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Joining an Online Session from a Phone or Tablet — Android

March 26, 2020

Hello, this video is going to show you
how to get into your online tutoring appointment just from your Android phone
or tablet. First step is to go to the Play Store and then search for and install
Google Chrome if you don’t already have it. Otherwise, open it and then go to and then press on the three dots on the top right corner of your screen and then press
desktop site. Now, if you don’t already have an appointment, this is where you
should make your appointment. Now once you have an appointment press on the
three bars on the top left corner of your screen and then press ‘Bookings’.
Press on your appointment and then press ‘Join Session’. Make sure that your video
is working and then press next. Then make sure that your microphone is working,
then press next. Make sure that you can hear music, and then press join. At this point, I recommend you to go into horizontal mode, rather than vertical mode. Then you’ll see that you have access to yours and
your tutors microphone and camera and you can write from your finger, you can
draw lines or shapes or use the text tool if you don’t want to use your
finger and you have access to pretty much any other features are available. Ask your tutor for more info and good luck on your session!

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    Great. More content please. also, Let's Be youtube partners xo

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