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Interface Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Ep1/33 [Adobe Photoshop for Beginners]

October 21, 2019

(upbeat electronic music) – [Gareth] Hello and
welcome to first video in this beginner’s guide
to Adobe Photoshop. In this tutorial we are
going to kick things off from the very start. In this video we are going to take a look at the Adobe Photoshop interface. Now the first version of
Photoshop was released in the late 1980s. With all the innovations and new features that have been introduced over the years, up until now the interface itself has not changed all that much. For those of you that are
completely new to Photoshop, I’m going to show you around
and introduce you to some of the things you need to be aware of. Now I’m currently using Adobe
Photoshop CC 2014 for Mac. If you’re using an earlier
version or Windows, some things may be a
little different in parts but in principle it should be the same. So if you have Photoshop open
and wish to follow along, you will need to first come up to Window, scroll down to Workspace and scroll down and select Essentials. Then to make sure we
all have the same setup, we must again go to Window, Workspace, and then scroll down and
select Reset Essentials. This will then set the interface to the Essentials default layout and you should have something
that looks like this. Now don’t worry if your setup is not exactly the same as mine here, what you should have is
the default settings. Just follow along and you should be fine. What you will come to learn later on is that you can customize this layout but what would help right now
is for you to have the same or similar layout so you
can follow along with me. Now one other thing you need
to make sure you have active is the application frame. The application frame is the gray space you see here in the background. If we come again to Window
and scroll down to the bottom, we have the Application Frame here. So if I click this to turn it
off, we can see the desktop. Now we can work like this
but I find it must easier to work with the application frame on. So for the duration of this course, we will need the application frame on. So I’ll come back to Window, scroll down and click to activate it there, perfect. So this is Adobe CC and with CS6 and CC we
have this dark interface. If you’re using an earlier version, you’ll be looking at the light interface. Now if for whatever reason you wish to toggle the interface color, if you come to Photoshop
on the top toolbar, I believe this is in Edit for Windows, scroll down to Preferences
and select Interface. It’s here you can toggle
the lightness and darkness at the top of this menu. I like it dark so I’m going
to select the darkest option and click OK. So to begin, I’m going
to open up a document, this document is going help me demonstrate various functionality of the program which we are going to be covering a little later on in this video so be sure to open this
up and follow along. Now this document can be found
in the introduction folder in the project folder. Now you can download this
project folder for free. The download link is in the description. So with the project folder open, click on Introduction,
Interface Introduction and open the Interface Introduction file and you should have something
that looks like this. Okay so let’s take a closer
look at the interface. So on the far left we have
this tall, slim panel. This is the tools panel
and contains all the tools that can be used in Photoshop. As you can see, we have
lots of icons here. To activate the tool, we simply click it or press one of the many
shortcut buttons on the keyboard. We know which tool is active because it will have a
highlight square behind it on the tools panel. In Photoshop we will be using many tools and most tools have their
own unique mouse-cursor icon. You will notice that as we use the tool, the mouse cursor will change, indicating which tool we have activated. So if we look carefully, we can see that almost all the icons have a little white arrow
in the bottom right corner. If we click and hold an
icon with a white arrow, this will reveal more tools in that set. For example, if I click
and hold on the pen tool, we can see an extra four
tools within that set. If I click and hold on the shape tool, we can see a variety of tools that can be created very easily. So keep in mind that
some tools work in sets. Now if we take a closer look
at the bottom of this panel, we can see two overlapping squares. Now if you’re new to Photoshop, you may not be familiar with this. What this represents is a foreground color and a background color. The top square is the foreground and the bottom square
is the background color. So right now we can see
that the foreground color on the top is black and the
background color is white. Now if you look closely,
just above the foreground and background color in the tools panel, we have this little button called swap foreground and background. And if I press this, it’s
going to swap the foreground and background color like so. So very easily, we can
swap the foreground color and the background color. Now to the left of the swap
foreground and background we have another little button and this is the Default
Foreground and Background. If I press this, it’s
going to set the foreground and background squares to black and white. Now we can’t really see
this happening at the moment as our colors are already black and white, though should the foreground and background color
be set to other colors, clicking this will set
them to black and white. So as you can see, the tools menu is currently in one column. If we look closely up to the
top left of the tools panel, we can see these little
arrows pointing right. If I come and click this once, we can change the panel to a double column and if we press this again, we can go back to the single column. For the duration of this course, I’m going to click and set my
tools panel to a single row. Now if we move to the top of our window, we can see the standard
toolbar across the top. From here we can access
various properties, controls, and initiate some of the
creative features in Photoshop. But we’re not going to go
into this too much right now. Just under the top bar,
we have the control panel. The control panel spans the
entire width of the screen, just under the main menu at the top. Now this control panel is really useful as this will display various
properties and options of a particular tool you have
selected at any given time. You will soon realize that this is one of the most key panels in the program and as you use Photoshop, you will be referring to this panel a lot. So if I move down through the tools menu and click on each tool, notice how the control panel changes. This is displaying all the various tools and options of that tool that can be toggled and used accordingly. Later in the course you will be learning how we will use this panel as we start to use the various
tools in the tools panel. So keep in mind, as you
use your tools, keep an eye on the control panel as
this is really useful. Moving over the the right-hand side, we have some panel visible and another slim panel with icons. These icons represent panels
that can be made visible by clicking on them. Here we have history and properties. If I click on the icon once,
the panel will snap out.], if I click the icon below, this will snap to reveal that panel. If I click the icon again,
the panel will snap back in. Next to this we have some
panels that are already visible. Here we can currently see
the layers, libraries, and color panel. Now if you look carefully, these panels also include
other panels as tabs. For example, on this layers panel, we also have the channels
panel and the paths panel. What you will soon discover
is that these panels, like the control panel, are essential in order to produce
work in Adobe Photoshop. In order to have a swift
workflow in this program, it will help to have a
comfortable setup of these panels. Now in Photoshop you can arrange and customize these
panels in various ways. I’ll be demonstrating how to
do this in the next episode and I’ll be recommending
an effective setup though what you see
here is a default setup. Now if I come to the very
bottom of the window, we have this thin strip. This also contains some
useful tools and visual aids. If we look over on the far left, we have the magnification of our document. This will give you an
indication, at a glance, of what percentage we are looking at the artwork in, the canvas area. We can also use this to zoom in and out of our document precisely. We can do this by clicking in the box and typing in a specific value. For example, I can type
in 50 and press enter and I will see my artwork at 50%. To the right of this, we
have a visual aid box. To the right of this, we can
see a little white arrow. Now if I click this, we
can choose from a list of what we want to display in this box, for example, I’m going to
choose Document Dimensions. In here I can see the size of my document. If I click and hold on this box, it will also give me a quick
glance at the width, height and resolution of my document, convenient. So next I want to touch on document tabs. Now what are document tabs? Well currently we have this document open and if we look carefully in the top left corner just
under the control panel we have a tab that
shows the document name. Now sometimes you may find yourself using multiple documents at any time. In Photoshop you can have
multiple documents open at once. For example, let’s quickly
create a new document. I’m going to come to File,
New and just click OK and there it is. And let’s make one more,
File, New, and click OK and we have another. Now look again closely at the top left just under the control panel, this time we have three tabs. Now we can click these to
navigate to other documents. If I click the far left tab, we are back to our first document. If I click the next
tab along to the right, we can see the new document and if I click the next tab along, we can see the other document. So as we use multiple documents, we can simply click on these
tabs to navigate around. So when we start to use multiple documents later on in the course, we will be using document
tabs in this way. So I’m going to close
these two documents down by clicking on the x icon
on the far left of the tabs until I am back to my original document. So that’s a brief overview of
the Adobe Photoshop interface. In the next video, we will
be taking a closer look at the work panels where
I will be showing you how you can customize your panel layout to get a more comfortable
and tailored workspace. See you in the next video. (upbeat music)


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