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iPad as a Graphics Tablet for Photoshop? Yes!

January 15, 2020

With the release of brand new operating systems
for the Mac and the iPad, which is the iPad OS and the Mac OS Catalina, you can now use
your iPad as a secondary display. But what’s more interesting is, you can also use it as
a secondary input device. Meaning, now you can use your Apple Pencil as an input. Does
that mean we can also use it as a graphic tablet? Well, of course you can. But the real
question is – how to do it? Also, is it going to be better than a Wacom tablet? Whoops,
I didn’t mean to do that. We’re going to find it all. So without any further ado, let’s
get started. Step one – Make sure that you’ve upgraded
to the latest Mac OS Catalina on your MacBook and the iPad OS in your iPad. Step number
two – Make sure that you have signed in to the iCloud in both of these devices using
the same Apple ID. Now step number three – Turn on Bluetooth and WiFi on both of these devices.
So on my iPad, Bluetooth and WiFi is turned on. Even on my MacBook as well, Bluetooth
and WiFi. The next thing you need to do is to click on this button The Airplay icon will
change into this iPad icon. You can click on that, and then click on your iPad name.
If you don’t see this icon, you can also go to your System Preferences, right there, click
on that Gear icon, System Preferences, and inside of that, click on Sidecar. You can
connect to, you can select device. It’s the exact same thing. And if you open through
this method, there are other options as well – Show Sidebar, Show Touch Bar. You can turn
it off and on and play with all of these settings. So, it’s exactly the same thing as clicking
this icon and connecting to your iPad. So I’m going to close it and click on this one
and click on Unmesh’s iPad. It should be connected. Now your iPad is being used as a secondary
display. You can drag your Photoshop or any other application to your iPad very eas ily,
just like that. And if you want it full screen, you can do that too. Just click on the Full
Screen button right there. And there you have your Photoshop in your iPad. Now you can take
your Apple Pencil and use it as a secondary input device. So let’s go ahead and create
a new Adjustment layer. Click on the Adjustment layer icon right there and let’s choose Curves,
one of my favorites. Now you can adjust it right from here. Isn’t that amazing? Let’s
add a little Blue to the shadows. Click on this drop down and let’s go ahead and choose
Blue. And just take it up from here, and take it down from the Highlight. Have a look, isn’t
that interesting? Also, if you want, you can drag this image to this screen. Actually,
for that you need to use the mouse because I cannot take my Apple Pencil across this
border. So I’m just going to click and drag it and drop it right there. Now, you’re using
the Tools in here and the image is right there. So you can reopen Curves again and adjust
it by looking at the original image right there. So you can have different tools open
in your iPad and the image right there. However, if you just want to paint over the image,
you can also do this. So let’s go ahead and drag the image back to the iPad and drag the
entire Photoshop to the main screen. Now, whenever you want to paint over this one,
you can come back to the iPad. And whenever you want to play with the tools or change
sliders, you can do in your MacBook screen. So, I can take the Brush, right, create a
brand new layer and let’s start painting on this one. I can easily do that. If you want
to change the color, let’s change it to White. Hit OK, and simply paint over it. So this
way you can customize your own workspace. So you can have your images here, maybe your
Curves Adjustment layer over to your iPad, something like that. Let’s make the image
a little smaller. And then bring the Properties right here. You can also bring the Brushes
at the bottom by going to Window and then Brush Settings. And there you go. Let’s just
drag it and drop it over to your iPad. So, this creates a very nice painting workspace
for you. So that’s how you can use your iPad not only as a secondary display, but also
as a secondary input device. Now I know, have a look at it, it still has
some glitches. Now the real question is, will it replace my large Wacom tablet? Well, if
you ask me for my professional work, no, not at all. Here’s why. First of all, the software
is very, very new. So there is meant to be a lot of bugs. Even when I was connecting
the Apple Pencil, something weird happened. And also one time when I was trying to record
the screen, it just stopped for no reason. So there are bugs. Of course, it’s new, so
we can expect that. Number two is, it cannot move from one screen to another. So let’s
say you want to move the cursor from one display to the other. The Apple Pencil can reach only
up to the border and it cannot go beyond that. With a Wacom tablet just like this, which
doesn’t have any display, you can actually move between different screens. Even if you
have three screens, three displays that you’re working on, you can divide your Wacom tablet
to three displays, you can get a bigger Wacom tablet, you can also do it in a small one,
and easily move through them with the help of your stylus or whatever you call it, Wacom
pen. All right. Now, of course there is Pressure Sensitivity both in Wacom and iPad, but in
my opinion, the Pressure Sensitivity on a Wacom is way superior. Now, I’m not saying
it’s not a great feature. It’s an amazing feature that Apple has put up and I thank
Apple for doing this. However, I personally am not going to make the switch to this feature.
I still am going to use my Wacom tablet as my daily driver and separate monitors, actual
monitors, as my secondary displays. And there are lots of reasons for doing that. Now, if I’m not personally making the switch,
there is no point in me hyping up this feature as amazing or great, right? You get the point.
I don’t want to influence you in the wrong way. I’m going to tell you what I use. Now
,the only problem with this feature is that, first of all, it will only work with Apple
devices. So I use Windows as my daily driver. And I understand what Apple is trying to do
over here, because they don’t want to break people away from the ecosystem. I totally
get it. However, I use Windows as my daily driver because my mid 2017 MacBook Pro cannot
handle 4K videos and Premiere Pro and I edit a lot of 4K videos. So, you know, I see no
use of doing that. Now, here’s the most important thing which we should be thinking about. If
you do have an iPad, you should definitely be taking advantage of this amazing feature.
It’s totally cool. However, if you do not have an iPad and you considering to buy it
as a graphic tablet, well, then you should go get a Wacom or something similar, because
you can buy something much, much better that will give you much better results for one
fourth the price of an iPad. Even maybe one fifth, right? If you want a tablet with display,
you can get that too. There are lots available in the market. If you are considering to buy
an iPad as a secondary display, get a display. You can buy a huge 4K display for half the
price of an iPad. Other than those two reasons. If you want to buy an iPad, go ahead, go buy
an iPad. That’s your money, your decision, maybe your reasons. However, but for these
reasons, I think it’s not worth buying an iPad for a graphic tablet or a secondary display
alone. If you’re considering it for other applications, it’s a great device. That’s all for this video. Thank you so much
for watching. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to give us like and also don’t forget
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I’ll see you guys in my next one. Until then stay tuned and make sure that you keep creating.


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    most people dont do this either as your losing so much drawing area and no one draws over 2 screens or makes his pen tablet lose 50% or more of its area from drawing to mousing on the other screen.
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    I think each device has strong points and weaknesses. Painting is a creative process, and having an iPad with native painting apps is a truly amazing experience that Wacom can’t replace. The levels of sensitivity are sufficient in my opinion, in fact, how many levels does a physical pencil have? Or a physical brush? People always talk about pressure sensitivity, but really it comes down to feeling natural. I think Apple Pencil (I got 1st gen) feels as good as a physical pencil. 2nd gen is supposed to have even more. If you actually need something that Photoshop alone can do, then of course you should use it. But if you haven’t tried painting on the iPad with “alternative” apps, then you should definitely try it. You might discover that going back to PC is not an option.

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