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November 3, 2019

Landlord! I beg you.. Please don’t throw me out You’ve bought out my house too I am a helpless, homeless woman now,
where will I find shelter? Please, I beg, let me stay! Look… …you should have thought about
this beforehand Alright – return my money Then you can have the house back But… don’t worry I am human, too I do have a heart If you look after the house,
I’ll let you stay on God bless you, landlord! From this day on —
I am your master, ..and you’re my servant You are a God in human guise I can never forget your …. Very good!
I like it! Rukmani! Yes sir! Go and get some water
for your master! Rukmani! Didn’t you hear me?
Get me water! Rukmani! How dare you call me your servant! Ordering me to fetch water! Sorry, Aunty!
I was dreaming. People have strange dreams Nobody has control over their dreams! People dream what they’re thinking of! This means you’re thinking of taking over
this house and making me your servant But I won’t let your dream come true.. It has been months since you paid rent
But you keep buying new clothes… ..keep the lights on even at nights… leave the water running… Who’ll pay for this? Your father? God! I am fed up of this! Moreover, My daughter says
you look at her lustfully At times, you give me the eye, too Tell me what you want! Tell me! This is not true at all How could I ever look at you lustfully? You’d have to be worth looking at, no? What are you trying to say? What am I trying to say is… What was I saying? Yes — how could I give you the eye? What? Am I not good looking? Isn’t my daughter beautiful? Of course, she is! Like an angel come from heaven There — the truth comes out You find us hot, don’t you! You want to seduce one of us, ..and become the master of this house No! Mom! Please don’t scold him! My heart flutters each time I see him! So! The matter has come this far! Tell me —
when did this affair start? Affair? That too, with her? I am in love Sita! What the hell is this! Sita! # Sita! # Good Morning, Uncle! Oh no! Uncle? Don’t call me that! We are friends, aren’t we? Just call me Jung! –short for Junga Bahadur Isn’t that a cute name? Wow, Sita! You look like a goddess! Such a bright face! Such a fantastic figure! You are prettier than angels I have but one wish in life.. …to give my son a woman… …like you as his new mother! Will my wish ever come true? What wish, Dad? What are you talking about? Nothing at all! How dare you interrupt
when two grown-ups are talking? I’ll slap your face Bye! Another moron! Going out? Yes Why do you ignore me? I’ve told you so often to find
a beautiful, kind girl like you for me I am still looking Be patient! By God’s grace, I have everything A house, money, a car, servants just one thing is lacking A wife just like you You’ll find that too! Have faith in God Alright! Can I tell you something? My Dad is looking for a girl… …just like you for me to marry Can I tell you a secret too? Your Dad is looking for a girl like me.. …but not for you to marry But to give you a new mother! Impossible! This can’t be true! He’s betrayed my trust! Dad! Dad! Hi! Hi! Where are Ram, Shyam and Gita? Ram always comes late But Gita and Shyam– there they come! Morning! Hi! Good Morning! Where is Ram? He is late again! Shit! Bad Morning! He swore on me yesterday
that he’d never be late again But, today! He’ll get in trouble! He’ll get us in trouble too How much longer can we
cover for him? Ya! Good Morning, Sir! Good Morning, Sir! Good Morning! Anybody late? Remember! If you don’t respect punctuality, You’ll never respect anyone Alright?
-Yes Sir! Where is Mr. Ram? Where is Ram? Where? Sir! Please sign this file It is very urgent Move your butt! This file is not complete How can I sign it? Sorry sir! Let me finish it! Sir! This file is complete Please sign this one Sorry sir! This file isn’t complete either I’ll bring it when it is complete Have you all gone mad? You bring incomplete files And insist that I sign them Sir! Sir, this file is complete Ravan and Kansa Company I read the agreement thoroughly There is a bad point in here It might hurt our company I want to discuss this in detail with you Please inform me when you have time Mr. Ram — When did you read this file? This file is very long Sir, I always come early to the office And spend time reading files And I always stay late after hours My friends Sita, Gita, Shyam get upset because I come early and leave late But, Sir, I never listen to them For me, Work is God Learn! Learn from your friend See how much he cares for the company He has read the agreement through He wants to discuss the file with me But you lot —
instead of discussing with me You tell Ram to come late to the office? From now on,
never tell him to come late Yes Sir This is my last warning to the three of you Don’t be a bad influence on
a hardworking, talented man like Ram! Keep it up! Keep this up every day! I’ll get you! Come! What are you doing? Let go of him! Aren’t you ashamed to treat such
a good worker in this manner? What? Good? Should we dance to this tune or to that? Play the drums, let me move my hips! Should we dance to this tune or to that? Play the drums, let me move my hips! My heart dances to the beats of the drums My heart dances to the beats of the drums Like I always dance to my heart’s beats! I want to fly with the wind’s whispers… I want the river’s breath to take me along… I want to fly with the wind’s whispers… I want the river’s breath to take me along… I want to steal the sun’s rays for you… Should we do the Rupaida or harvest dance? Let’s move to the songs of April! My heart dances to the beats of the drums My heart dances to the beats of the drums Like I always dance to my heart’s beats! As the moon in the sky, I want to watch you Like the rainbow, I want to embrace you As the moon in the sky, I want to watch you Like the rainbow, I want to embrace you Like flowers, I want to perfume the air Should we do the Laibari or the Ghatu dance? Let’s dance to the moon’s own song My heart dances to the beats of the drums My heart dances to the beats of the drums Like I always dance to my heart’s beats! Hey, Ram! What’s up? Why are you serious? you were singing, dancing just now… And all of a sudden… Listen!
I have a solution to every problem Just tell me your problems Ram – why are you so serious? Why are you quiet? Say something Look at this big city all of these houses But I’m always stressed about renting Rent? The landlady is an intolerable nag! Don’t waste water!
Don’t waste electricity! Don’t come late,
or I won’t let you in! Always the same complains! She scolds me so much Even my parents never scolded me as much Nobody wants to rent out to a single man! ..else I would have left that place long ago I’m facing the same problem It is my landlords– Father and son are both after me When the father is out,
the son comes When the son is out,
the father comes to seduce me I’m losing my mind! It is really difficult for a single girl
to live in a rented apartment I’m thinking of moving out of there Don’t worry! Be happy! Because I have the perfect solution Listen –
you both have common problems So I have a common solution for you If you want to get rid of your landlords, You should rent a place together! Problem solved! Wow! Not bad! That’s a brilliant idea! Yes! If we live together we can live
on our own terms Party time all the time! Don’t you think, Sita? How can that be? We aren’t married yet How can we live together? Nobody will rent to us What will people think? And – my parents won’t agree to this Forget your parents You have to convince the landlords first
that you are a married couple Let’s hope they don’t ask
for a marriage certificate And about what people think — Pokhara is such a large city Nobody has the time to think of others Who will know if you are married or not? Not like it’s written on your forehead! Come on! Tell your parents you’re living with a friend And that’s the truth! He is your friend, after all They’ll think you’re living with a girl Nobody will suspect a thing No! That won’t work This is wrong It is not good to live together with a man
to whom I am not married My heart doesn’t agree You’re not married to him, but you spend
eight hours each day with Ram at work The same canteen, same restroom– –you’re already sharing everything You even have dinners together It is only the nights that are an issue So what if it is the same apartment? There’ll be separate rooms for you You have to trust each other a little And be glad — you’ll be safe there Sita – people have live-in relationships now It is common practice in big cities Don’t you want to get rid of
Rang Bahadur and Jung Bahadur? Please, Sita! Please agree! Or I’ll have to sleep in the streets Whether I sleep in the streets or
I get to sleep in a house Is all up to you! My heart still doesn’t agree But, if you guys insist, I’ll agree What is wrong, daughter? I mean – what’s the problem, Sita? Why are you leaving this
heavenly home? If I continue living in this house I’ll die and go to heaven soon enough Come on now! Don’t say that! Why should you leave this house? This house is all yours– –for now, and forever I have always thought of you as my own Everything mine if also yours I have nothing here! I am going there where I feel at home, –where I have my husband I am going to live with my husband! “HUSBAND!” Dad! Stop her! Stop Sita!
I can’t live without her! You go and stop her! I can’t live without her either!
Go, stop her! Sita is lying, Dad! If she were married –
Where is the vermillion mark? Her wedding beads? Red bangles? I refuse to believe! You are absolutely right, son! This really doesn’t add up, son! Who did she marry? Who is she living with? Where is she? Is she really married? We must find the truth! Must Find Truth, son! The house looks nice Wonder what the landlord is like
but the house is nice Sorry. I am in a rush My wife suddenly fell ill I have to take her to the hospital Please, go inside The landlords are waiting And another thing– I have lied to them, said that
you two are married Don’t let them catch your lie I’ll get in trouble along with you Another thing– They are very religious Please be very careful All the best! One minute! Please wait! Let’s go inside!
Let’s go! Husband and wife! Oh no! What? My purse is in Shyam’s car I’ll go get it Please come back quick Shyam! I forgot my purse in your car Let’s go get it Take this, please Namaste! My name is… I know! I know! In the white shirt – Ram! The agent told us everything Pardon? Ram – is in white, Shyam is in black You look just like Goddess Sita! Thank you, Aunty! This is my good friend Shyam And she is.. We know! We know! We know you four are best friends You are such a beautiful bunch! God has been kind to match you together May God always keep you happy Always be blessed! May you have plenty of children! What is this ? Now… about the apartment One room is over there The other is there… The bathroom is there Let’s see the entire house You’ll like it We don’t need to see the house
We have already paid for it Of course, we’ll take it We can talk later Alright, Uncle? Don’t worry about us
We’ll ask if we need anything Of course!
We’ll always be around Tell us if you need anything Come, wife, sit here! The woman is a nag! What are you waiting for?
Aren’t we going shopping? Shopping? Don’t you get it? Shopping! Of course, shopping! Yes, let’s go! You guys get some rest
We’ll meet in the evening Uncle — please let them rest We’ll get going Okay, guys see you, Bye! We are very tired We’ll nap for a bit
then take care of our stuff Let’s go! Let’s get out of here! God! What is happening? Shyam walked out with Ram’s wife Ram took Shyam’s wife to the bedroom! I can’t let this evil happen in my home This can’t happen!
Oh God! I just don’t believe Sita is married! Right!
Is she married? Or is she living together before marriage? She is living without getting married Someone is coming They must know Should we ask? Just a minute! Excuse me! Can I ask you one question? Of course! Ask two questions! Wait – these are Sita’s old landlords Father and son
Jung Bahadur and Rang Bahadur They always bothered Sita,
now they’re here too Good! I’ll teach them a lesson
they’ll never forget Please ask your question I have come to help you Please ask The girl who lives here–
Is she still single? Did she get married? If yes, who did she marry? Why? In whose presence?
What proof do they have? Who tricked her into coming here? Who seduced her into coming? Why? To do what? What is his name? Please tell us the name quick!
What is his name? What wrong have we done? If anyone mentions marriage
he loses his temper The thing is – his wife left him
for another man on the wedding night He really hates any mention of marriage If you love your life, run! Or, he’ll kill you! I love a window with a good view! I am taking this room Excuse me! You take the other room Excuse me! You go to the other room I’m staying here! You always said – ladies first You always did what I wanted What has changed now? Ladies first for is outside the home At home, ladies and gents are equals So I’ll share.
That’s final, Please! No! I’m staying here Okay! I’ll take this side of the bed If you want the rest, come on!
I don’t mind. Come on! Very smart! You are selfish You don’t care about me! Stay here! Babe! I do care! I love you! How can you let people with
such loose morals rent our place? One naps with another’s wife Other takes another’s wife out Disgusting! I read about this in the paper People in high society do these things They call it wife-swapping Throw them out of the house I need money to throw them out I spent the one-year advance they gave As long as they are living here We can’t return their money Why did you change it? I need rap music to get fresh Rap in the morning energizes me But I like devotional prayers Prayers in the morning means a peaceful day Excuse me! This doesn’t give me peace This song will put me to sleep If you want peace, go to your room,
and listen peacefully,alright? Okay, listen to what you want I’ll get ready for work Sorry! Don’t mind! I can’t wait! This is a terrible habit! I was going in first!
Come out! Sorry! I can’t wait! Are you reading the paper in there? I am getting late for work I can’t do the job without the paper Until hot news get into my system… …I can’t perform this job I don’t want to be late for work You rot in there! I’m leaving! Wait for five more minutes! Hi, Sita! Hi! Sorry, I am late Why are you alone? Ram is on his throne, with the paper Now I know why he is always late If we wait for him, we’ll be late too
Let’s go! Isn’t Gita here? No. I’ve been trying to call her But I can’t get through When she gets here, she’ll come with Ram I don’t want to be late because of them Let’s go, then! Shyam! Shyam! Come, sit in the fresh air.
You’ll feel better Namaste! Good Morning! Good Morning! I saw your friend leave with Shyam Yes – they’ve already left Let’s hurry, Ram!
We’re running late She was here all night, And you were out all night! Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? I told yesterday – Between us, everything goes You must have friends, too,
between whom everything goes? What?
No! Nothing goes between us! Disgusting!
Nothing like this goes for us Oh God!
What in your name is happening here? What’s wrong? What happened? Aunty! You kids go! You’re running late She is feeling weak… tired… sometimes… Is she epileptic? No! Not epileptic! She’ll be alright.
You kids go! What’s wrong with her? I should have punched his mouth Calls her epileptic! Your parents must be epileptic! I gave Rang Bahadur and Jang Bahadur
such a beating, they’ll never forget it in their entire life! Funny thing is –
they went and asked Gita: – “Why is the sir beating us?” You should have seen their faces They’ll never bother Sita again Aren’t we having coffee? Wait a minute!
We’ll get it Let’s go! Why are you so tense? Do you have to make an issue.. because he won’t let you listen to your prayers
or goes to the bathroom first? It is not about the song or the bathroom It is about his behavior Right now, he went to get me coffee He’ll do everything I ask him to But at home, his behavior changes I have to do whatever he wants me to Why?
Why is he changed? He is living with a girl for the first time He is used to living alone Now you live together It’ll take time to adjust You’ll be fine in a few days I hope so. But, if this is how it begins… …how will the end be? Time for hot, hot coffee! What are you discussing? Looks like a serious discussion I know you’re complaining about me,
aren’t you? Sita, don’t mind!
Sorry! But I can’t control my toilet habits Please laugh! It isn’t about the toilet only You don’t respect any of my wishes You don’t let me do anything Okay! Forgive me! You can take my room I’ll shift to yours, okay? No need! You stay there I couldn’t get it when I wanted,
now I don’t need it You are totally different at home! Sita! Sita! Sita! Why do you sit alone and sulk? Tell me! Did I hurt you with my words? Talk to me! No friend should stay upset like this I have begged your forgiveness! I have said I am sorry! Isn’t that enough for you? Smile just once! Share your joys with us! Forget all about yesterday! We beg you, please! Look, how beautiful the world around us! Let’s spend our lives together happily! I can’t bear to see tears in your eyes The whole world is happy, let’s laugh, too Nobody should be so upset with a friend! He’s begged your forgiveness He’s admitted he was wrong End this fuss right here! Smile just once! Share your joys with us! Forget all about yesterday! We beg you, please! Look, how beautiful the world around us! Let’s spend our lives together happily! If you stay mad at me,
I’ll go away forever You’ll miss me when I won’t be around Ram! I can’t stay angry at my friend! But promise me before everyone– Say this before everyone That you won’t hurt me anymore Smile just once! Share your joys with us! Forget all about yesterday! We beg you, please! Look, how beautiful the world around us! Let’s spend our lives together happily! Can we ask you a small question? Why small? Ask a big one! These are Sita’s ex-landlords They must have come to trouble her again Now see! You won’t get upset if we
ask you about marriage, right? No! I won’t get upset If I ask you about marriage,
you won’t get dizzy, will you? No. Why? A girl lives here. Is she single? Sita? Yes, Sita! We’re talking about Sita Is she married? Why did she marry? When did she get married? In whose presence?
What is the proof? Who did she marry? What is her husband’s name? What is her husband’s name? Tell us her husband’s name! Look! Goddess Sita married Lord Ram
thousands of years ago Yes! Lord Ram! In the presence of King Janak They were very happy together But, suddenly… That villain Ravan entered the story Why are you hitting me? Shut up! That villain kidnapped Goddess Sita… …no, not kidnap… what is it called? Abducted her! Yes, abducted her! What are you doing? To this day, some Ravans hover around
Goddess Sita like eagles… But I can’t watch anyone circling
around Goddess Sita! I can’t! Now say – Sita is my Mother! I agree! I swear by the gods I’ve
already said Sita is this boy’s mother! Both of you say! Sita is my Mother! Sita is my Mother! Sita is my Mother! Now say – Hail, Mother Sita! Hail, Mother Sita! Hail! Now chant this and run from here Or I’ll squeeze you like lemons Chant – Hail, Mother Sita!
Hail, Mother Sita! Chant! Hail, Mother Sita!
Louder! Hail, Mother Sita! You’ve too got the feminine disease What disease? It is called tearomonia Tearomonia? What is that like? Most Nepali women suffer this It makes them weep constantly There’ll be plenty opportunities in life
for you to shed tears Why waste precious tears on a soap opera? Please! Give me the remote!
It is just ten minutes longer Let go!
Why’d you sit and cry over such bad TV? I have a surprise for you This is to decorate the home with Such expensive stuff! Where did you get the money from? Do you like it?
On the credit card..shhh… Credit card doesn’t mean free money
You have to pay up eventually I can’t afford such expensive stuff Who has asked you for money?
Think of it as a gift Take it! You should live within your means Who do you need to show off these
expensive trinkets to? I understand it now… Since the day we moved in, you find
something to get angry about What is wrong with you? Okay I’ll show you something else That’ll make you happy It is also very inexpensive Wait We’ll paint this room blue To go with it, curtains with blue patterns Matching! Isn’t this nice? What? Blue color? Blue curtain? No! That can’t be! I don’t like blue We need light pink or maroon I was thinking of discussing it with you but you didn’t even think of asking me.. What is there to discuss? I thought I’d surprise you! You don’t respect my wishes You do whatever you please Isn’t this how all households work? Doesn’t the husband always get his way? Forget this nonsense I am very hungry. Let’s eat something The kitchen is open Make what you want to eat You are my bride-to-be Can’t you do this much for me? I am tired You could at least make me some tea! I’m your bride-to-be But not your wife yet There is a big difference there One more thing– I have my rights in this house I pay half the rent So – no blue color! You have to respect my wishes, too Sita! What’s wrong with you! Blue color looks good It is my favorite color You know that! Once I paint it, you’ll like it, too Ram! Good Morning! See – I painted all night Aren’t you happy now? Doesn’t it look good? No, it doesn’t!
Nothing looks good You did this despite my requests I wanted us to choose the color together Something both of us would like But, you didn’t ask me before doing this Come on, Sita! I did this for you No! You did this to have your way You only ever think of yourself What is my position in this home? What place do I have your heart? Nothing! Sita! Listen to me! I have only you in my heart You’re the only one in my life Sita! I love you! You are lying You don’t love me You can’t love anyone You only love yourself Don’t worry, Sita Everything will be fine No. Nothing will be fine Living together was a mistake If we hadn’t moved in together
none of this would have happened At least you’ve learned his
weaknesses by living together Otherwise you’d have never known Who is calling? Who else will call at this time? He must be calling to say he is late I can’t help him anymore When someone is in trouble he calls whoever is closest to his heart Whoever he loves most For Ram, you are that person, Sita! He still thinks of you as his friend He never thinks of anyone as his friend He is selfish We could’ve had coffee in the canteen
Why did we have to come here? Let’s sit first You have to solve your problems Only couples come here
Married or unmarried This is the best place for you two
to solve your problems What kind of Problem? What is the matter?
What did you call me here? Sit down first, sit! Listen! We are not kids All this fighting, arguing– Stop this now Please, it is enough now! You were an ideal couple What has happened to you now? I have a solution for every problem Just share your problems with me first I don’t know what our problem is Why is she changing now? She hates everything about me now Everybody will hear you Let them hear everything You never cared about what is in my heart What did I do? Until a few days ago, you thought I was the nicest person on Earth If I called the day night, or said
white was black, you agreed Ram.. quiet let me be But, once we moved in together
You changed completely Do you take me for an idiot? Can’t I do anything that my heart wants? Why? You are right Before our marriage, my wife was
serene like the mountains… After the wedding, she became a volcano My plight is the same I don’t get no respect around her no more She calls me Tommy, like a dog! Tommy! Shut up! Shut up! You all mind your own business Nobody interfere with our internal problem Did I change or did you? Until few days ago,
I was the light of your eyes You said you’d pluck stars
from the sky for me But since we moved in together
why have you changed? You do whatever you want to You never respect my wishes You took the better room You painted the walls blue Am I not just a decoration at our home? No — I am just your servant Make tea, clean your room, cook, clean… Outside home, you say – ladies first! At home, it is always gents first! Why these two faces? One for home, one for outside! Why? You are right All women suffer from this injustice Before marriage they call you their precious But after marriage, you’re just a pest Why? She is right! We support what you just said! Quiet, all of you! Have you heard the saying that
a good wife is like a ghost? Nobody has ever seen either a ghost…
or a good wife! Are you happy now? Made a scene before everyone And insulted me! Listen! This is my nature You have to understand this! Yes! Definitely! I understand you! You have no regards for others To be happy with you, for you to
respect my feelings… …is only a dream! I can’t be with someone like you We are not made for each other We’ll live out our lonely lives Goodbye! What happened there was not good You shouldn’t have left Ram there He must be hurt by it He came there to patch up with you You ruined everything So much anger is not good I feel very bad about it I should have controlled my temper Shouldn’t have fought before everyone I am always so angry these days Thank God! Shyam and I never fight You don’t fight because
you aren’t living together Once you start living together
you’ll know if you two are compatible When he comes home tonight
…make up with him I can’t do that… You’ve such a dirty mind I meant – cook dishes he likes I’ll definitely cook his favorite dishes I’ll beg him to forgive me And all fights will be over! “To be happy with you, for you to
respect my feelings… “…is only a dream!” “We are not made for each other”
“Go! Live out your lonely life” All day long I thought of you Held my heart together every second Kept hope alive that I could get you Our love had fallen apart
but I kept lying to myself… Hear! I will tell you my own story My eyes never dried of their tears Unknowingly or perhaps knowingly a tenant of my heart has become a stranger One roof, one hearth –
we shared grief and joy You turned out to be an ingrate
although you called yourself a friend What? Brother! A good man like you– Why are you drinking today?
What is the problem? Who broke this good man’s heart? Sita!
She broke my heart She doesn’t care about my feelings Sita! That Goddess! When Lord Ram asked, she went on exile But, Sita of this day– She won’t listen to you
She doesn’t obey you! Disgusting! These are dark days! She is an insult to the name Sita! Girls these days are poisonous spiders A spider slowly ensnares its victim Then slowly sucks the victim dry Yeah. I will kick her out from my home I won’t become her victim Let’s go see if the boy got our gist Take me, Lord, I don’t want life Take me, Lord, I want to die Crocodile tears and their false love Crocodile tears and their false love Have eroded my trust to nil Stabbed me with the dagger called love Stung me with poisonous words of insult All day long I thought of you Held my heart together every second Kept hope alive that I could get you Our love had fallen apart
but I kept lying to myself… Ram! I have a surprise for you See – I cooked your favorite dishes I knew this You’re trying to ensnare me
One more web of deceits More deceit! Bloodthirsty spider! Ram! What have you done! I put so much effort into it You threw it all out You didn’t cook for me! You laid out traps for me You are an insult to Sita’s name What is wrong with you? I can finally see it all I won’t walk into your trap You won’t trap me! Poisonous spider! Open the door! I’ll throw you out today Open the door! Poisonous spider! Get out of here! What’s wrong? Why are you quiet? Is this the quiet before a storm? Do you know what Sita told
me on the phone? Ram got drunk and hit her He tried to throw her out of the house What? Ram did that? No, no! I can’ believe it Ram couldn’t have done that! Am I the liar here? That’s not what I am saying Let’s stop this topic They aren’t children They can solve their own problems We tried our best to help What can we do if they don’t listen? We have to learn from their experience So that our life doesn’t become like theirs You are right You suggest what we should do next Let’s move into an apartment Wow! You read my thoughts! Let’s talk to our parents and
fix a date for our wedding Engagement today, wedding tomorrow! I don’t mean we should get married What are you saying then? I’m saying, let’s move in together before
getting married, like Ram and Sita I want to see if your real character
is like Ram or not This is my real character, inside or out I swear! Sita thought the same about Ram But when they started living together she learned the truth about him You’ve seen what fiasco it has been Gita! Please! Don’t do this! What will we tell our parents?
They live here in Pokhara! Simple! We’ll say we’ll be in Kathmandu
for a month on official work I never agreed to live together Ram and Sita were forced by circumstances We don’t have any such problems And I am absolutely against live-in relationships But Shyam just wouldn’t relent He says – Just move in with me for once You will find a much better Shyam in me Aren’t I right, Shyam? When are you ever wrong? I’d said – over my dead body will
I move in with you before marriage But he finally won me over Isn’t that right, Shyam? Ram! Ram is coming He doesn’t know the place
I’ll go get him. Please wait You have a beautiful apartment The window has a beautiful view You have a double bed in your room! I’ll need it if he wants to sleep together I can’t say no to him Actually – I don’t want to lose him Come on! It is not good to
do this before your marriage I was only kidding! The bed was already here Shyam doesn’t have a bed in his room I asked him to sleep here But he wouldn’t Says – “I won’t let my princess
sleep on the floor” “I’ll take the floor instead” How romantic! Your story is getting too romantic Be careful! I hope Shyam isn’t like Ram You two still love each other But you won’t admit it You still do love him! No! I don’t love him anymore It is over I am looking for a place Once I find a place, I’ll leave You don’t have to leave your place I will move out of your place The way I behaved towards you
after getting drunk that day… I’m not worthy of asking for
your forgiveness Nor worthy of living in that house I will leave No! Because the walls are painted
your favorite color! Your favorite curtains hang on the windows! You live in that house I will leave I am just a poisonous spider for you But a spider can make her nest anywhere Sita I was drunk that night I don’t remember what I did, said I’m saying – I am sorry What good have you done sober either? Never did anything to make me happy You always only made me cry What is wrong with Ram and Sita? They are always fighting I never thought they would
have such troubles Anyway, I think it is time to
paint our sweet, sweet home You choose what color you want No – you decide what color you like No! Ladies first! I like gray
What do you like? Gray? Disgusting!
Is gray a color? I would die of disgust! But – what’s in a color, anyway? Why should I upset her by saying
I don’t like gray? After all, Gita is more important What’s up? You don’t like gray? Gray! Wow! How did you know gray is my favorite? Really? Really! I love gray! I-love-gray Another thing – What kind of paintings do you want?
Guests will see the living room Ladies first! No! You have to choose this Okay! Let’s put up photos of Gods The house will get a pious mood And the Gods will bless us Did I choose right? You are lying You’re not religious at all Now I am sure –
you don’t like gray either Really! I’m telling the truth No! You are lying You’re agreeing with me to please me No! And you are hiding your true feelings I want to see the real Shyam How can I convince you? I am the same inside and out I love the color gray, and I love God Wrong! You are lying! A home without trust turns into a battlefield Understood? Liar! Gita! Please try to understand me Whatever I did, I did to get you What should I say,
and what should I hide? My head isn’t working Ram doesn’t listen to Sita
so she has the right to be upset But I agree with everything Gita says!
And she is still upset with me! God! These women are driving me crazy! Sita! If our opinions don’t match,
it must be a shortcoming in me If our desires don’t match,
it must be by my shortcoming too But, you think we aren’t made for each other It must be because of my flaws But, how can I convince you that
you are, and will remain, my dearest friend? All I hope is that you’ll never
have to suffer because of me This place is yours from now on I am looking for another place for myself Until then, I will be gone before you rise And I will return when you’re asleep Yes, I made huge mistakes I am sorry But, Sita –
-it is human to make mistakes You should have given me
a chance to reform myself Perhaps my offense was unforgivable But I hope you didn’t rush to
a conclusion about me Anyway – You just be happy He painted the walls overnight? For you? Don’t you think he still loves you? He is trying to change himself No! He is trying to impress me But, I’m not impressed The Boss is here! Boss! Open the laptop! Study a file! Good Morning, Sir! Good Morning! Anybody late? No! Where is Mr. Ram? Where is Mr. Ram?
I don’t see him anywhere Where is Mr. Ram? Good Morning, Sir! My pen fell. I was picking it What is that? Why do you have maroon paint on your hand? Maroon? Shyam – what happened? What? I don’t know… I’m just getting here You should know it yourself Sir – I’ll tell you how, but… Only if you don’t mind Of course, I won’t! Please tell me There are orphans in my village And the elderly They’re so poor they drink water
and go to sleep each night My salary isn’t enough to support them So, I’ve taken extra jobs during the night Sometimes I carry loads Sometimes I work as a guard I got a painting job last night Mr. Ram – Are you telling the truth? Yes, Sir! The absolute truth Ask Shyam if you don’t believe me Me? Ask Sita – they’re from the same village Sita’s parents have been helping Ram
with the charity work he does No, no, Sir! Yes, Sir! I mean to say – Yes, Sir! Why are you so nervous! Bravo! Bravo! All parents should have sons like you! I’m increasing your salary this month on By five hundred rupees And every month I’ll make a donation
to support these orphans and elderly Please call your parents here immediately I really want to meet them! Why did you have to drag me in? Do you know what would’ve happened
if my parents had come here? What? I would have lost my job They’d have killed me for living
together with Ram If my parents find out I am
living together with Sita… …they’ll skin me alive! We can’t let them come here I’ll lose my job, and my life Don’t worry! I have a solution to every problem I won’t let your parents get here Leave it to me Happy? Ram! Sita! How do you like this? We came without telling you.
What do they call it? Surprise! We thought you’d not call us So we came here on our own To live with you and enjoy Pokhara Shyam! Pinch me! What? Pinch me! This is not a dream!
This is really happening! This is not a dream!
This is really happening! These are our parents! These are our parents! What will happen now? #Our lives are ruined!# Greetings! We are very close friends Oh really! So you live with Gita? yes.. And Ram – you live with Shyam? Yes! Precisely! Shyam and I, Sita and Gita live together Dad – I need a minute Shyam, come here God! What did we do to deserve this? What should we do? My parents will kill me if
they realize I live with Ram More trouble! What happened? Boss! This is like falling from the
frying pan into the fire… We’ll lose our jobs! Don’t worry! I have a solution to every problem you take care of the parents I’ll take care of the Boss Right? Okay, done! Yes! Ram – Where did Shyam go? Do you see that mustachioed man?
He is our Boss Shyam has some work with him
He’ll be back Boss? We should meet him No! No! He never meets the parents of his staff Sir! Do you have a hundred thousand rupees? A hundred thousand? Why? Do you see those people? They are collecting donations to start an
orphanage, like Ram’s But they won’t accept anything less
than a hundred thousand rupees How can they fix donation amounts? I’ll give whatever I want to give But a hundred thousand is a bit too much Of course, Sir! But you can’t reason with them Be cautious! They are very dangerous I’ve heard they have hypnotizing skills If, by mistake, you look into their eyes
they will hypnotize you control you and empty your bank account They’ll empty my bank account? Yes, Sir! That’s why they want to meet you Ram is keeping them away Do you want to meet them once? Has a mad dog bitten me that I’ll
meet them and empty my bank account? Shyam – can they really hypnotize people? Should we call them for a test? No! I read about them in the papers Didn’t you read about them? No! I didn’t! If this is true, they are very dangerous I’ll go home now Keep them away from me, okay? Okay I will try my best Try! Try! But sir, remember – don’t look into their eyes If you do, they’ll hypnotize you
And empty your bank account! They’ll try to stop you, but don’t you dare! Protect your money! Run! Run! Yes! Start the car! Start the car! What a rude man! He hid his face and ran from us! He is an uncivilized moron! Ram did say he was weird What should we do now? I think we should go to the apartment Uncle! Could we have a moment, please? We are discussing how to give you
a surprise, like the one you gave us Please, stay away What should we do? You say you have solutions Find one for this problem Yes! You are right! I have a solution to every problem listen! The think I live with Ram, and Sita with Gita I will go to your place with Gita and
leave her stuff there and bring your stuff to our place From today, Ram lives with Shyam
And Sita lives with Gita Problem solved! Don’t worry, be happy! Until I call you, show them Pokhara city! Please be safe! This is where our daughter lives See you tomorrow! Thank God we’re home now I was getting dizzy from sightseeing Mom, let’s go inside You must be tired Ram and Shyam live way over there Please come Uncle, Aunty, Greetings! Please come, sit It is good that you’ve come The kids will go to work soon We were wondering how to spend the day That’s why we came We can spend the day together Ram will take us home in the evening Mom! There’s food in the kitchen Please eat it Gita! Come quick! We’re running late I’m here! We have to go now I’ll come in the evening Let’s move Disgusting! Look what the world has come to! Boys marrying boys, girls marrying girls! “Same-sex marriage becomes legal” These are called same-sex marriages It is legal in many countries around the world What is wrong with the kids these days? Where is their shame gone? Don’t their parents teach them better? Parents these days don’t have the time They’re too busy making money They don’t teach children the distinction between right and wrong Of course, the kids will turn out funny Rich kids grow up with nannies They don’t get any love from their parents Of course they get spoilt Where would they learn values like ours?
This is what we get – Boys marrying boys, girls marrying girls! Wonder how they consummate
their marriage! Shut up! You’re such a lecher! Just thinking about it makes me… Thank God nothing like this
is happening in our country At least we have taught our kids
the right values Ah! Let’s change the topic Why waste time talking about this? Should we go sightseeing instead? Let’s go! I feel nauseous after hearing
such disgusting news in the morning Dad! Why are you screaming? People are coming out – see? They look like Sita’s relatives Let’s go find out May we ask you something? Is it okay to ask? Of course. Ask! Would any of you feel awkward
if I asked you about marriage? No, no! Do you get upset when you hear
religious names, like Ram, Sita, Ravan? No! We known those names forever In that case – Who is Sita’s husband? When did she get married? In whose presence did she marry? Sita’s husband is Lord Ram Thousands of years ago, in Janakpur,
she married before King Janak We’re not talking about Goddess Sita We’re talking about the harlot Sita
who lives in this house! What did you call my daughter? Here! take this! Who is my daughter married to? Answer me! Hit them! What are you doing? What are you doing? You think you can beat us just
because you are bigger than us? You’re still talking back! She is living with the person she married! “Boys marry boys, girls marry girls!” No! That’s impossible! How can she be married to the
person she is living with? Sita told us herself! She is living with the person
she married! We are not lying! This is a fact– She is living with the person she married! Run before they crack your ribs! None of this is the truth Those sinners are lying about by daughter Really? Why would they lie? Would anyone keep lying after
such a beating? I had thought of making her my
daughter-in law… But… disgusting! My daughter will become your
daughter-in-law! Please accept her! She is a very good girl! We’ve just seen how good she is! We wanted to talk about getting
Ram and Sita married But, Sita has already found a spouse! What will the villagers say? They’ll kick us out of the village! Please don’t say that! Please don’t tell the villagers! I’ll talk sense into my daughter’s head I am sure she will mend her ways After that, Ram and Sita can marry I’ll never marry my son to a girl like her! We should find out the truth first! How can we believe what
total strangers tell us? But… Excuse me! Who are you? Who’re you looking for? Greetings! We are Ram and Sita’s parents We are the landlords here Then perhaps you can tell us
about Sita and Gita… What we just heard about them… …is that the truth? How can we tell? Kids these days
don’t listen to anybody! Apparently everything goes between
Ram, Shyam, Sita and Gita! We have witnessed their immoral acts
so many times! Everything goes between Ram and Shyam? What do you mean by that? Immoral characters! What? Ram and Shyam are like the girls? Yes! Ram and Shyam are the same Everything goes between them! That’s what we are saying! They have no respect for our old age! Disgusting! Let’s go! No! My son Ram isn’t like that! Oh, God! Imagine what’ll happen
if the villagers hear about Ram! Disgusting! I’d thought of making Ram my
son-in-law… But after this… no! Please don’t tell the villagers about this Don’t let them learn about this I’ll make sure Ram marries Sita Can we stop talking about this?
We were going sightseeing, remember? The rubbish people tell you around here! I know! Such bad news in the morning! Look! The kids’ Boss! Sir! Sir! We need to talk to you! My god! These people have followed me here! Run! Please wait!
We need to talk to you! What is wrong with this man? He always runs away from us Hide in here! Where did he disappear? Look around there! Go, look over there! Where did he disappear? Where did he go? Why does he run from us? Really! Why does he run from us? Careful! Please, walk carefully! Careful! Ghost! Sometimes picnic, sometimes late night parties sometimes disco… Where have those days gone? Everything stopped after
you two started fighting Stop fighting with Sita! Gita is another headache We are always fighting I can’t please her no matter how hard I try Your problems are yours to solve It is easier to solve other people’s problems When the problem is your own,
you begin to empathize with others You should make up with Sita Or I will lose Gita Don’t you get it? Can’t you do this much for me what should I do? What can I do? I’ve tried a thousand times to ask her
to forget what happened But she never lets me pour my heart to her She doesn’t believe that I love her Yes, I was wrong I agree But she should give a chance to change I think women are born to fight with men You don’t listen to Sita – so she is upset I listen to everything Gita says But she is still upset at me! I just don’t understand – Why do women enjoy fighting so much? Not all women are like that Gita loves you a lot… Try to understand Love? Gita? Me? Hello! Brother? Which world do you live in She doesn’t know the first thing about love She gets upset and fights…. that’s all Always asks me to show my “real self” What in the hell is this “real self?” Shut up! Shyam – turn around! Forget it! Shyam has never learned to look back! I’m going to tell Gita clearly – Don’t be too clear… or you’ll get cleared out Let it happen! I’m going to tell her! Tell me clearly, then! Let me hear what you have to say Gita! When did you… We were having fun Fun? Were you? You were praising me What do you want to say clearly? That… I love you! Yes! That … I love you, can’t live without you That’s why I was saying Wasn’t I, Ram? You liar! You are false! You’re a cheat! I’ve finally seen your real self No! Gita, please! This is what I wanted to see No! Gita, please!
I love you, Gita! I’m not a liar, Gita! Please try to understand me! Shyam will take Ram’s wife home They will be wife rapping Idiot! It is called swapping, not rapping Why do you speak English if
you don’t know the words? That was a close save! I know! I’ll give you a great surprise today Ram and Shyam walked out instead! Where are they going? It is night, so they went to sleep What? They sleep together? What is wrong about that? They are friends, after all Friends! Then enlighten me on this – Who will Sita sleep with tonight? Sita will sleep with Gita Why? Aren’t you ashamed to see such
things happening between friends? Why would we feel strange? Let friends do what they want Who sleeps with whom, wakes with whom… These things are normal between friends Look at him! Sometimes he gets upset and goes to Ram’s father to sleep And sometimes, Ram’s mother
comes to me to sleep What is the problem there? What are you saying? Is this a fact? Of course, it is true These things happen between friends You must have close friends you
do the same with? No! These things don’t happen between us I can’t take anymore of this! I can’t tolerate this! What happened? She has fainted again! What did we say so bad that she fainted? Is it epilepsy? It is not epilepsy! She gets headaches When it becomes too much, she says- “I can’t take it anymore!” and faints There’s nothing wrong Please, continue on your way Please, go! Let’s go We should stay away from them What should I do? I have got to do something! Not just something! Do what it takes! You are awake! Of course, I am! Should I stay faint and listen to their rubbish? In that case – listen! Early tomorrow morning, my nephew
will get out of jail! Consider your job done, Uncle But I do nothing for free,
not even for myself How much cash will I get? If I wanted to pay, why would I ask you? First – kick out my tenants Whoever comes to rent that place I’ll ask them for a year’s rent in advance … and give everything to you Your pay is a bit stingy, Uncle However, I will do it for my Uncle Rest assured – I’ll empty your house Alright boys! Hey! Who are you? Tell them, boys!
Who am ? Babu! His name is Babu! That name scares all of Pokhara! Fifty miles from here, when a child cries His mother says – “Hush, child! Go to sleep!” “Otherwise Babu will come!” I think I have heard this dialog before I think I have heard this dialog before I think I have heard it somewhere, too But you haven’t heard Babu’s name Remember this – Because Babu don’t repeat Empty the house and go… Or! Are you the king of this town? Why should we leave? We’re not leaving What can you do? We’ve paid a year’s rent in advance We’re not leaving this place Alright then Boys – get to work! Pick it up! Hello! Ram! Please come home quickly! A thug named Babu is trying
to kick us out of the house What? They threw our stuff out
They beat my parents Please come home quickly! Please, Ram! Come quickly! I’ll be right there. Don’t be scared What happened? A gangster named Babu is in our home He is throwing us out of the house Come, quickly! Babu? Who is this Babu? Let’s Go Leave this house immediately! Otherwise I’ll hurt you so bad You won’t forget me all your life Son! Look at this! They threw our stuff out And beat us, kicked us out Don’t worry, Auntie! Whenever Sita is in trouble Ram appears to protect her So, I have come, too Am I Superman to fight this man? Look at his arms! Do I want to die? Brother Babu – Sorry! Don’t mind! I’ve come so far… Should I help them out by calling the police? If you don’t mind… Go – call the police Before Babu goes out to work He makes sure to feed the Police Isn’t Inspector Ganga Singh still
in charge of this region? Here it comes! Hello! Baidam Police Station
Inspector Jamuna Singh here! Who is calling? This is Ram! Ram speaking! Isn’t Ganga Singh the inspector there? Ganga Singh has been transferred to Jomsom! I am the new inspector here! Who are you?
Give the phone to Ram! This is Ram speaking! Sir – A gangster named Babu is trying
to throw my friends out of their home Please save us, Sir! Please help! Don’t be afraid!
I’ll get there with reinforcement Don’t let them escape! Beat them up! Please don’t say that! There are so many of them They’ll grind me into a paste! Exactly! That’s what I want Let them hit you, beat you! I want you injured and bleeding Then you’ll see Jamuna Singh’s mastery! After that, I can charge them with
attempted murder! Jail for 10 years! I am no ordinary inspector! I am from the feudal times! I don’t file a case without proof! Start getting beaten up! It’s my order! Ok Sir! You didn’t hear anything, did you? No… I didn’t… What did the inspector say? Forget what he said And see what I do! No! Stop! Let him go! Please hit me! Come on! You came here to beat me up! Throw me out of my home! Pick me up! I am not falling for his trick Let’s get out of here May I leave? No. Stay a little longer No – I really should go Stay a little longer Okay, go! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Pick me up! What are you waiting for? What happened? Please stay for tea A little longer? No? Bye! Plan was a success, buddy! Thanks, Ram! Thanks, Shyam! If you hadn’t come, we’d be ruined Ram! The right with which you called me for help …don’t insult it by saying thank you At times of trouble we remember
people who are closest to us Makes me happy Although you hate me outwardly You still remember me inside I am happy with that I watch the moon, stare at the stars Alone, away from the world
My tears tell me I miss you When I was close to you
you didn’t care for me When you are far from me
You feel my absence I remember you constantly
What is your hold over me? Is this love? Is this love? Is this love? Is this love? I am also lost in your thoughts In crowds I search for you, think of you When you are far from me
I feel your absence I remember you constantly
What is your hold over me? Is this love? Is this love? Is this love? Is this love? You used to laugh when I laughed You wiped my tears when I cried If upset at you, you asked the reason why I am far from you today, very far Why do I see your face everywhere? When I am far from your embrace
You feel my absence I remember you constantly
What is your hold over me? Is this love? Is this love? Is this love? Is this love? I troubled you knowingly
Although I didn’t know myself I shed false tears to tease you
And amused myself When my heart brims with pain now
I cry alone When I remember those moments
Alone, I change into somebody else When I was close to you
you didn’t care for me When you are far from me
You feel my absence I remember you constantly
What is your hold over me? Is this love? Is this love? Is this love? Is this love? Come on, Sita! Forget the past Ram is a good man Don’t lose him And stop crying! Come on! Laugh now! Stop this drama! Enough of your drama! Will you agree or not? Or, should I use force?
Do you agree? You’re hurting me! Let go of me! I won’t agree! Do you agree or not? You’re hurting me! Let go of me! No, Gita! You’re hurting me! Enough is enough! I’ll force you into it I won’t agree! Just give in once! I won’t agree! If you agree, it won’t hurt! I won’t agree! You’re still not agreeing! It hurts, Gita! Let go of me! Don’t make me use more force! I won’t let you off so easily! What happened? Why are you vomiting? Those sluts didn’t even shut the door! With the door wide open
they’re doing all kinds of things Disgusting! Enough! Stop vomiting! nothing will come out of vomiting Instead, if anyone sees you They’ll wonder if you are pregnant Stop talking nonsense! Aren’t you ashamed to be making
bad jokes at this age? So what if Sita isn’t here?
I am here for you! Stop being so serious around me Cut it out! Can’t I even touch you now? Let go of me!
I’m not in the mood! I’m not letting go today! I said I’m not in the mood! Don’t force me! Come here, you! Let go of me! What are you doing? It is not good to interfere
with a couple’s intimate time! Aren’t you ashamed of
calling them husband and wife? Have you already accepted that
our son is married to a boy? If they weren’t married,
would they be doing that? One man can lie, two can tell the same lie But the whole world won’t repeat the lie! I always wanted a grand wedding
for my only son I dreamed of buying dresses
and jewelry for my daughter-in-law But that worthless idiot! He went and married a boy! I can’t tell if I have a daughter-in-law
or a son in law! From this day on, we will have
a common vision, a common plan Are we going to be stuck on a common
vision, or will we forge ahead? We swear to unite Ram and Sita at any cost! This will be our duty!
And our religion! Yes! This will be our duty!
And our religion! Dad! Will I get my Sita? If I get my Sita,
you’ll get your Mother Sita! Dad! Have you no shame? It is my age to marry! You are too old You’re a setting sun! You should be looking for
a daughter-in-law! But you’re trying to remarry? Who are you calling an old man? My enemies are setting suns I am still a young man! Alright, Dad! From this day on, we are friends We both have a right over Sita Let’s go and kidnap Sita Then ask her – Will she marry you, or me? What if she chooses neither of us? We won’t give her another choice We’ll tell her we’ll kill her
if she doesn’t marry one of us What a great idea! Now I’m convinced you’re my son Bye, Sita! See you! Look – he dropped Sita off Sita is coming this way Who is she with?
Who is her husband? Sometimes she is with one,
sometimes with another We’ll grab and ask her today Don’t let her go today Start the van Open the door! Dad! I really enjoyed myself Come again tomorrow! See her gumption, Dad? Inviting us to a beating tomorrow! She says she enjoyed beating us! How could she beat up such hapless people? Let’s go to the Human Rights people What’s the point of going
to the Human Rights people? Each time I ask who is Sita’s husband,
we get beaten like a drum Dad! Sita’s husband is our enemy number 1! We have to remove him from our path,
do you get me son? Yes Dad! We have to remove him! But, how? We don’t even know who he is Each time we ask,
we get beaten up Our style needs adjusting, Son! We need a more crooked approach! There she is! Nephew! You’ve grown weak and worthless! You have a big name,
but that’s the point? Where is your big game? I knew you’d bungle up! If they go and file a police report We’ll all rot in jail You don’t have to do anything more for me I’ll make my own arrangements Look at his stupid face! Police! Run! Hide! I am your boss!
Let me hide there! Where is everybody hiding? Come out immediately! Or, I’ll shoot each of you Where is Babu? Babu! Come out! Come out quick! Ganga Singh! It is you! I thought it was the other inspector I realized that… I know how they fooled you Go – beat them up Inspector Ganga Singh is behind you Babu doesn’t do anything for free
– not even for himself Will you pay me? Babu! What am I going to do with you? Why will I give you money? We will pay, sir! Who are you? This is my son, Rang Bahadur This is my dad, Jang Bahadur We have heard your name Everyone in Pokhara is scared of you Babu is much pleased What do you want me to do? It is only a small matter, sir! We want Sita’s husband removed Or, remove the obstacle But you have to bring Sita to me Not to him, but to me! Bring her to us! Bring her to both of us! A small offering, sir! Who is Sita’s husband? What does he look like?
What is his name? Who knows? We’ve suffered because we don’t know We don’t know his name, Or even who he is You’ll have to find out everything Once you find this out
your job is basically done I’ll hit two birds with one stone I’ll kidnap Sita first And ask her husband for money When he comes with the money then, I will kill him Babu – don’t let anyone fool you Don’t believe if I call you on the
phone and say I’ve been transferred Because, he can imitate my voice! Understand? I won’t let them fool me It is time for my revenge! Hey! I knew you’d be here why can’t you forget this place? This is my and Ram’s favorite place We used to come here talk our hearts out Ram loved this place But, what’s your concern with
Ram’s favorite place anymore? Do you still love him? What? I don’t know. I’m confused My heart says Ram is still my love But my head cautions me against Ram People listen to their hearts when in love Haven’t you heard that song? “Don’t keep your heart’s desires locked away” Have you ever heard songs that say: “Don’t keep your mind’s desires locked away” or “there’s love in the head?” You haven’t, right? That’s why love is connected to the heart And not the head, understand? Hey! Call her and make your love story successful Unless your love story is successful,
mine won’t be successful either Why don’t get it? I get it, Mom! You must have been my mother in a past life Then listen to Gita Mommy And use your head to complete
your heart’s connection! Use the head to complete
the heart’s connection? Meaning? Use your head a little– Pick up your phone, call him Please! Okay Try again! Hey! Cat got your tongue? Say something! Talk to him! Sita! Stop crying, please! How did you know I am crying? When you don’t say anything Your eyes start crying I remember everything you remember! How could I ever forget? My only dream in this life was
to stop all tears from your eyes To give you all the happiness in life Who told you that your dream
wouldn’t come true? It takes hard work to achieve one’s dreams But I didn’t try hard I messed up, Sita! I always went after my own happiness Never wondered how you were feeling Would you forgive me if I begged for it? Let’s forget the past and start a new life I will never make another mistake I promise! I’ll never make you cry again Promise! I should be asking for your forgiveness I made mistakes, too I always thought of my own desires Never wondered about your desires Would you forgive me if I begged for it? Are you just going to spew emotional
dialogs and make Sita cry, Or, are you coming to meet her? Gita? Where are you? The same place where you two used
to exchanged your hearts Really? I am there, too! Then get here, pronto! Clear the misunderstanding between
you and start a new life What did Gita say? Stay there until I get there! What did my Gita say? Tell me! Hear that? He wants me to wait
until he gets here Which means, when he gets here
I leave you two alone and leave! He has no respect for me! What did my Gita say? Tell me! Now that you’ve found Sita
You don’t care about me? Sita! Listen! Wait! Sita! Gita! Where are they? Give them a call! Hello! Hello! Sita! What is wrong?
Why are you quiet? This is not Sita! This is Ravan! Ravan? Who? Who are you? I am Sita’s friend Oh! Give this message to Sita’s husband! Tell him she has been kidnapped! Kidnapped? What? Babu doesn’t lie! I’m telling the truth So, you are Babu? Give Sita the phone Sorry! Kidnapped persons aren’t
allowed to talk on the phone But if you really want,
I’ll let you hear her scream Here! Listen! Ram! Ram! Ram! Come and save me! Babu! You’ll regret this Let Sita go! Tell him not to touch Gita! If anything happens to them …have you forgotten the last beating? I haven’t forgotten your beating! I remember everything!
But, you won’t fool me anymore Remember – if you call the police… Bring along a funeral shroud for Sita! What’s wrong? We’ve received many complaints against you
You take money and abate criminals That is a lie All complaints against you are true I investigated everything myself I’m giving you a chance to reform yourself You’re being reassigned to Jomsom
Take this – your transfer order Go to Jomsom, and change your ways If I hear a single complaint, you’ll land in jail Now, you may go! Sorry, Sir! I said – out! You leave today!
Call when you get there Sir! Hello, Babu! What’s up! Kidnapping is successful! Come to my regular place I got Gita with Sita Listen! Cancel the kidnapping! I’ve been transferred elsewhere Let Sita and Gita go! Aren’t you the same Ganga Singh? They’re up to their old tricks! I’m saddened by the news! Please don’t say you’re going to Jomsom? Yes! I’ve been transferred to Jomsom My boss knows everything Babu – cancel the kidnapping
Let Sita and Gita go immediately! I am not that stupid! Not falling for it again! Bring 5 million rupees Or, take two dead bodies home You stupid ass!
I am the real Ganga Singh! I’m really being transferred to Jomsom Cancel the kidnapping immediately! In that case, Ganga Singh… Bring 5 million rupees to my joint I’ll give you Sita and Gita And I’ll throw a party to
celebrate your transfer Moron! Ass! Stupid pig! Why do you want to get me fired? Listen to me! Or, I’ll go to jail Let them go, Babu, please! Enough of your jokes! Don’t try your old tricks again! Send Sita’s husband with 5 million rupees! You fooled me once, you won’t do it again! Hello! Hello, Babu? There! Ram and Sita’s boss Let’s request him to transfer
Gita and Shyam to another city After that, no one will come
between Ram and Sita That’s a brilliant idea!
Let’s go meet him and talk! Sir! Just one minute
We have a request These people are relentless! Run! Sir! Sir! He ran off! Follow that van! How much longer must we wait? I know! Let me go! My Sita is here! Your Sita? Scoundrel! How dare you take your
mom’s name without respect? Let me go! I just want to go home! Sir! What is happening? Here they come! Brother – what’s happening here? Mom! Dad! Sita? Why are you here? Run away! And bring the police! They have kidnapped us! Run away from here, Mom Run that way! Everybody stay put If you move, I’ll shoot you Moron! Ass! Stupid pig! I screamed on the phone to
tell you to cancel the kidnapping But you laughed at me instead Oh! You were the one screaming on the phone! Who else would it be? Your father? You’ll get us killed! Shyam! Ram! Why did you have to make
an action star entry? This is exactly what a hero has
to do to rescue his girl Your entry was impressive But your exit won’t be good Our entry was decent The exit will be even better What is happening here? Why am I hitting you? Because this is an action sequence! Did you want to marry me? No! I need a mother
Dad wants to marry you! Does Dad want to marry me? I swear! No!
How could you shift blame to me? I need… a daughter-in-law! So – you need a mom? And you need a daughter-in-law? Gita! Why are you hitting me? Did you switch sides? Sorry, love! I’m all yours! Control yourself! Okay! Mishra! Yes! Make sure you give him a sound beating Where are you going? I’ll get the police Police? Wait! I’ll come with you! You broke them! What? Everybody stand where you are Babu – if anyone moves, shoot them! Shoot people? Me? For free? Who is paying? Babu does nothing for free!
Not even his own work I took money to kill Sita’s husband I will only kill Sita’s husband Tell me – who is Sita’s husband? How would we know? You have to find that out I think you are Sita’s husband That’s why you keep coming to save her No! Don’t kill my son! Right! Ram isn’t Sita’s husband
He is Shyam’s husband Mom! What are you saying? Quiet! Don’t air dirty laundry in public This is a family matter. Keep it
within the family Babu – Sita’s husband is Gita! Not my son Ram
I’m telling the truth Sita’s husband is Gita Auntie! What are you saying? You’ll have me killed to save him? We’ve known since we got here… That Ram is married to Shyam
And you are married to Sita! But, we pretended not to know This is all a bunch of lies! Sita! Yes! These are lies!
I’m not married at all Yes – these are all lies! Your parents have gone mad! Babu! Kill me! I can’t live with these
obscene allegations Yes! Kill me, too! Babu! Kill me first! Babu! Kill me! I don’t understand anything
What is going on here? Shut up! Shut up! Shoot four people? Who’ll pay me? Babu does nothing for free!
Not even his own work Why did you bring me here? Why? Uncle! Just tell me this – Who is Sita’s husband? Want me to break your nose? Why did you have to carry me here?
Couldn’t you have just called me? Listen! Shyam is Sita’s husband And Ram is Gita’s husband! Confusion! More confusion! Uncle says – Shyam is Sita’s husband Mother says – Gita is Sita’s husband Rang and Jang Bahadur say –
One of the two is Sita’s husband Sita says she is unmarried! Who is whose husband? I will go crazy! I’ll kill everyone! Kill everyone! I’m not Sita’s husband! Either Ram or Shyam is Sita’s husband! I am not Sita’s husband! I am neither Shyam’s husband
nor Sita’s husband! Shyam is Sita’s husband! Who is whose wife? Sita! Nobody comes forward… Otherwise… Sita will get killed! We’ll soon know who is Sita’s husband I’ll count to three Whoever is Sita’s husband… He’ll step forward One… Two… Three… Dad! Save Sita! You go save your mom! So, you are Sita’s husband! I am not Sita’s husband But, I can’t see her die like this I like your style of showing love You were lying till a moment ago Now I know – you are Sita’s husband I’ll watch how long you can save her Ram! Go away from here Don’t worry about me Go away from here Save yourself! I was separated from you once But, no more I don’t want to be away from you again You’ll risk your life for my sake? Go away, Ram! When I was away from you
I realized your importance I realized you are a part of my life I can’t live away from you You can’t live away from each other I won’t let you live together Everybody, stand where you are! Ram! Ram! Leave me Don’t risk your life for me I hurt you a lot, Ram I am sorry, Ram! I am sorry! Before I die, I want to say this – I love you, Ram! I love you! I love you too! Sita! As long as I live… I won’t let any harm come to you I really hate this fire Do you like it? No! I hate it too Thank God! At least we have this in common Sita! After I save you… I will always take care of you I promise! You’re not lying, are you? I wish I could tell lies I always say what I want, do what I want Never paused to ask what you might want If I had made your desires mine… If I had lied to make you happy… Perhaps we wouldn’t be seeing this day I will learn to lie, for your happiness There is no need to lie, Ram You are perfect as you are Just save me from this danger now And I will always listen to you I don’t want to die, Ram! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die, either When I came close to death, I realized
how much you and I think alike We will always remain together, okay? I’m canceling death! You trust me, don’t you? More than I trust myself! Don’t be scared! Sita! You are under arrest! Sir! I came to arrest Babu! Shut up! Arrest everyone! Ram! Daughter! Sita! Mom! Are you alright, son? I’m okay Mom – Gita my husband? Ram is Shyam’s husband? What is all this? I’ve figured it all out I’ll explain later how this
misunderstanding started Let’s go! Gita – Ram and Sita started living
together because of circumstances But you want to… Does every couple have to live
together before marriage? So that they understand each other? This is an effect of western culture The youth today is affected by it This is called a live-in relationship Daughter – no two people can
spend life together without marrying They’ll fight over smallest matters
and go their separate ways If you want to live together for life,
you should enter the holy bond of marriage This is our tradition, our culture,
and our civilization These are values we must
teach our future generation Come on now! Tell us who is Sita’s husband! Tell me who is Sita’s husband! Not knowing will drive me
crazy in the jail! Gita is Sita’s husband! I am not Ram’s husband! What is happening here?

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