combat
with your own blood. I will fight! Start the combat! I don’t understand anything! Why did Durjan think of doing this? You are aware that Durjan
has only one aim in mind. And that is to be the
Commander of the tribe. But why did he have to fight
with his own father for that? Durjan says that there
are three obstacles.. ..which do not allow him to
be the head of the tribe. Sardar Babbar, Mangal
and his own father. And he was as it is going to die. But Durjan took the opportunity
to show his.. ..loyalty in front of the tribe
by killing his own father. But Sardar and Mangal? Durjan is smarter than he looks. He will definitely find
some way to finish them. Sir, our Sardar has sent
a message that tomorrow.. ..we will be proceeding
to another village. Shaitan Singh!
– Yes, sir! First Sardar would always
send Santan here. -Yes sir! He is not to be
seen from a few days. Where is he? Sir that.. Santan.. a few days
back one night he had fever.. ..and by next morning he was dead. Sir, we have also performed
his last rites. Okay, you can go!
– Greetings sir! Inspector Ajay!
– Yes, sir! There is something fishy!
– Yes, sir! Santan was our informer. Definitely they must
have killed him. Sir, that is possible! You do one thing!
– Yes, tell me! You know each and ever
person from this tribe. That is why I wish that you
follow them wherever they go. And keep a close watch on all
their actions. – Yes, sir! I will inform all the
police stations. Whatever help you need that
will be provided to you. Okay sir! Will you not drink liquor today? I do not want liquor but I am
in need of Mangal’s blood. Then you will remain thirsty. Hey girl, what are you blabbering? Durjan always accomplishes
whatever he decides. I will definitely take revenge! And the revenge will
be Mangal’s death.. ..and I will be the commander
of the tribe. Catch her! Catch her!
Catch her! Catch her! Get lost! You bitter man!
– What did you steal today? Will you eat sugarcane? Hey! At least listen to me. Eat it! Thief! Thief! Catch her! Catch her!
Thief! Thief! Catch her! Catch her! Hey you, what is this
commotion about? This girl has stolen my sugarcane. Okay! What proof do you have
that she has stolen your sugarcane? Yes, you will definitely side her. You too are her brother. Hey you, he may be your mother’s
or father’s brother. But he is my.. Hey you! What are you looking
at? Come on go your way. First pay me for my sugarcane. How much money do you want? Where is the question of money?
These are only four sugarcanes. Where is the question of money? If you wish you can come
and take some more. I will ay that the entire
field is yours. Then go from here! Come on friends. They are scared of this bitter man. Oh! Hey you bitter man, why are
you showing me this knife? Hey! Hey! Bijlee, how many times
have I told you that.. ..think ten times before
you do such deeds. He is not a thief who is
caught while stealing. But my dear, I stole the
sugarcane for you. I thought that you always
speak bitter so may be after eating.. ..this sugarcane you
may start talking sweetly. Eat the sugarcane!
– Oh! You will never change! Go
and do your work! Go! God knows when this bitter
man will understand me. See this comb that was
used by the queen.. ..and she had won the king’s heart. Now the era of the kings is no
more so all these articles.. ..are sold at a very cheap price. 50 paise! 50 paise!
50 paise! 50 paise! Sir, take this comb for your wife.
– I would have taken it if I had a wife. You will get a wife too. Take this! Farhad had combed his
hair with this comb. And Shirin had fainted
after seeing him. Take it.. take it..
it is very cheap. Whether it is cheap or expensive..
..what is the use of this comb to me? Oh my! You are totally bald! But do not worry; I have
a remedy for that too. Look at this oil! This
oil was prepared by.. ..the doctor Jalimuch for
his bald father Kalimuch.. ..with the help of many herbs. You apply this every
night on your head. And if within three months you
do not get a thick black hair.. ..then you can throw it away. Throw it away?
– Oh my God not this. You can pour this oil on my head. Bhagyawan, take both these
things in just two rupees. Bhagyawan, give me quickly. Take it, take it, this
is a very magical herb. What is so magical about this? Madam, if you eat this herb
everyday before your food.. ..then in three months you will
lose your weight so much.. ..that your husband too will
not be able to recognize you. What are you blabbering?
I am not even engaged still! Then you must definitely
eat this herb. So that you will lose your
weight and you will look.. ..far more beautiful!
– You will look beautiful! Leave alone engagement you will
definitely get married. Okay, then give it to me! Lala, what is the matter? Nothing my dear. Then why are you looking
at me like this? God’s creation! Have you never seen it before? No! I am seeing it
for the first time. These silky tresses,
cheeks like flowers. Your swaying gait! Lala!
– Yes! How many children do you have? Which children? Whose children? I am myself still a kid! Father!
– Who is that? Chhoti! Chhoti? Father!
– The elder one and the younger one! Lala, who are they? They are my brother’s children. They love me very much! That is why instead of uncle
they call you father. Father, give me money! Money.. money.. money.. your
father has earned it for you. Take this! Come on run away from
here! Get lost! Yes, my dear!
– Lala tell me! Lala, give me lentil! Not now come later. Yes my dear, I was saying that
I swear I have never seen.. ..anyone as beautiful as you. Lala, you too are no less!
– Really? Come closer! You’re gray hair, Your color,
and your handsome features. A little dark and a little fair. I feel like meeting you in solitude. Really? When? Where and at
what time? Tell me quickly! On new moon night!
– Which night? New moon night! Softly!
What happened? – Nothing! On new moon night outside
the village at sharp 12. I will wait for you in the jungle.
You will come, won’t you? I will come! I will definitely come! Father!- He has come! Hey you
scoundrel why have you come here? Mother sent me here. Mother sent you here? Doesn’t your
mother have any other better work? Take this. Come on run away from
here! He is Chhotu! Was he too your brother’s son? No! No! He was my sister’s son!
– Okay! Okay! Father!
– Lala, see this one more has come. Even he had to come just now? What?
– Nothing! -Father! Are you ashamed
to call me your uncle? Lala, is this your sister’s son? Yes! Yes! He is my youngest
sister’s son. Go! Take! Run off! Mother! Mother! Are
you father’s sister? What are you blabbering?
– Father is saying this. I will ask him just now. Listen to me! I am asking you! Do I look like your sister? Did I say like this? My dear,
you are my mother. Don’t you feel ashamed
to talk like this.. front of another
woman? Who is she? How do I know? My name is Bijlee! The one who shines at sharp
12 at night. Lala, what do you say? Yes, you can shine, what have
I got to do with that? Mangal, careful! Come on, my dear! Hey you man, who is this damsel? She is not a damsel she is
Murari’s daughter Shobha! Shobha! Shobha? You bitter man, the moment
you saw this dusky girl.. lost your senses? Lala, you are so kind. You care
for poor people like us. Yes, that is the truth! As it is who else do I have? Whatever I have is all yours. You are the one who thinks
I am a stranger. Where is Shobha? She has gone to the market. Murari, now you stop her
from going to the market. The world is a very bad and
the girl has grown up. I would suggest that you
chose a good boy.. ..and get Shobha married
at the earliest. I am worried about
this day and night. But I should get a good boy. Yes! That is the main thing! Nowadays-good boys are
not to be found at all. That is why I say look
here and look there. You will definitely find someone. I would suggest that so what if
the person is a little older. He should be very wealthy. I am worried more about
Shobha than you. I wish that tomorrow itself
she becomes a bride.. ..and you are free from
your responsibilities. So Shobha, how are you?
– I am fine! Hey! Dear Shobha! What is this? Uncle! Uncle! Thank God that
sister’s life was saved. Why my dear, what happened? I will tell you! Uncle, we both
were passing from the square. Suddenly a ferocious bull
came charging! Like this! Okay! Okay! Then what
happened later? Then? She was very scared. But very good! Our hero
went ahead and.. ..pushed him so hard, so hard
that, that girl fell here.. ..and that bull fell
on the other side. Call him names still more.
Very good my boy. Tell me more! But this bitter man started
pushing the bull so hard.. ..that even the bull was exhausted. And that bull.. ran away. My brave lad! Great my son; great! Today you have made the
entire tribe very proud. Mother, after all I am your son. Hey you mother’s son! A son is always a father’s
son! A father’s son! Babbar!
– Champakali! Babbar, do you remember
in your youth.. too had killed one tiger! And seeing that I fell
in love with you. If you would not have fallen
in love with me.. ..then how would we have
such a brave son? Mother, how could I not be so brave? After all this old man is my father. What do you say old man?
– Yes! What? Your father may be old! By fighting with a mere bull
you think you are young? If you want to show your manliness.. ..then achieve something that
a real man can achieve. Sardar is right! What is so difficult in taming
an animal isn’t it? Oh my.. this is not Durjan
but his jealousy.. ..that is speaking out. Bijlee, why are you after Durjan? Today is the day to test the power.
– So it be! Yes, be it so! Santo, bring liquor. Today we will see how
courageous my son is. Hey you bitter man, be
careful when you drink. Otherwise you will lose in
front of this old man! Yes! Just forget about it! You just
eat sugarcane! Sugarcane. I am sweet just because
I keep eating sugarcane. Quiet! What are you looking at? This is liquor! Liquor! Not
a bull that you can control. Quiet! If you are a real
man then face me. The one who gets intoxicated
first will be the loser. You old man you don’t challenge me. Hey you young man, if
you have the guts.. ..then stand on this
and start drinking. Hey Champakali, your son fell
down before drinking. You are trying to compete
with me? Get up! Get up! Get up! Babbar Sher, be careful! Your
bones have become weak. They may break!
– Get lost! Babbar, your son is right! Get me the barrel! What are looking at? Get up! Sardar! Sardar! Quiet! Quiet! Quiet! Santo, give him! Babbar, are you hurt? Boss!
– Keep quiet! Boss, what are you searching for? Where is my knife? Boss, I will get it
for you immediately. Take this!
– Very good my boy! Durjan, what are you doing? Savli, you will never understand. I have only two hurdles in my path. One will fall today automatically. And then it will
not be difficult for me.. remove the second
obstacle from my path. I will not allow you to go!
– Move away! Savli! Hey Savli!
– What is it? Still there is time
you can marry me. Keep quiet! Hey you are intoxicated! You are intoxicated! You are intoxicated otherwise how
did the glass fall from your hands? You did not throw it properly
to me that means.. are intoxicated. Which fool says that?
– I am saying it! That means you are a fool? Yes, I am! I am! You are an idiot!
– Yes, I am! He is intoxicated! Santo! Santo! After all I am the Sardar! Let us decide!
– How is that? Let us see who is the winner. The one who stumbles is not a man. Come on!
– No! What nonsense is this?
You both are drunk. What if something disastrous
happens then? Okay! Okay! This does
not concern the women. This is a man’s game! A man’s
game! Yes, a man’s game! The old man is right! Mangal! Mother, you need not worry! Both
of them are ace shooters. And after all this is a game.
-Move away! God forbid what if my husband
is killed in this? Or what if I lose my
son in this game? I will not allow you to
play this game! Yes! We will play!
– We will play! You will not play! Santo!
– Yes, Sardar! Tie her with a rope! Move away! It is my order
to tie her with a rope. Take her away!
– No! Take her away! – No! I beg of you! I plead to you please
do not play this game. No! “Throw that glass from your hand.” “My dear you will get
intoxicated more.” “You will get intoxicated more.” “The son is more stronger
than the father.” “This is a fact!” “What did you say?” “You say that I am intoxicated?” “You say that I am intoxicated?” “And I say that you
are intoxicated!” “You are intoxicated.” “Let us now decide as to
who is more intoxicated.” “Let us now decide as to
who is more intoxicated.” “You say that I am intoxicated?” “Definitely!” “And I say that you.. that you..” “Let us now decide as to
who is more intoxicated.” “Let us now decide as to
who is more intoxicated.” “You say that I am intoxicated?” “You.. this much..” “I have drunk so much that
you have never even seen.” “Yes.. yes, I have drunk!” “The world! Drinks!” “The world drinks and fights
but I fell in love.” “Yes, yes, I fell in love.” “You fall in love!
Come here, come!” “Take this knife in your hand
and show your courage.” “I am coming and I will
show you how a wound is.” “Hey be careful!” “Hey beware!” “Hey come!” “Come and walk on this and show me.” “Then I will accept
that you are great.” “Yes, I will accept
that you arte great!” “On the ground!” “It is something else
to walk on the ground.” “I will accept defeat if
you walk on this rope.” “Yes, then I will accept
your greatness.” “Leave aside fear and walking.” “Today I will dance on this.” “Yes, yes, I will dance on this!” “Father if you even
shake a little then.. ..I will make you dance to my tune.” “Yes, I will make you dance.” Today if even one of you would
have fallen in the fire.. ..then either I would
have lost my son.. ..or I would have become a widow. All of you hear properly! After today if anyone even
thinks of drinking liquor.. ..then I will not spare
that man. Understood? “I say that I am intoxicated!” “I say that I have.. that I have..” “Today it is decided that
all are intoxicated.” “All are intoxicated, all are!” “All are intoxicated, all are!” “All are intoxicated, all are!” Oh You! Good that you met me;
I was thinking about you. It is a strange coincidence that
even I was thinking about you. Yesterday in my fear I
forgot to thank you. Why do you have to thank me? Leave along a bull I can even
fight with a tiger for you. You a brave as well as gentleman. You studied me so quickly? Yesterday the favor
that you did for me.. Leave this favor aside. First tell me whether you were hurt? No! What about you? Yes, I have hurt myself!
– Where? What will you do by
knowing about it? I will take you to the doctor.
He will treat you for that. A doctor cannot treat all wounds.
– Why? This wound is of a different type. I have not understood! Try to understand you will
definitely understand it. Shaitan Singh, did you see? How the boss showed his expertise. He portrayed his feelings
with out hurting her. Hey you fool, go and do your work. I am going! Shaitan Singh!
– Yes! Mangal is really great! Come, we will go in to the village.. ..maybe we too can capture
some female. Hey you fool; Mangal has
not enticed any girl. But he has invited death.
– What? – Yes! So we will have to immediately
go and give this news.. our boss. What will happen because of that? You just watch! How our
boss destroys Mangal.. ..through this girl. Where has she disappeared? Oh my! Where have I landed
myself into trouble? Bijlee! Hey Bijlee! Lala, I am here! Where are you my dear?
– Here! Where here? In front of you under the tree. Come!
– I have come! I have come! I have come!
I have come! Lala!
– Oh! – Here! Bijlee!
– Yes! My sweetheart! My love! You
have troubled me enough! Go away you liar! What? What? What? You are unnecessarily blaming me. Who? I?
– Yes! You have stolen my heart!
You have mesmerized me. You come into my dreams
and leave me sleepless. What wrong did I do to you? Why do you trouble me so much? Tell me, why do you trouble me? Tell me! Tell me! Who is making a commotion in the
jungle? Bi.. Bi.. – Bijlee! Bijlee, who has come here to
disturb us in this lonely night? Lala, the one to disturb us! You.. you do not fear, I have
a stick with me. – Yes! Who is there? Lala you! What are you doing here in this
lonely place at this hour? I.. I.. that.. that..
– Yes, Lala! Who are you? I am his..
– Yes, mine.. No! Not mine! I have come
here alone! – Lala! Hey Lala!
– Yes! Who is this damsel?
– Damsel! Which damsel? This one! God knows.. she came from where
she came and how she came. This damsel! Lala, do not worry, if you
do not know anything.. ..then your wife will definitely
know everything. No, no, brother! I beg of you!
Please do not tell her anything. So give us whatever you have
and run away from here. My brother, at this time of
the night all is in dark. Bijlee!
– Yes! Lala give it to them! I will give it! Yes, give it to us! Give us! It is my hard earned money;
where did I keep it? Yes! Brother take! Take
away everything! And this too.
– This too? Yes!
– Brother, this is fake. Lala!
– Yes! – This too! This too? Brother,
take this! Enough? This too!
– This too? Brother, take this too! Remove your ring! – Yes, brother
take away everything.. ..but do not tell my wife anything. May God bless you! Take this! Now shall I go?
– Yes! Yes, you can go! Hail Lord Ram! Lala, where are you going
leaving me alone here? I am already destroyed today. My dear I will think
about you tomorrow. Lala!
– Yes! Thank you! The stick!
– Yes, my brother! Remove the things. Take this!
– Take this! Hey!
– Oh! You are eating alone? When did you come? I was passing through this way
I smelt the aroma of your food. If you give me permission
shall I come in? No! What if someone sees? Now my father too will come. Father? How can he come? I saw
him going towards the fields. Let me see what you have
cooked? Sit down! Great! You really cook
very tasty food! Oh my God what is
this you are doing? Why?
– What if someone sees? So what? Will you not serve
food to your guest? No!
– Why? Look here now you go I will
one day invite you and feed you, okay? My dear, one day you will cook
food in my house and feed me. Okay, now I will feed you. Lala!
– Lala is dead! Great Lala! You left
me there to die. Another woman in my place
would not even look at you. But what could I do? My heart has made me helpless. Really?
– Yes! I bestow my life on you. Please
forgive me my beloved. But this is a shop! I will find a house for you.
Where there is solitude. Then we both will stay peacefully
there, isn’t it? Lala, that is fine! Lala, at this moment I am very
much in need of fifty rupees. Fifty rupees! That.. that.. Lala, do not be afraid; I do
not want a loan from you. I have two pearls! Pearls.
Lala, see this! My dear Bijlee, these pearls are
not worth five rupees also. Lala, what are you saying? Look at these pearls properly.
Check them and then quote the price. See!
– Really Bijlee dear! Each pearl is worth 25 rupees. Then give me fifty rupees. Fifty isn’t it?
– Yes! Where have they gone? Enough, enough Lala! Now quickly
search for a house. Oh it is you! What are
you doing up there? I got frightened of your scream. Come down!
– On one condition. You will never scream again. I will not scream, come down. Okay now tell me. Were you dreaming in the daytime.. ..sitting like this alone here? Leave alone day and night. I have been seeing this
dream since my childhood. Hey! Will you not show me? See there! Dream! But that is someone’s house. Not a house, say a home. I have been thinking from
a long time that even.. ..I should have a small
home like this. Have you never thought like this? Why? Shobha, my life is very different. At times here and at times there. If we settle down in one place
then who will call us gypsies? I will change your life! I will
show you a new way of life. I will make you a new
person altogether. That is later. See what
I have brought for you. What is this?
– A gift! Gift?
– Yes! You will have to wear
a gypsy dress.. win over a gypsy man’s heart. I will have to wear it? Never! Shobha will you not accept my gift?
– No! Is that it? Hey Mangal! Mangal! Mangal! “If anyone believes or not.” “My beloved has accepted my gift.” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “My beloved has accepted my gift.” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “Your eyes are mesmerizing!” “Your eyes are mesmerizing!” “Your tresses amazing!” “Your tresses amazing!” “Whatever happens now I have
caught hold of your veil!” “Leave it!” “I have caught your veil!” “Take away all that I have!” “Take away all that I have!” “Just give me one memento.” “This lovely love filled flower!” “Give! Give!” “Take this!” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “What are oaths and
what are promises?” “What are oaths and
what are promises?” “The world knows all about it!” “The world knows all about it!” “Our love is real and the
rest are just stories!” “The rest are just stories!” “Why do you feel shy?” “Why do you feel shy?” “Why are you scared?” “Today you enjoy with me.” “Come! Come here!” “Here I come!” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” Babbar!
– What? Mangal was right! What was Mangal saying? Shall I tell you?
– What? What? Old man!
– Your father is old! Babbar!
– Oh Mr. Dildar! Come! Come! Where are you going, you sit here! Come! Come! Sit! Sit! How are you? Mr. Dildar, the condition
is very bad. Nowadays the business is very slack. You are an expert and you
say that it is slack? Take this! And be happy! Mr. Dildar, what is the matter? Today you seem to be very generous! Definitely there is something. Sardar we have a very
old bond between us. If you are happy I am happy
and if you are sad.. ..then I too am sad. Do not talk is riddles speak clearly
and tell me what is the matter. Sardar, you are a
very fortunate man! Mr. Dildar how is that? The thing is that a very
wealthy man stays here. He must be staying here
how does it concern me? Listen to the whole story!
– Yes, tell me! There is a very precious
idol in that man’s house. And that too is made of gold. It is studded with precious gems. And that idol is taken
out once in five years. And you are very fortunate that
this is the fifth year. That means this year the
idol will be taken out. What?
– Yes! So why shouldn’t we make
the maximum use of it? Mr. Dildar, I have understood! That means you wish to attain
that idol? – Yes! Sardar, you will be paid
handsomely for it. Sir, you will get that idol. Very good! Sardar!
– Yes! “A secret about beautiful women.” “I will tell you about it today.” “Some shy away their glance
and some steal the heart.” “This is a very minor theft
which I cannot do.” “I just take away the thing I love.” “We have become friends!” “We have become friends!” “I love your style!” “I will quietly steal your heart!” “I will quietly steal your heart!” “Quietly and forcefully!” “Then do not go and tell
anyone that I am ruined!” “I am ruined!” Yes, I am ruined.. I am ruined!” “We have become friends!” “I love your style!” “My friend!” “Oh my dear I am very young!” “Oh my dear I am very young!” “My love is not intentional.” “I will trouble you!” “I will trouble you!” “I am a beloved who is unique.” “I am a beloved who is unique.” “Beware of me!” “Be careful of me!” “Be prepared for everything!” “Then do not go and tell
anyone that I am ruined!” “I am ruined!” Yes, I am ruined.. I am ruined!” “We have become friends!” “I love your style!” “My friend!” “Let this world do as it pleases!” “Let this world do as it pleases!” “I will do as I have thought!” “I will attain what
is in my destiny!” “I have accepted that!” “I have accepted that!” “By losing my heart!” “By losing my heart
and by going crazy.” “Then do not go and tell
anyone that I am ruined!” “I am ruined!” Yes, I am ruined.. I am ruined!” Constables, surround them! Keep a close watch on
each one of them. No one should escape from here. Greetings, Inspector!
– Greetings! I have come here to search for
the idol that was stolen.. ..from Sir’s house. Inspector, you are mistaken. We are gypsies we are not thieves. Even then if you wish
to search then you can. Search each and every tent. Sir, I have got the idol! Great! Experts! Lovely!
You have done a wonder! Sir, it is all the wonder
of wealth! Give! Is this the right amount or
are you giving us alms? You are insulting my money..
– And you are insulting us. What do you mean? Carefully look at this
idol and then at this.. ..meager amount that
you have given me. We have attained this idol
by risking our lives. Is our life so cheap? I am the life of your tribe. You all tread the path
that I show you. Your tribe is there because of me. Sir, you are wealthy because of us. Your name is Dildar so at
least show your generosity. Brave man, if you wish
to see my generosity.. ..then get me a live idol. Such a dusky damsel
whose eyes would.. ..illuminate this dense forest. Whose smile would steal my heart. Sir enough! The portrait is made. The damsel that you wish for
I swear on my mother.. ..I will bring her to you. Great brave man! You have spoken my thoughts aloud. Yes sir! To kill two
birds with a stone. Hey you weakling! Your
name is Kadial Singh. But you work like a Marial
Singh! (Weakling) Put more pressure! Mangal, my hands are not
like Bijlee’s tongue. That keeps wagging without
taking a single breath. A man uses his hands and not
his tongue, understood? Understood! Then show how strong you are! How strong I am? Is that
it? See how I do it. You fool not so fast,
slowly! Understood? Sir, you are great!
If I work slowly.. ..then I am a tortoise and if
I work faster then I am a fool? Call me by only one name.
– You stupid! The amount is ample. Sardar, the idol too
was equally precious. Durjan, there is one thing. Mr. Dildar is very generous
regarding business. Sardar, there is no doubt about it. But if he can pay
us handsomely for.. ..a lifeless idol.. ..then imagine how much will
he pay us for a live idol? What do you mean? I mean that now Mr. Dildar
wants a live idol. Then what are you waiting for? Sardar, this job is a little
wayward and difficult. Then.. then.. that..
– Speak up! I will need Mangal’s
help for this job. Why only Mangal you
can take the help.. ..from anyone that you need. This is the duty of
the entire tribe. How can anyone refuse you? Sardar, that is fine. Then you tell Mangal about it.
Just now! Santo! – Yes, sir! Go and call Mangal! – Yes! What happened, Shobha? Please save my daughter! Please save my daughter! What happened? My daughter! My daughter! Brave man! What is the matter? Today the men have
returned empty handed? Sir, the beggars
return empty handed. Not the brave! Sir, take this! And now awaken
your dormant heart. Show me!
– First the price! I never pay before I see the girl. And we do not give the girl
before we take the price. Sir, why the argument? See this! See the girl! Now I am sure that you
can attain anything. This is the award for your bravery. Take it! My dear why o you hesitate
to take the money.. ..for your efforts? You shameless, you were
strong enough.. bring me till here. Now why do your hands shiver
to take your award? Take this money that is an
award for your efforts.. ..and go and offer them
at your mother’s feet. Go and tell her that
I sell young girls.. ..and in this way repay your favors. Hey girl, mind your language. Otherwise I will throw you in
front of such scavengers.. ..who will not spare you at all. You scoundrel only my
dead body will go.. front of your goons. But before I die I would like
to see the true identity.. ..of these scoundrels. The ones who can dishonor
a woman and.. ..sleep peacefully at night. Leave me! There is no fun is giving up easily! Sir, we are not at all concerned
with all this. We only sell honor, at times of
others and at times our own. Wait you scoundrel! At
least take your award. May God show you such a moment.. ..when someone else kidnaps
your love and dishonor’s it. And you just watch your love
being ruined quietly! Can you see that jeep? Looks like someone has
informed the police. It will be better that
we separate from here. I will kill myself but I
will not give up to you. You are taking my life. I say leave this girl! I had not caught this
girl to free her. If you have the guts
then take her away. You scoundrel, I have the guts that
is why I have come till here. You fool, you have come
into a lions den and that too unarmed? Since when has a coward
become a brave man? You will know soon who is a coward.. ..and who is a brave man. With this you cut vegetables. Brave man, will you fight with this? You coward, only brave
men fight with this. You jerk this shoe
is enough for you. Who are you? The police are near by. Now this is not the time
to tell you all this. They will take you home! Go! Constables, surround the place. Tell me who had kidnapped you? Those dacoits sold me
here and went away. And that scoundrel.. he
wanted to dishonor me. Do not cry, have courage..
everything will be fine. You sit in the jeep
I will take you home. Your father is sick. Check the entire place.
And keep a close watch. No one should come and go
from here. – Yes, sir! No! Father! Come on brothers, start
with the funeral. No! No! Sister, please do not cry, sister. My mother says that your father
has gone to meet God. He will come back soon! Look here sister, don’t
cry otherwise.. ..even I will start crying. Santo!
– Yes! Has the tobacco come?
-Mother has gone to bring it. Has she gone to bring it or to grow it?
-She must be on her way. Sardar! Oh Mr. Dildar! You? Tell me what is the matter? Dildar always does illegal business. But he is honest in his dealings. Not like you take the money
as well as the goods? Mr. Dildar, the goods
were sent to you. Then how did the police come there? That I do not know. My responsibility was to
send the goods to you. On one side you sent me the goods.. ..and on the other hand
you informed the police? Mr. Dildar, I can bear anything
but not false accusations. This is not an accusation but
someone from your tribe has done this. Beware! If you ever point
at any of my men.. ..I will cut off your fingers. Sardar, those who play with
flames is not scared of fire. I want my money back. Money will not be returned. Sardar, think again! What is there to think about? The job for which you paid
us we have done that. You have deceived me! We have not deceived you. Sardar do not compel me to break
our age old friendship.. ..and go to the police. Don’t forget this before you
go to the police, Dildar.. ..that it is both – the robber.. well as the one//who takes from
the robber who’re equally criminal. You also bear this in mind,
chief.. will pay for this. Understood!
– Okay! But Sardar, there must
be some truth in what Mr. Dildar says. Is there any truth?
– Yes Sardar! There were four people when
we left the girl there. But only three returned
to the tribe. It may be possible that,
that fourth man.. must have informed the police.
Who was that fourth man? I want to know who was
that fourth man? Who was that fourth man? Your son Mangal! Durjan! Maybe you are not aware
Mangal loves that girl. No one besides him can do this. Durjan, I very well know
that you have dreams of.. ..becoming the Sardar of this tribe. That is why you are
jealous of Mangal. But I never knew that you would
stoop so low that you.. ..would even go to the limit
of falsely accusing my son. Sardar, this is not an accusation.. ..but this is the truth. Santo!
– Yes Sardar! Call Mangal! Durjan, whatever that
you have said.. ..if it is proved false then today
is the last day of your life. Last wish? What is it
that you wish to say? I am saying the same thing
that your father wished. What did he wish? He wished that you should marry me. What?
– That was his last wish. He wanted to be free of
your responsibility.. this marriage. Are you not ashamed
of talking like this? You are just like my father. No! No! Who says that
I am your father’s age? Does a man become old
if his hair turns grey? As it is who worries
about a man’s age? You just say yes! Such
opportunities do not repeat. I spit on you and your wealth. I tell you to go from here at once. Otherwise I will scream and gather
all the villagers here. And I will tell everyone
how a scoundrel.. ..and a degraded man you are. Now I will have to scream. You get out from here! Now I will see how you live in
this village by confronting me. This is really strange! Lala, what is the matter? What are you asking me
what is the matter? I feel embarrassed even
saying it. Oh my God! Till you do not tell
us how will we know? Yes, this too is right. This girl is a stigma
to this village. If such a degraded woman
stays in the village.. ..then the entire village
will be ruined. Lala, after all what has happened? What was to happen? I went in to pacify her but
she tried to entice me? She started saying.. Lala, now
who else is there for me.. ..besides you. She did not lie. Besides you
who can be a support.. ..for the helpless? Yes, this is also right. But how can I marry her? What, does she wish to marry you?
– Then what? Shameless girl! She
said that this was.. ..her father’s last wish too. Her father has not even
rested in peace.. ..and this girl is in
a hurry to marry. Lala, what nonsense
are you blabbering? Are you not ashamed to accuse
an innocent girl? Listen! This girl is trying
to turn the tables on me. Lala, you are guilty. You can fool the people
by putting on a farce. But I have seen your true self. You are not a human being
but a devil! A devil! Shobha, what are you saying? I am telling you the truth. Lala’s conscience is guilty
and has an evil eye. Shoha, are you not ashamed
of talking like this.. ..about Lala, who is
such a respected man? Yes that is true! Burt if she would have had
a little shame then.. ..she would not have spent the
night with those dacoits. Be afraid of God when you falsely
accuse an innocent girl. Uncle Girdhari, the dacoits
forcibly took me away. How am I to be blamed for that? But who knows whether
they kidnapped you.. ..or you willingly went with them? Shobha, we used to respect
you so much. But what have you turned out to be. You are a stigma to
the whole village. Yes, that is the truth. But just think what will
be the effect of this.. ..on your daughters
and daughter-in-laws. It is a sin even if her shadow
is cast on our people. But.. but at least listen to me. We do not want to
listen to anything. From today we have no relation
with you at all. Yes, we have no relation with
you. No relation with you. I know that not you but Lala’s
wealth is making you say this. I had heard that if any girl from
the village is orphaned.. ..then she becomes the daughter
of the entire village. But all of you though you
know that I am innocent.. are still disowning me. Those strangers are much
better than you all.. ..because they at least
help you when in need. I have faith that even now
those people will help me. They will give me shelter. Mangal! Is this the truth that
you have betrayed the tribe.. ..for the girl whose life you saved? What are you saying?
Mangal is you son. You are suspicious
on your own blood? Can your son ever betray you? I want to hear this from his
mouth and not from you. Mangal tell me what is the truth. Tell me! Maybe your silence may
confirm the doubts.. ..that the tribe has on you. Why don’t you answer? Are you a traitor or are you
faithful to your tribe? Mangal! Mangal! Mangal! Sardar, this is the same girl! Mangal, do you know that the
dacoits had kidnapped me? And they sold me to a devil. But before he could dishonor
me a messiah came there. And he saved my honor. But when I reached home
I came to know that.. father passed
away with my grief. I tried to prove my innocence
and chastity.. front of the villagers
but they did not believe me. And they threw me out thinking
me to be a degraded woman. No one gave me shelter there. What have you come here to take? I cannot give you any shelter. We are after all nomads
we keep moving.. ..from one place to another. Wherever we put up our tents
that becomes our house. We move from there and
go to another place. Our life is to just keep
moving all our life. I cannot do anything for you. You go away from here!
– Go away? What else? What is our relation? I had definitely saved your life. But that was just out of humanity. Not because I wanted to spend
the rest of my life with you. Maybe I was wrong.
I mistook sympathy for love. Now that you’ve
realised your mistake.. ..why are you still here?
Why don’t you go from here? Only my tribe has a right over me. Sheru, did you see? Didn’t I say
my son would never betray the tribe? Durjan! Chief! It was his mistake that
he thought me to be a traitor. Chief, everyone makes a mistake. You have to swear by
Mangal to forgive him. My child, today is the
first time in my life.. ..that you have
asked me for something. Tribals, this place
is no longer suitable. Make arrangements to
proceed from here. “My beloved! ” “My beloved! ” “My beloved! ” “Two flowers of love had bloomed
here with a smile.” “My beloved.. Oh my beloved!” “My beloved.. Where we met!” “Two flowers of love had bloomed
here with a smile.” “You’d reach late,
and I’d be cross.” “You’d pacify me with love
and I’d love that.” “Those were the
complaints of our union.” “Those were the
complaints of our union.” “Those were the complaints of love.” “Two flowers of love had bloomed
here with a smile.” “My beloved, this is
the place where we met.” “Two flowers of love had bloomed
here with a smile.” “I can hear the call of
your heart on the path.” “I can hear the call of
your heart on the path.” “I can feel you here in my arms.” “You wished to go away from me.” “Then why did you awaken
love within me?” “Two flowers of love had bloomed
here with a smile.” “My beloved! ” Maybe I was wrong. I mistook
sympathy for love. Now that you have realized
your mistake.. ..why are you still here? “You wished to go away from me.” “Then why did you awaken
love within me?” “Two flowers of love had bloomed
here with a smile.” “My beloved! ” “My beloved!” “My beloved.. Oh my beloved!” Who is that?
– Shobha, I am Mangal! Go away from here, I do not
want to even see your face. Shobha, open the door I want to
speak to you something very important. No! I do not want to hear anything. Now I do not have any
relation with you. You go away from here! Why have you come here? To ask for forgiveness from you. It was my mistake that
I was influenced.. your talk and believed you. I though you were mine. Shobha, I know that you
are very angry with me. But whatever I did was for
the benefit of both of us. What else can a deceiver,
cheater and fraud.. you say? Shobha, have faith in me! Faith? I had faith in you that
is why I broke all relations.. ..with the villagers
and I came to you. But you.. you disowned me in
front of the entire tribe. You insulted me. Shobha at that time I was helpless. We gypsies have some
law and some rules. And the one who breaks it
is punished very severely. If at that time I would
have sheltered you.. ..then they would have
definitely killed me.. ..but they would not
have spared you too. I would not have felt the pain
so much in losing my life.. ..than the pain I suffered
when you lied. At times there is some truth for
which a person has to lie. Shobha, the day we were
proceeding from here.. heart felt that I should
tell you everything truthfully. But I went ahead thinking that
things that have been.. ..sorted out with difficulty
may again create problems. Then now why have you come here? To tell you this that Mangal
can give up his life.. ..but will never deceive you. Yes Shobha! Today too if
I wish I can leave them.. ..and marry you. But the path of love
that you have shown.. this wayward Mangal,
I wish to spread.. ..the light of that love
in my entire tribe. Will you wait for me? Mangal! Shobha! Shobha! Hey! Rupa, where are you going? Go and die! Go! My Bijlee!
– Lala! Leave me! What are you doing? Leave me!
-My Anarkali! If I had to leave you then
why would I catch you? Why would I take you in my arms? Lala, have you gone crazy? Yes, I have gone crazy!
I have gone insane! My Anarkali, since the time
you have left our village.. ..I cannot sleep, eat
drink or live in peace. Just see! Not there but look here! I am looking! Lala, forget whatever happened. Now you just forget
about me, understood? My beloved, what is
this you are saying? If you say I will burn myself,
jump in to the water.. ..or drown myself in the well. But I cannot forget you. Now wherever you go I
will be there with you. I will always follow you. Lala, how is that possible? – Why? I am a spinster and you
are a married man. Bijlee, I do not want
a wife and children. All this is bondage. I
will break all bonds. I will make my wife a widow!
– What? I mean I will divorce
her. Is that right? Oh my God! What will your
five children do? Five children? I will send
them to an orphanage. Bijlee! – Oh! Lala! Bijlee, I can do anything for you. Lala! Okay! Okay! Bijlee I can do anything for you. You just get married to me. Lala, that is the difficulty. Nothing is difficult my dear. I will transfer my
house in your name. I will transfer my
shop in your name. I will auction my respect,
prestige and honor for you. That’s it! For you! Lala, even then I will not
be able to marry you. Why Bijlee why? Because I love Mangal! Mangal! That Mangal who
fought with the bull? That fraud and deceitful Mangal? Hey Lala, mind what you say
otherwise I will not spare you. Bijlee believe what I tell you,
he does not love you.. ..but he loves Shobha! Lala, what are you blabbering? That girl has long back
gone out of his life. No Bijlee no! They both
still meet quietly! This is a lie! This is an utter lie! Why should I lie? Come with
me and see for yourself. Come! You!
– Yes! I have come to meet you.
– Why? For your benefit! What do you mean? You are a woman that is why
I sympathize with you. Tell me clearly what
you want to say. You stop meeting Mangal! But he loves me. He does not love you but he
feigns that he loves you. What are you blabbering? Mangal is that man who
had kidnapped you from your house. What? – And he had staked a deal
with Mr. Dildar about you. No! No! This is a lie! This
is an absolute lie. This is the truth! See this! See this! See this! No! This can never happen. Listen to one more thing. Mangal can never leave his
tribe and come to you. If he gets married then that
will be only with a girl.. ..from his own tribe. Boss! I have brought very good news.
You will be very happy after you hear it. What is the news Shaitan? Tomorrow by the 12 o’ clock
train treasure worth lakhs.. going to pass from here. If you wish then we can
seize this treasure. Shaitan, you have really
brought good news. Now I will be able to avenge
my humiliation with Mangal. Boss how will you do that? I will somehow pacify Sardar
to loot this treasure. But I am sure that Mangal will
not assist us in this loot. That means he will betray the tribe? Definitely! And this time
the whole tribe.. ..will see his betrayal. Durjan, this is a
very dangerous job. Sardar our life is to
play with danger. The question is not of our life
but of the lives of the.. ..passengers who will be
traveling in this train. I cannot permit you to take the
lives of thousands of people.. ..for the sake of that treasure. Sardar you be rest assured. The passengers will not be hurt. How will that not happen? With the bomb blast the entire
train will be blasted. But our aim is not to blast
the train but to stop it. See this, we will plant
the bomb here. When the train reaches
3-4 hundred feet away.. ..from here then we
will blast the bomb. And as soon as the train stops
we will carry out our job. Okay! Look here the work should be
done with a lot of care. If something untoward happens.. ..then we will not be spared alive. Sardar that will never happen. Our aim is the treasure
and not the train.. ..or the passengers. Where is Santo? He will meet us at the next
corner along with others. Mangal? – Mangal? I saw him
going towards the village. Shobha! Shobha, you immediately
go to the station. An go and inform the police
that the dacoits have.. ..decided to blast the train
to loot the treasure. Which dacoits? Shobha that is not necessary
for you to know. It is necessary that is
why I am asking you. Is the dacoit who is going to
loot the treasure this one? Shobha!
– Is this the one? Isn’t it this one? Why are you quiet? Answer me! Bijlee told me everything. I will
go! I will definitely go. But I will go to the police
station so that.. ..I can unmask all of you. Shobha, I tell you wait!
– Leave me! Wait!
– I said leave me! I told you.. Shobha, please forgive me! I had no other option than this. Mangal, you have come
at the right time. There is very little time left
for the train to arrive. Come quickly. I am telling you once again,
come we will go back. Whatever job Durjan decides
to do he accomplishes it. But why don’t you understand? Many innocent people may die
because of this dangerous job. I have nothing to do with that. Now I will return with the treasure. Santo, have you brought the bombs?
– Yes! See this! Shaitan Singh! – Take this! And careful! Friends! Come on! Where is Mangal?
– We will come to know just now. Wait!
– Boss this is deceit and betrayal. I will finish him! The train will kill this fool. Why do you want to unnecessarily
waste.. ..your valuable bullet? Why are you blowing the whistle?
What is the matter? Someone is trying to stop the train. Blow the whistle again! He is again coming in front
he does not want to budge. He looks to be a dacoit! Dacoit? He is trying to
stop the train alone? You fool he is not alone!
He will stop the train. His accomplice who will
be hiding in the jungle.. ..will attack the train. Maybe there is some danger here? Maybe this is a ruse
to loot the treasure. You blow the whistle I will
increase the speed. Stop the train there
is danger ahead. Run! Run! Run! Run! Santo, did you see! Is Mangal
a traitor or a loyal man of the tribe? No! This is not possible!
This is a lie! Sardar, this is the truth!
Mangal has deceived us. And it is because of him
that we had to return.. ..empty handed here. Santo, are you sure
that he was Mangal? Yes, Sardar! Do not touch me! Go
away from my sight. Mangal, what have you done? What have you done, Mangal? Babbar!
– Champakali today your son.. not a traitor of the tribe
but he has betrayed me. He has betrayed me. Santo!
– Yes, Sardar! Make an announcement
in the entire tribe.. ..that find Mangal and
present him before me. As you say! How did you come to
know that the train.. ..was going to be blasted by a bomb? I was passing by when
I saw some people.. ..planting bombs on
the railway tracks. Do you know those people?
– No! Will you be able to recognize
them if you see them? No!
– Why? Because they had a
mask on their face. Oh! Then what did you do?
-Then I raced my horse towards the train. And I tried to stop the train. But maybe the driver misunderstood
my intention. He increased the speed of the train. The God helped me out! And I was successful in
stopping the train.. ..before those bombs blasted. Mangal you have done a great job. You have not only saved the
treasure worth lakhs.. ..but you have also saved the
lives of so many people.. risking your life. I will tell the government about
you and see that you.. ..get an award for this. Inspector, thank you very much! But whatever I have done
I have not done it.. ..with any greed but I did it
as it was my duty to do so. Now can I go?
– Definitely! If I ever need your
help in this matter.. ..then I will definitely
call you again. Mangal, Mangal, please forgive me. Getting influenced by people’s
talks I started doubting you. Now I have come to know
everything from the villagers. I promise you that henceforth
this will never happen. Please forgive me. “If anyone believes or not.” “My beloved has accepted my gift.” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “If anyone believes or not.” “My beloved has accepted my gift.” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “God knows from when
I was watching!” “God knows from when
I was watching!” “Dreams about you!” “Dreams about you!” “Now all my dreams are fulfilled
by attaining you.” “Only you are in my eyes!” “Only you are in my eyes!” “You put a flower with love
and a smile in my tresses!” “Put it in my tresses!” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “Let it happen if it is happening!” “Let it happen if it is happening!” “Let there be sadness
if it has to be!” “Let there be sadness
if it has to be!” “Maybe not today but tomorrow.. ..there will be wedding
bells in our house.” “I have brought my heart for you!” “I have brought my heart for you!” “I have left everyone for you!” “You too forget your anger!” “You have forgotten, isn’t it?” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” Any news Mr. Khanna?
– No sir! It is fifteen days now.
Still we could not find.. ..the people who tried
to loot the train. It is a very sad thing. As you had ordered we have
sent a few of our men.. ..into the tribe. And we tried to make a few
people as informers.. ..but they were not ready. By the way any news about Mangal? Since the past fifteen days
Mangal has not gone.. ..back to his tribe. And the tribal folk especially
Durjan’s men are searching for him. Why Shaitan Singh? Today you have again come
back empty handed? Boss we have searched each
and every place here. But he is not to be found. What happened to him? How
can he disappear like this? Boss, we just cannot
understand anything.. to where he has disappeared
like this. Don’t talk rubbish! You cannot always achieve something
by only using your limbs. At times a person should
use his brains too. Boss, what do you mean? You will not understand! Now there is only one way
to bring Mangal here. Mangal! Mangal! That dusky girl! -Look.. we have
no enmity with you. You just tell us where is Mangal.. ..we will free you immediately! I do not know anything. You know everything and you
will have to tell us.. ..where is Mangal? Tell us! I told you that I do
not know anything. And even if I would have known.. ..I would have never told you. You will not tell me?
– No! You will not tell me?
– I will not tell you. I am asking you for the last time.. ..tell me where is Mangal? I do not know anything! I know very well that you are
trying to protect Mangal. But remember.. whenever that
scoundrel comes to know.. ..that you are in my custody he
will automatically come here. Then I will finish that traitor! ‘The entire clan is
after Mangal’s life. This is the best opportunity
for me to go.. ..somewhere far away with Mangal. Bijlee! Bijlee! Bijlee! Why id you leave me and go? This is just the earth. If you would have hidden
in the nether world.. ..then I would have searched for
you there too you bitter man! But Bijlee, at this hour of the
night what are you doing here? I had thought and come here
that I will take you.. ..somewhere far away with me. But my destiny has not favored me. I cannot go with you. But you try to run away from
here as soon as possible.. bitter man! Run away! Bijlee, only those run who
are cowards or criminals. Why should I run away? This is not the time to argue. If the people from the tribe
see you then they will not.. ..spare you alive. But Bijlee, I cannot
risk Shobha’s life.. save my life. The decision will be taken
after she comes. But now she will not come here. Why won’t she come? Where is she? She is in Durjan’s custody! That scoundrel, jerk! When
he could not find me.. ..he kidnapped an innocent girl? You bitter man, you go.. you
go.. God will help you. No Bijlee, I cannot leave you
alone in this condition. No! My journey is over now. See how fortunate I am. When I was alive I used to
crave to be in your arms. But now when I am dying I am
fortunate to be in your arms. Bijlee! Bijlee! You bitter man you have
tears in your eyes? No! Tell that dusky girl if possible
please forgive me. Bijlee! Mangal has come! -Sardar! Sardar!
– Mangal has come! What is the commotion about? Sardar, Mangal.. Mangal is arrested. All you tribal folk! Today this is
the first time in the history.. ..of the tribes a father and a son
are standing in front of each other. The son is a criminal and
the father a Sardar! But I am sure that our Sardar
is seated on that chair.. ..not as a father but as a judge. And the Sardar is the one who
can see his son’s death.. ..but he cannot see
a law being broken. And today our Sardar
will prove this. Mangal, you are accused that
you have betrayed your tribe. Do you wish to say anything
in your favor? I have not done any
such deed for which.. ..I will have to be shameful
in front of my clan. You are accused of rescuing
that girl.. ..from Dildar’s clutches for which
we had already received the payment. You are accused that you
have helped the police.. going against your own clan. And we were deprived of the
treasure worth lakhs of rupees. You are accused that even
though you knew.. ..that you had to marry
a girl from the tribe.. fell in love with a girl who
has no relation with the tribe. Do you agree that all these
accusations are true? I did whatever was good for mankind. And I did that thinking
it to be my duty. Mangal, I just want to
hear whether you have.. ..betrayed the clan or not? If saving an innocent girl from
a scoundrel is betrayal.. ..then yes, I am a traitor. By doing away with the treasure.. ..and protecting many children
and mothers is betrayal.. ..then yes, I am a traitor. If to get married I fall
in love with a girl. If that is betrayal then
yes, I am a traitor. Instead I will say that if this
moment is experienced.. anyone of you then
you all will be traitors. Sister Chanchal, if someone tries
to separate your child.. ..from you for the sake of money. Then what will you do? Uncle Bhairav if some scoundrel
strikes a deal.. ..of your daughter’s
honor with some jerk. And he takes your daughter
forcibly away from here. Then what will you do? Answer me, why don’t you speak? Answer me! Why don’t you answer me? I want to know why
are you all quiet? Mangal, you are trying to
instigate the people with your talks. No Durjan! I am trying to
bring the people back.. ..from the wrong path. I have equal right on
this tribe as you have. Till yesterday even I used
to support this tribe. But today I have felt that
we have always been.. ..taking the law in our hands
and go the wrong path. Only our government has the
right to make the law. And that is the real law! Because that is not for any one
tribe or any one criminal. But it is for the entire nation. We do not have the time to
listen to your rubbish. We want justice! Yes, we want justice! Yes, we want justice! Yes, we want justice! Yes, we want justice! You will get justice! But when shall we get it? The criminal has accepted
all the accusations. Then why the delay in
giving your verdict? Is it because the criminal
is your own son! Durjan! I do not need your
help for me to understand.. responsibilities. My justice does not
see any relations. I only favor the truth! And the truth is that Mangal
has betrayed the clan. Mangal, I never ever
dreamt that my son.. ..would ever stand in front
of me as a criminal. And that I would have
to give my judgment. According to the law of the
tribe I give you death. No! Babbar! – Champakali, do not
ask me any such question.. ..that I will never
be able to answer. Babbar, you are the Sardar! Like your hands your heart
too is made of iron. But I.. I am just a woman, Babbar! I fear that I may drown
in this storm. You have tears in your eyes? No! No! Babbar, these are not tears. This is the blood of an
unfortunate mother.. ..which has turned into water. You are the wife of the
Sardar of this clan. You should have a heart of a
tigress and not of a woman. Tigress! Do you know when
the cubs of a tigress.. ..are in danger she even risks
her life to save them. And I.. I cannot even shed
tears for my child. Now I will behead
my distrustful son! Get my sword!
– No! No Babbar, no! You cannot do this! I can never bear to see
that my husband should.. ..raise his sword on my son! Champakali!
– No Babbar! Before doing this you kill me!
You kill me! I will never be able to see
my son dying in front of me. Babbar, I will not be able to see! Champakali, you will
have to see it. – No! You are not only Mangal’s mother. But you are the mother
of the entire clan. Mangal’s mother can be a coward.. ..but not the mother
of the entire clan. And you will have to perform
your duty as my wife. Get me my sword! Why do your hands shiver? You send me the way a warrior
is sent for a battle. Mangal I have decided that
I will punish you myself.. that I can wash
away the stigma.. ..that is on me because of you. Father, which son can be
more fortunate than me.. ..who has helped his father
even while dying. Tell me if you have any
last wish before dying. Father, I am not scared of death. But I do not want to
die like a coward. I would like to die
a courageous death. What do you mean? Before dying I would
like to wash away.. ..the false accusations that
are implicated on me. Santo, untie him! Mangal, I accept your last wish. According to the age old
law of the tribe.. will have to combat with me. Father, this is the
law of the jungle.. ..and I do not believe this. I will definitely fight but
not with you, with Durjan! Because of whom I have been
accused as a traitor. Mangal, I am sorry that I cannot
fulfill your last wish. You will definitely have to
combat with your own father. Maybe you have forgotten that
day when it was because.. ..of you that my father
was accused as a traitor. And when he wanted to
prove his innocence.. was you who had said that
he will have to fight.. ..with his own blood in front
of the entire tribe.. prove his innocence. Do you remember that? Then today why do you
want to fight with me? Mangal, Durjan is right! You
will have to combat with me. Before you start the duel
I would like to remind you. According to the law of the
tribe whoever leaves.. ..this handkerchief from
his mouth first.. ..he will be killed by piercing
him with spears. Pick up the handkerchief. Okay, if I have to fight
with my own blood today.. reform these people
then I am ready for that. But I am sure that today even
if I have to give up my life.. ..then my sacrifice will show
you a new path of life. And today if I win in this
combat then after today.. one will ever play this
game of death in this clan. Hello, sub-Inspector Khanna here. Please hold on; it is for you. Inspector Ajay here! What? Okay! I will send immediately! The constable from the
village Chambal.. ..has found a dead body
of a girl in his area. From her appearance and her dress.. ..she seems to be a gypsy girl. You go yourself and investigate.
– Yes, sir! I feel that something is wrong! What is the matter 303? Today suddenly Mangal came
back to his clan. And the people of his
clan have arrested him. There is a lot of commotion there. As soon as I saw the chaos
I came here to inform you. And the other thing is that
they have tied up Shobha.. ..who is a girl from
Chambal village. This is a very serious situation! Inform Inspector Rana to
keep his people ready. Okay sir! You send a police party
from Chambal village. I will straight away go to the clan. Who threw the knife from you two? Constables, take him away. You too! Father!
– Mangal! Mangal! Sardar, I have arrested Durjan
for murdering his own father. I arrest you all too for loot,
dacoity and prostitution. Inspector, we are ready. Today Mangal has opened our eyes. We are ready to suffer
any punishment.. ..that the law gives us. Inspector, I assure you
that after today.. will not have any
complaints regarding us. Now there will be a new village
instead of this tribe. And we will lead a life of hard
work like all the other people. Tribal folk surrender
all your weapons to Inspector. Mangal!
– Shobha! Shobha! I will wait for you! Come on! Come on! You old man, if you smoke then.. your father going to work? “I swear on God that
I am very happy!” “I am very happy!” “Somebody believe it or not..” “My beloved has accepted my gift.”


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