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January 24, 2020

What is up creatives this is Tom welcome
back to another video and this is the first “Budget Wednesday” so let’s roll that
intro so budget Wednesday is going to be a new series that I’m starting on the
channel where we go through either a very cheap or affordable piece of gear
or cover a tip or trick to basically level up your photo or video game for
free or at least very cheap definitely pretty excited about this series so hit
the subscribe button on this video if you want to be notified about future
episodes so in today’s video what I want to do is show you a photography tip that
is only gonna take you about 20 to 30 seconds per photograph and it will
instantly improve that photo the best part is you can probably use it I’m
pretty much every photograph you’ve already taken so of course we’re talking
about cropping and before you click off the video and you’re like god Tom I
know how to crop photographs take a little step back do you know why to crop
photographs? So let’s take this photo for example when I first got this shot off
my camera from New York I was about to scroll past it thinking it just wasn’t
particularly special the composition was completely off and I just wasn’t buzzed
about it but thankfully I decided to play around with it for a little bit
further and I ended up really happy with the results so cameras nowadays shoot in
such high resolution you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be able to crop in
on a photo without losing an absolute ton of quality and still having a
totally usable photograph so first of all what I’m going to do is straighten
the horizon to make sure that things are completely straight if you don’t know how to
do this you can click the crop tool just click the ruler and then drag out on the
image and Lightroom will automatically straighten it for you so now that that’s
done obviously on this specific image we need the composition to be better so
we’re going to crop dramatically in on the image to get rid of this sort of
foreground on the left but also to get rid of the lines in the center of the
frame on the ground as I find they’re pretty distracting personally I think
that is a big difference we can go back and forth to compare the before and
after with without a crop, throw a little quick photo edit on
here I’m just using sort of a grunge preset and things come out looking so
much better than they did before another super handy tool within Adobe Lightroom
is its cropping guides so let’s take this photo that I just downloaded from
unsplash now on a regular cropping guide this doesn’t really match up to any
other points for interest as with a photo you kind of want your subject to
be on one of the corners one of these sort of intersecting corners of the crop
guide instead let’s hit O on our keyboard and this will cycle through
different cropping guides if we select the Golden Spiral and then hit shift O
to rotate that guide you can now see that the photo is sitting pretty well in
that guide and this will just give yourself a little bit more flexibility
and you can be a bit more creative with your shot so if you had more space above
or below this photo you’d want to crop that’s out there we go guys hopefully
you have enjoyed the first Budget Wednesday please let me know what your
thoughts are about the series also your thoughts on this video in particular
also let me know what you think about the video intro the budget Wednesday
video intro very keen to hear your thoughts on that and I will catch you
guys next time


  • Reply Jackson Welch January 22, 2020 at 8:52 pm

    Glad you're back!

  • Reply Vegard Løknes January 22, 2020 at 9:39 pm

    Yeah, what happened to the end audio?
    Great tips, and great video, as always!

  • Reply John Gibson January 23, 2020 at 8:07 am

    I think you could have read the phonebook and we all would have been happy to watch it!
    I thought you had to pay for Lightroom? Have you ever used it on the iPad or a mobile device?

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