Install Adobe 2020 On Windows 7 [FREE] | Multi Language Subtitles

February 15, 2020

Hello, Youtubers and welcome to another
video tutorial, in which I will be covering how you can install any version of any product of Adobe Suites, including the CC, Creative Cloud, and 2020, on any version of Windows, including Windows 7 and above. The reason for this tutorial is that many people using Windows 7 aren’t willing to update to the latest
Windows 10 and that’s fine, that’s their decision but they should know that Windows 7 has run out of its support, that’s why many software companies
aren’t willing to support the older version of Windows; so they can’t install the latest CC or the latest version of Adobe products, which is known to be 2020. I’ll show you how you can do it and although I am using Windows 10, don’t worry, I have tried the same method on another machine having Windows 7, it is completed successfully
and the software is fully functional. I couldn’t record a tutorial because the machine isn’t mine. That’s why I’m recording on my Windows 10 machine. First, disable your security software or
antivirus, see the proof; Notice my protection is
disabled, the antivirus might detect that this file is a trojan or a malware or a suspicious file but trust me, it’s completely safe. I tried it and it’s successful. Extract this file, link provided in the description, using 7zip archiver, link in the description, extract the files, here. Note that this software isn’t mine to take credit for. You’ll find this file md5 checksum file, if you don’t know what this does, you
can safely delete it. Open this application, yes. You have three options, honestly, I haven’t tried the first two options, because I have already the Installation files, you can mess around. I selected the 3rd option. Please you have nothing to lose if you
already have the installation files, and if it doesn’t work on your PC, this
software is only 2.7 megabytes. You lose nothing for this software to
work. Locate this file called: driver.XML that contains the preference and settings of the installation, it is found inside: products folder and here it is. Open it and wait for a few seconds. As a bonus, you will notice the
bundled packages that will be additionally installed. Feel free to change settings. I just don’t need this, that is my decision, you can leave it checked. You can change the installation directory if you like. You can add other languages to use. I chose my options. When finished, click Next. This option will enable cracking the software, faking its registration. I will uncheck this option because I do
not support software piracy, to use software please support the developer by buying it and don’t be cheap. Plus this option might cause instability issues, I would not risk crashing software while working on big projects. Click Next. Review your options. Notice software isn’t installed yet. Click install. Reminder: this works for all adobe products. It will take some time. I’ll skip this part to save your time. After a few minutes, the installation is completed successfully. Notice that the product is listed. Thank you for watching it. Did you like the video? Please like and share 🙂 Subscribe to this channel to support it and stay tuned in for more. Future videos will cover different topics. THANK YOU for watching 🙂 Good-bye.

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