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February 16, 2020

this is resting yeah seen the green yeah
you see the bio tub guys welcome down to part two and you’re in for an episode
tree is a first hole first off just let’s just start with the green what do
you think to that that’s gonna be fun how many balls are going to put it lots
and lots of yellow stake sir and then obviously they’re looking at the shape
of the hole so we’re going to be going over the corner I think yeah over the
corners only 181 70 meters so a couple of hundred yards to clay kind of very
difficult to see visually as well yeah so that’s the line there so think but
probably go for the second tree going for that second tree yeah was that by in
a second let’s see how we do we you join us part two of a match play between
myself and flip yes lunch lunch in a shame munchin ash I’m here in munching on the one chance or joined by hack or
the three musketeers are here to declare them trees so bearing in mind the last
part three we just played it’s the same book to clear them I think II don’t sit yeah okay I’m just right
behind you so near that bus was a proper bailout
that was no cojones you better off putting it around a hundred yards away so what you’re hitting then up 47 all
right play loves our family yeah never used to light fire grounds but before
I’m gonna make you my best friend who’s it’s okay safety first did use that amount at 166
I fired flick it small just for the darker pitch when the last one didn’t
realize I clicked it over to manual setting by mistake right so we’ve got
Fletch here in the fairway just plan you round to the green so it is literally
surrounded by water and there is my boy not very very lucky so my hook made the
ball come out a lot lower land a lot quicker in the fairways a little bit
damp a little bit wet therefore it didn’t roll otherwise that was going out
of bounds which I didn’t realize was there have you got 125 for flat saw the
screen as we drove in and that’s what caught my eye was surrounded by water so
this is a sakteng hole to play daunting hole 125 got wedges in hands there is a
big green so we shouldn’t miss it both flesh he’s got a 9-iron hand you had a
name tag along that either no it’s still there there’s still a golf
ball there hopefully you’re gonna fall in for your third shot 104 yards mr.
Carter yeah no 54-degree 54-degree yeah
sandwich sandwich oh okay nice smooth recall to them winds
up the right in the middle of the green he’s on the money oh yeah 104 yards Fair
Play Oh Philpott chance the birdie okay Fletch ease up now he’s got the
wedge he’s ready and prepped I’ve got that for my birdie Fletcher’s got this
chip for the birdie worst case up and down let’s try and
threaten the hole with a birdie chip he’s gonna do something see where it
just goes magical any minute now it hasn’t left the genie
out of the bottle yet all right well he will be doing so later all right right
Celeste downhiller you seen it go
I should have baseball player I would no no all right no he say open get it oh look
take it away Gandhi this is this to go free up Carter free
help making so many birdies it’s great well just can’t have them we can have
three over three four don’t feel sorry – told you we should have played sure play
daddy graders just played a nice layup to the front of their yeah really good
lay up there well done glad you made that three of
you spray up it is on to the next right one hole number 14 guys 458 meters
approximately off 500 yards uphill out of bounds left it’s a wind int yes on
wind yeah I might take 3-wood off the tee or rescue Danny yeah we try a shortcut a beautiful Dre
that is a monster I was big back yeah I’m definitely him ruscus yeah I was big
shot mentally be watching you and three were
three or three would watch Joey you got the job you can’t listen to come on
Chris okay Tony okay Tony come back he’s on starts here
I don’t I’m aiming to not make it apart three great Drive yeah okay so we are in
the middle of the fairway we’re with Fletch and I just got that
driver back out we are rock so I can see the 200 meter sign they’re actually just
next to my ball or just pannier my ball we’re looking at about 250 meters into
the breeze so drivers the ballsy play to try and just get it up close to the
green thing you had see that hopefully against a bit everyone it’s gonna be a
big big second drive it out I’ll hit it really have you make a nice dinner
confidence this guy is so confident today I so runner just gone over the hill
through Betsy you chase down there it sounded like a decent strikes we fell off the deck dr. Carter’s monster drive
what is up in out just just a 6-time for you that car sir
you know what it’s a six I never else but the ball is not troubling very far
this trip got boring did the wind anyways with their alright
no in four in four or five days a week she’ll be taking seven I when wearing
Mon Todd oh come on Oh left that’s gonna let I go to if more
than a thousand people like this video comes in like you’re coming yeah yeah
alright we’ll see you there bring you I could bring it away – that’s it
right so come to fledge 407 so drivers came a little bit low so pulled up a lot
faster if like is just their mind potentially is in the bunker I’m not
sure whether if the outer bounds on the left ends at all if it doesn’t then I’m
screwed okay we shall see dragged it looking at left bunker or it is just on
the fringe makeable putt from there almost almost a gimme good news guys
final Carter’s ball yes 10 15 yards short of the green do you remember this this screen yeah
sir hole number 10 I watched part 1 guys
what I have a lot below the tree but play the bunker that’s good skip the gut
wedge Shifa gap wedge under the branches is it
what the idea I need to try clip it on the leaf the
branches and land it on the front edge of the green and the left and a flag as
well with a bit more space I think quite close to the tree try the idea Wow what
what marks are you gonna have to have an idea try keep it low what a great shot go on stop stop okay I
feel under too far on me right so as he stands both of those have got birdie
attempts there is my top the top of it that back down the hill towards a fly
Chris she’s coming across the green he was looking at a wedge at aster but now
he’s got the putter out big boy this rolls in big port if this rolls in come
on Chris go go do that first a great throw pot
and alright Andy out is good for me please Charizard could you give him that yeah
take another be tough in that come on car sir make it four up yeah
really you basically need talent you might be a better chip in it then yeah Tony key me my ball just in case he hits
it I don’t want to have a backstop alright okay so I just a bit too much paces and I was
ready to give away if he wasn’t in this position I might off now no chance
that’s at least worth 6 foot way turning just thinks everything six foot barukh in two against one today yes yeah
well don’t Carter good say on the whole number I’ve seen that’s the first
Harvard is there a second right guys so on hole number 15 274 meters is it so
there’s a layup because we have a bunker down there just ahead of us and also
there’s a stream and then tail him round the corner to see you here now yes like
never know Carter might go for it oh he’s got a big dog out yeah tee shot
like the last hole what’s the carry over there it was 222
for to carry that water on the right look here this guy he’s getting warmed
up as well he wants to go I’ve got a feel of the cozaar to practice week I
think I’m gonna go Cobra Cobra Cobra right so we’ve got 222 clear water on
the right oops take back to high power the whole four meters that’s right I’m able at the left corner
the wind’s coming down off the left mmm-hmm softer right that could be a
watery greed yeah I’m laying up positives oh yes tactical
hopsicle winner win this all very tactical injured golfers tend to go
tactical to have to withdraw bucks you sure it’s only one six because we’ve got
7-iron in my hand I trust you Tony I understand me for this bunker go yeah that’s fine there are no problems
okay so we’ve just kindly left a three ball through who played the hole
extremely well so Fletch no pressure I think what I think more than made sure
what they’ve pointed at a ball there and I’m really hopeful at is mine
there is a ball offs on the front edge of the green what are they doing just
leaving golf balls it’s like confetti to it yeah it’s an
expensive round of golf in it so I’m taking one of those guys yes I was
playing a mullet or one let out one $44.99 gone sneaker in their clothes I’m so happy it’s on three gotta go yes
I’m dancefloor great shot you should have said anything I thought was a good
strike yeah okay guys Carter you won’t able to find
his ball so we’ve just given him a drop just up here be nice that’s a pro shop
coming in got lob wedge in hand let’s see if he can put me under some pressure
like he’s been doing all day it’s gone a bit actually oh shut but um
no he’s happy ah Harry says oh this has to go in
alright so birdie time for Fletch birdie putt I’m going to have that down
the hill for a par yeah I think you come up the hill to the right sides I’m gonna
get in line with the pot I see if you can roll this one him stay up stay up stay up oh wow
bogi halves you know what at least you went for it I’ve got horrid port down
and a lot of them forward to my aside he’s a horrible for thinking there’s
Tony well what you read in Tony I’m reading water hazards huh turns out the
pros are right so anyways Carthage’s drop just there to club lines line of
entry get the coffee I’ve got it got it Wow look at that tail
off I really thought I was in there just hit but for a bit a bit you this mishap
it’s very interesting come on crashes much this is massive I really just don’t wanna cut this it’s an
easy pull it’s not much great hate left to right folks we need left to
right down help ease it around no coffee time for Chris no coffee time
for Chris I want a home so is that yet two with three to play in the end of
Part two you enjoyed the video please click like massive thank you to ash home
Golf Club here in one tchen and that’s it on the comeback to down with three to
play join us in part three see you soon great stuff and I switch this off


  • Reply lee goodwin November 7, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    Better than part one 😂
    Fletch has perked up!

  • Reply lee goodwin November 7, 2017 at 7:35 pm

    I prefer hungover Fletch!

  • Reply GT interactive November 7, 2017 at 7:40 pm

    Why didn't you drive around in buggies this time – hmmmm – do they have an alc test at Aschheim, I wonder?

  • Reply Klaus Hergesheimer November 7, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    That was almost solid golf. I prefer Fletch's way of playing #15 — even made birdie a few times hitting 6i + 8i. Next time you are here you should do a course strategy video on risk & reward.

    I am anxious to see how you played #17. Quite a few members hope for lightning to strike that tree…

  • Reply Jesse Jeffries November 7, 2017 at 8:21 pm

    I love the hole with the island green. Beautiful course

  • Reply Mike Ferrannini November 7, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    Some beautiful holes there…..still undecided and I was hoping Tony would tee it up on 1 hole and hit Carter's F7

  • Reply Jesse Jeffries November 7, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    Can you guys bring Tony along on every vlog. Lol

  • Reply Keith Williams November 7, 2017 at 8:56 pm

    How many remember the old Molitor?

  • Reply zaphod2 November 7, 2017 at 9:08 pm

    Carters and Ian Poulters swing are identical

  • Reply Dave Allen November 7, 2017 at 10:03 pm

    Driver off the deck when you are pissed….are you mad Fletch! Hahaha

  • Reply Howie Land November 7, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    Enjoyed Tony's banter! My favorite comment came a bit after 6:54. 🙂

  • Reply Jeremy Draleau November 7, 2017 at 11:17 pm

    Is Fletch really gaming a TM R9 driver? Hook the guy up CartDawg

  • Reply Gerard Funds November 8, 2017 at 2:44 am

    I'd love to take on that Island green…hole 13… great vlog!!! #CarterGolf

  • Reply Brian Chowaniec November 8, 2017 at 3:26 am

    What irons are those fletch

  • Reply Dawson McNew November 8, 2017 at 5:09 am

    Not to nitpick but when you can GET A BETTER CAMERA, just sayin'.:-))

  • Reply Chongo bhoy McCaul November 8, 2017 at 8:03 am

    What handicap is Tony ?

  • Reply charles rogers November 8, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    Change name channel to andy carter pga much better than the name now then also people associate you to the channel and you get more credit and recognition. Just little tip as enjoy all the youtube golf bunch.

  • Reply Heidegolfer November 8, 2017 at 7:03 pm

    Great vlog again. I was wondering, how hard it was for Carter not to try and drive the 13th hole. Driver to an island-green must be a sensational feeling. Or can we see this in the "lost tapes", Fletch mentioned earlier on…? 😉

  • Reply Malcolm A. November 8, 2017 at 9:00 pm

    This mini-series just gets better; super golf and even better banter.
    Nice to see Fletch on a bit of a comeback.
    Now on to part 3!

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