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Install Adobe Creative Cloud on a PC

September 8, 2019

In this video we’ll show you how to install Adobe Creative Cloud on your Windows PC. To begin, open a web browser and navigate to Scroll down and click on Adobe Creative Cloud. Next, scroll down and click on the orange button to download Adobe Creative Cloud products. Enter your UM email address and click Sign In with an Enterprise ID. Sign in with your CaneID and password on the single sign-on page. After you authenticate through DUO, you’ll be taken to the Adobe Creative Cloud home page. Next, click Download Apps under Creative Cloud. Next, click the blue Download button. Now click Run. Now, click Yes to open the Creative Cloud Installer. Next, enter your UM email address and click Sign in with an Enterprise ID. Now you’ll be redirected to the UM single sign-on page, where you’ll sign in with your CaneID and password. Authenticate with DUO. Now, click Start Installing. From here, you’ll be able to install, update, and uninstall any Adobe Creative Cloud application. After installation is completed, you’ll be ready to use the Adobe Creative Cloud control panel. This is the easiest way to install any of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Here you can manage your installations, uninstall them if you need available storage space, and update them, in a much easier fashion than visiting the Adobe website each time. Click open to enjoy any of your Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

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