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InDesign Can’t Open File – HELP – MarkzTools2 for CC 2017

November 10, 2019

Hi, everybody.
David Dilling for Markzware and some great news.
MarkzTools2, a suite of plugins and a
standalone application, is
now out for Adobe InDesign 2017.
Now, you can effectively down save InDesign files into lower versions, so
you can use them in a lower version of the
application. For instance, an InDesign CC 2017 document
can now be used easily in
CS5. With MarkzTools, it’s easy. You just drop the
document on the application, MarkzTools2, and
you’ll get an IDML file, which you can then
open in CS5. But it also comes with a series of
plugins, which can be useful, as well,
for some users. MarkzTools2 is real
handy for converting InDesign files,
in general, to IDML, without even having
InDesign open. It’s real simple, easy and
effective to use. Creating IDML files from time to time will help
scrub your file of any minor corruption. You rather do it then, than have to use later our
File Recovery Service. Markzware’s MarkzTools2, now supporting InDesign CC 2017 files and lower, of course.
If you need more information on MarkzTools2, cruise over to . Thank you. David Dilling from
Markzware, wishing you a fantastic day! [Music]

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