Introducing Premiere Rush | Adobe Creative Cloud

September 27, 2019

– [Ashton] When it comes to
making videos on my phone, I love being able to
capture very candid moments but all the videos I take
become these little fragments and I’m not able to really
piece them together. – [Earney] I make urban dance videos around the Los Angeles area. So it’s kind of like an advertisement for them to show off
their moves and skills and usually I like to give my videos to the people in a week. I feel like that’s not enough time. I’m a student and sometimes we
don’t have the time to edit. It’s a process that’s
a little overwhelming. I think first things first the great thing about Premiere Rush is that I can edit on my
phone on my way to class or on my way to work and then I can open up
that same exact video on my computer and edit from there. – [Ashton] I really love how easily I was able to manipulate
the fonts and the colors. It’s just so customizable. There’s so many different
aspects to Premiere Rush that make it an easy app. – [Earney] One of my favorite things is you don’t really have to be
an expert on color correction to come out with a very beautiful image. – [Ashton] I’m really
exited to be able to use it in undergraduate student government where I’ll be able to take videos of all of the events we put on. It gives you a lot of flexibility. – [Earney] I see myself using
this to create more videos because of just how quick
and easy the app is to use. It’s just fun to bring
peoples visions to life. It’s really rewarding.

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