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Jupiter Next to the 49% Moon – Saturn & the Milky Way

September 9, 2019

Well hello there.
We’re back again, I think it’s been what three nights in a row?
maybe, that’s pretty cool and I have no idea when the weather’s gonna turn this
sky and not let us see anything so we’re out here again on this Thursday
September 5th, I think, 2019, it’s now 9:38pm and I’ve been out here for about
an hour taking photos on the other camera on the Canon 80D using two
different lenses, that I wasn’t real happy with the new Canon ones I got but
I’m trying to give him a fair shake so so I’ll check all the images in Lightroom,
process them from the Canon 17-55mm that’s an f/2.8, and the Tamron 18-400mm, my good old standby, f/3.5, anyway so we’ll put those pictures in here at the
beginning probably and maybe throughout and we’ve got a cool alignment tonight, we have a 49% moon and Jupiter’s right next door about the 7 o’clock position from it,
but since we were centered on Jupiter we’re gonna head over there first, um, I do
need to change something up and I’ll be right back. Okay tonight we have two of the
planet moons around Jupiter real close to it
Ganymede’s over to the right and Io is off to the left and the other two are out
and about somewhere, I think Europa is out in the front here to the bottom
right and uh Callisto’s either not in the shot or but I’ll be right back here in a second there we go get this clip about, I think it was fifteen seconds now it’s a noisy one probably military okay there we go, we’re back and we have
Jupiter coming in, the bands are coming in pretty well for being so low on the
horizon, and it’s quite watery but now I don’t think the video is gonna pick it
up but I can see on the monitor, I can see that Ganymede and IO flashing, the
ones that are on opposite sides of the planet there, but we see the bands of
Jupiter tilted to the right as it heads down for the evening and that’s a good look at the big guy now there’s a cool shot our tilted moon and Jupiter off to the
left, cool, and so since they’re next-door neighbor’s here okay there we go we have half our moon
there, well 49% lit tonight and since it is pretty low on the horizon it’s
going to come in quite watery, but well we didn’t get that cool flyby like
we did last night, that bird was so cool but let’s just stroll around real quick
and see what’s up oh joy,
dogs again yeah it’s not the greatest time of day to try to get
the moon and Jupiter because they are so low and that means we have to cut
through a lot of atmosphere here try to darken up our light beam area now check out the rest, okay and that should do it for that big guy and we’ll get our full-on look here,
hopefully I’ll have a stacked image to put on the right side, and what that is
is taking a clip from the video footage here and stacking it in a
program, the one I use for a Mac is called Lynkeos, I don’t know if that’s
how you pronounce it but that’s how I do it and there’s other stacking programs that
people in Windows use, and I have a hard time with the stacking so, trying to tweak
it and, oh my goodness, but I do what I’m able to, anyway, so that’s a good enough
look there okay where’s Saturn, I can’t find it, all right
there she is, she, he, it, whatever that bright yellow object is over there and I’ll be right back alrighty, there’s my other favorite planet,
our ringed pal over there in the South heading towards the Southwest. it’s such a cool sky tonight that huge halo ring around the moon,
around the half moon, and Jupiter right next door to it, shining very brightly. I
lost sight of Antares, it must have dipped below the trees already, but that
should give us a good look at all three of them and it’s gonna take me forever
and a day to go through all the pictures I took and and the video footage here
but I hope to have a nice one put up for y’all, anyway I hope everybody out on the
coast is safe and you’re keeping dry there’s no damage out there and that
everybody’s having a great Thursday night, Friday’s upon some of you, and who
knows, Saturday for some of you folks down under I don’t know, maybe, anyway I’m
gonna wish you all great night and a wonderful whatever day of the week it is
for ya. alrighty, good night from Northeastern Ohio on this cool and
mainly quiet night, no ruckus tonight let’s keep it that way, all right, take
care now, good night


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  • Reply The High Priestess September 6, 2019 at 12:51 pm

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