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Interference Glitch – Make This (Alight Motion Tutorial)

November 24, 2019

hello and welcome to make this today
we’re going to make the interference glitch that you see on screen wonderful
let’s get started now for the background for our interference glitch I’ve decided
to use this pyramid and black background that we used in our 2.4 promo to make
this all you have to do is add a rectangle don’t change the size or
anything and then add these two effects pyramid and radial shadow now for
pyramid you can see the settings that I have here I’m just going to run through
them you can pause the video and copy them down if you need to and yeah oh
here we go wonderful and for Radio shadow here’s all the settings for that
as well this effect is mostly composed of block noise and noise for now I’m
going to add block noise now tap plus shape and then add a rectangle make it
fill the screen wonderful tap effects add effect and then go to procedural and
then top block noise this will give us our coarser noise pattern I’m going to
change the size sorry to 5.0 and then I’m going to change the noise to
monochrome whoo wonderful now we can’t really see what’s going on underneath so
just so we can see what our effect is going to look like roughly I’m going to
add displacement map to this layer set the X to 100 and then if we play we can
get an idea of what our effect is going to start to look like wonderful
let’s keep going now let’s add some of the finer noise to the effect let’s tap
on the rectangle we were just working with effects add effect swipe to
procedural and then down to noise we’re going to take the noise and put it above
the displacement map because we want the displacement map to apply to everything
above it it’s actually supposed to be the last step and then we’re going to do
is we’re going to just change the noise so it’s a little bit stronger 0.5 should
do it wonderful now you can see we have a much busier effect with block here and
finer noise elements in it wonderful now it’s time to move on to fine-tuning okay
now we’re going to fine-tune our effect by adding a few little things here let’s
get to the rectangle we went to before and then add an effect and the first
effect we’re going to add is your moving transform and that is stretch access
we’re going to put this above just placed remember because that will apply
to this as well and we’re just gonna stretches that to about three just to
make everything look a little bit more horizontal then we’re going to add
another effect and this effect is under blur directional blur whoa a little bit
too much we’re gonna put this above displacement map as well we’re gonna
trying to strength down just a little bit to three this will make everything
look less noisy and more like horizontal lines will play through and that’s our
basic effect now all we need to do is go into displacement map and we can finish
everything up displacement map is the most important
part of this effect it takes the noise pattern we’ve made and applies it to the
pyramid background that we created before I’m not going to explain all the
details but I will show you what settings I’ve used for offset I started
with zero and then in the x-direction I increased and then decreased the value
over time the further away you get from zero the more distorted the effect will
be and so I have it going from nothing to distorted it back to the original
version I’ve set x and y both the luminance because I don’t want any color
to affect my displacement and I’ve turned from center on if it’s off you’ll
see that the pyramid will move with the displacement but if it’s set to on the
pyramid stays in the center and that’s everything I hope you liked it
hello and thank you for watching this far if you have any questions at all
about anything we’ve done here please put them in the comments and we’ll do
our best to answer them and if you’ve actually used this in any of your videos
please leave us a link so we can see it no channel links just video links please
yeah alright if you have any feedback at all just please let us know and have a
good day


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