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iPadOS Mouse Support in Lightroom CC Mobile

November 1, 2019

– Mouse support on the
iPad Pro is a game changer. (hip music) What’s up? This is John from John
Branch IV Photography. And I’ve had a chance to go ahead and load the iPad OS beta on my
iPad, and I’ve been using it for the last week or so. And I’m just at a loss for
words, at how amazing it is. If you’re not familiar with iPad OS, it’s basically the next OS
that’s coming out for the iPads. Pretty much it’s iOS 13,
but it has a lot of features that are specific to the iPad. One of the biggest ones, is mouse support. While the mouse support is
basically just for accessibility, I found it to be extremely
useful in the last week or so that I’ve been using it. So, let’s take a quick look
at using it, it’s use cases, and also, how it works in Lightroom, because now I can
legitimately edit my photos nearly as quick as I can on my PC. So, yeah, it’s pretty awesome. (laughs) Let’s check it out. So, to start using a
mouse with your iPad Pro, first you need to have a Bluetooth mouse. I got this little cheapy HP
one, which sucks, but it works. (laughs) So, I have it, it was like 40
bucks or whatever, it works. But if you have a Bluetooth
mouse, anyone should work with the iPad. One tip too, I found
out, that Apple mouses actually don’t work, the
newer ones, at least. So, the Magic Mouse 2,
because it doesn’t sync just through Bluetooth,
will actually not work with the iPad Pro
currently, which I’m hoping they’ll fix that in the
actual release of iPad OS. So, on your iPad, go to settings, accessibility, touch. Inside of this menu is where
you can sync up your mouse with your iPad, and
also change the buttons if you need to. I currently have my right click
set up as the home button, since iPads don’t really have
an extra menu that comes up when you right click. So, with my left click,
simulating a touch, and the right click going
home, this thing flies. I can move through the
menus, look at emails, just go through everything so, so quickly. So, let’s go ahead and
jump into Lightroom now, and get a good look at this in action. So, here I am on my iPad
Pro, with my lovely HP mouse. You can see here the
little mouse icon, I guess, if you want to call it that. It’s a little circle,
and it acts as a touch. So, pretty much I’m clicking and holding, so I can drag it, just the same as if I was touching the screen. I set my right click to home button, so I can double click it,
and get all my stuff here. I can go into an app, and get out of it. Double click again and quit it. Oh, and then you got to
click it and drag it off. So, it’s really awesome. But let’s go ahead and
jump into the Lightroom. And I can show you some editing. (hip music) So, as of right now,
Lightroom’s not fully optimized to use the mouse. But either way, it’s been
such a better experience. So, let’s go find some stuff
that we can actually edit. I have a wedding here
that I’m still working on. So, we got a bunch of photos. And here, the groom’s been shot, which I have not finished editing yet. So, let’s jump into that. (hip music) So, the nice thing, since I have this awesome Brydge keyboard, which
if you haven’t checked out my video on that, check it out. It’s in the link above. But, with the keyboard,
I have key commands, and with my mouse now, I
can get around quickly. So, more like a laptop, I
can just sit a hand here on the left side and use my
key commands when I need them. So, for instance, command
C to copy my settings. And now I can scroll over
to a different photo, like this one, and I can command
V, and paste my settings. And it’s just like that. And you see I’m using
the mouse to navigate, and the key commands to paste. And it’s just really awesome. Especially if you have a
set of photos like this, where they’re all basically the same, you can come in and
just quickly go through. Now Lightroom doesn’t have batch editing. So, I can’t do that like I
can on my actual desktop. But, being able to just paste settings, and go to the next one, and
paste the settings again, it’s really, really awesome. Now one thing you’re
noticing in Lightroom is, that if I try and paste too quickly while it’s loading, it won’t let me paste, and it’ll give me this,
can not paste settings. So, I do have to wait on it,
depending on my internet, and how fast that is, it
does make a difference. But, for the most part, I’m
just quickly going in here, and pasting my settings, and
making super quick edits. And I can use G to go back to the grid. And it’s just really awesome. Let’s see if I can find something else. I know I edited some of their portraits. So, that should be in here. (hip music) Or even, for example, I
have a couple of the kiss, so I can come in here,
wait for it to load, copy the settings, hit the check, and I can come back, I
can paste it on this one. Whoop, let’s, you know
what, let’s make sure we’re filtered on 5 stars, yes. (hip music) Paste it here. That looks good. I can crop in a bit if I want to. (hip music) And I mean, it’s just,
it’s so much faster. (hip music) It’s so good. Okay, let’s edit one or two
more photos, from scratch. (hip music) Here’s a photo. (hip music) So, I can go to geometry,
straighten it up. Go to my presets on the right. Add my preset, which, shameless plug for my Natural Fields Preset Pack, if you haven’t checked it
out, it’s really awesome. Turn up the exposure. (hip music) Let’s handle this white
balance a little bit. (hip music) And there you go. I think it’s a little too magenta. Pull back on that a little bit. But yeah, quick edits on the iPad. And then yet again, I can
take this and copy it. (hip music) And I can go to this photo and paste it. So yeah, it’s really awesome using a mouse with Lightroom on your iPad Pro. So, that was a quick look at using a mouse on an iPad Pro, with Lightroom, which is, hands down,
hands down, the best. I hope you all enjoyed watching that, and maybe you got some ideas,
or just got super excited about using a mouse on your iPad Pro, once the OS actually drops. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. Hit that bell. Leave me any questions in the comments, about using a mouse with your iPad Pro. And I will catch you all next time. All right, peace! (hip music)


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    I don’t want to be ‘that’ guy, and this is a genuine question, but why buy an iPad Pro and then weigh it down with a MacBook style keyboard and a mouse? I’m finding myself drawn to the same options but then I think this taking away form what the iPad was supposed to be. I guess what people really want is a 2 in 1 device right?

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    Hi John, thanks for another great video! Really enjoying your content! I’m exploring ditching my laptop as my daily carry and just keeping my home pc for all the batch editing. Your videos have been a great guide! Love that you’re answering all the questions I have, with every new video.

    Hopefully batch editing will eventually be available on iPadOS but I’m already loving having less weight to carry in my bag.

  • Reply Marky Mark C July 23, 2019 at 7:38 am

    Hey John, Love your vids dude. Would love to see your full workflow. Are you still importing on your desktop, editing on the iPad, then exporting from your desktop? I'm super close to switching my entire workflow to the iPad but there are 2-3 things that's making it difficult. Exporting out of LR being the main issue. Adobe need to add a few functionalities to resolve these.

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    When I edit weddings on my iPad I just use my left thumb to swipe between photos and my right to paste settings. Then I hold the Apple Pencil for quick adjustments. Honestly this method seems slower to me. Happy to see mouse support – something tells me apple wont implement gestures and scrolling into pointing devices

  • Reply darrenrules88 July 25, 2019 at 12:49 am

    Sweet video love it!! Just wondering from loupe /culling view (not editing view) is it possible to use the mouse scroll wheel to move between pictures like on desktop Lightroom? Would love to use the iPad for culling but tapping thousands of times through wedding photos is pretty arduous 😀

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    Oh wow, how cool is it to open this video and find you’re using a Brydge Keyboard AND a Fuji X-T3! I use both as well!

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  • Reply Adrian-Alexandru Neculcea August 9, 2019 at 11:37 am

    You do have batch editing on Lightroom CC.
    I don't know if the iOS version has it, but macOS and W10 do.
    CTRL + C – copy settings from a photo
    Select photos to which you want to copy the settings or CTRL+A for all (usefull for lens corrections)
    CTRL + SHIFT + V to copy to all selected photos.
    *For macOS, use CMD instead of CTRL.

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