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Ink Smudge Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

August 29, 2019

Hello, everyone in this tutorial we gonna see how to turn a picture into this “Ink Smudge Portrait Effect” that you can see in here and we’ll be using three elements this two ink textures and this brush in here and you will find down in the description bellow a link to each one of those that we will be using for this tutorial Alright fantastic, so LETSGETTOIT!! Alright So, open your Adobe Photoshop And go to: File, new And we gonna create a new document So, go to preset, and choose International paper And, in the size choose A4 and press OK Alright, now just drag the image that you want to use I’ll use the same image in here Open it like that Now, I’m gonna make it a little bit bigger So I can focus on the face And Press ENTER Alright, now I will go to: Filter Filter Gallery And, in the artistic folder, open it and choose, Dry Brush Alright For this filter actually, its depend on how big or small your picture is You might need to play with the values, for this But, I’m using 10 for the brush size And, 8 for the brush details And, 1 for the texture Alright, press OK Now, I’m gonna press Ctrl+A So I can select the whole canvas Or, go to select and, choose All And, it will select the whole canvas for you OK Now, I’m gonna press Ctrl+C to copy And then, I will create a new folder And then, I will apply a new Layer Mask to it And, by pressing Alt And one click to the Layer Mask I can enter the Layer Mask in here And, I will press Ctrl+v to past my selection And, as you can see this will turn into a black&white color Now, we need to darken the picture a bit So, I will go to: Image Adjustments, and choose: Curves Or, press Ctrl+M on your Keyboard Alright, now I’ll go to the input in here and move into the right a little bit Somewhere like so Want it to be darken a little bit And, take this handle and put it into the left A little bit like so Somewhere like that Alright OK, something like this, and press OK Now, I’ll press Ctrl+i so I can invert my Layer Mask in here Alright Now, I’m gonna uncheck this so we wont see it anymore Now, I will go back to my folder in here, and I will bring this ink texture in here Alright Press ENTER Now, I’ll put it in the folder in here And, I’m gonna change the blending mode to Multiply As you can see I can replace it wherever I want Now, I’ll press Ctrl+T And, I will make a little bit smaller And, I’m gonna replace this one in here Like so Alright Now, I will go back to my folder in here And, I will bring this 2nd ink texture in here Alright And, I’m gonna make it smaller again And, I can rotate it if I want Like so Alright, I like that Alright, press ENTER Now, I’m gonna change the blending mode to Multiply again And as you can see It start to create this great effect in here Alright, now I can also duplicate My texture in here, by pressing Alt I can make a copy of it, and rotate it again Alright And, as you can see, you can create A really great portrait Ok Alright, looking good, I like that Alright, now I will go To this folder in here And I’m just gonna copy This image Like so, by pressing Alt I’m gonna make it On the top of the folder like that And, I’ll change the blending mode to Multiply So, I can bring back a little bit of the color of the face to my image And, I’m just gonna make A layer mask to it A black layer mask actually Alright Now, I’ll go to my brushes in here And I’ll go to this gear icon in here And, choose replace brushes And then load the brush that you just download Ok I’ll choose this brush in here And, I’m gonna Start brushing with a 45% opacity in here With a white color Maybe this one Like that, you know to bring a little bit of Color of the face In the eyes and the hair Something like that Alright I like that Now, I will Make a level adjustments to it, so I’ll go and choose levels And, I’m gonna Drag the black a little bit Into the white And then the white a little bit And, I’ll put this middle handle Into the right a little bit like that Around 0.70 Alright, something like so Alright And there you go So, I hope that you liked and you enjoyed this tutorial and it was a little bit helpful for you Don’t forget to subscribe and comment and you know wait for more tutorial to come and have a nice day, thank you for watching.


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