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August 18, 2019

well everybody for this tutorial I’m
gonna show you how to create animated gifs so let’s begin first we need to
get some materials so I’m gonna start my web browser in this case I’m gonna use
Google Chrome and in the search box I’m going to type bird sprites because this
animated bits will be about birds this time the first thing we need to get it’s
a good image in terms of resolution as you guys can see this resolution is okay
for an animated gif and across Google we can check several sprite sheets
depending on the situation we want or the animation we want to create also we
can check different resolutions or even we can find images with no background
with transparent background for example this image looks nice in resolution no
background so this image might work so I’m gonna save this image as a
recommendation I strongly suggest that you guys create always folders for
your animations or for the materials you’re going to use, in addition it’s
important to label your files in order to access to those easily so I have my
sprite sheet ready and for this animated gif I need a background as well so if
I’m looking for animated sprite sheets I need cartoon or animated backgrounds
too so let’s see what Google offers to me okay this background looks nice but
it’s way too big in terms of resolution of course so if we check this it has a
watermark but I have the same one no watermark good resolution so let’s take
this image I’m gonna save this always always put titles or label your images
in order to access to those easy remember that
so we practically done let’s move on to the next stage where the magic begins well here we are a stage two it’s time
to prepare the scene for our animated gif in this tutorial I’m going to show
you one interesting online platform for image editing and that platform is
Pixlr nowadays we can use a lot of image editor software such as Adobe
Photoshop Photoscape GIMP but Pixlr is a complete editor that can help us to
create cool and quick images or contents with just a few clicks okay the first
thing I’m gonna click on will be on the pixel editor as you guys saw and we have
three different options first a new image second of an image from computer
and finally open image from and you are on file because I’m already saved my
images I’m gonna use open file from a computer previously I selected a
spreadsheet but for this activity I’m going to
select a sprite sheet with background in order to show you how to use editing
tools so as you guys can see this sprite image has a white background in fact we
have a lot of tools but before starting with those tools I need to start and I’m
going to open every image I’m gonna use for this Gif creation once I maximize
this you can see the entire section of the background image but if you go to
this section that I’m showing you right now you can
switch between screens in order to make your work easier you can drop down this
menu and you can switch as many files you have opened in an easy way
so now we have everything complete it’s time to begin with the creation but
first I’m gonna show you these right boxes the first one is the Navigator
with the Navigator you can zoom in or zoom out your picture or your file as
many times you want also you can drag and drop to go to some specific parts or
points in your file in order to work with these parts the second box is the
layers box and we have two more I’m gonna close this promotion box and these
three boxes are really important because we need to use those in order to
navigate or organize our job into layer box you will always see a “Lock Icon” if
you double click as you can see in this moment in the video you can unlock and
make the layer and editable one okay so now the background or
in this case the layer is unlock we can focus on the tools if you guys can see I
can drag and drop my toolbox and adjust it to some recommended spaces or sizes
okay in this part we are going to focus on
selection tools the first tool the marquee tool lets me drag or draw a
square or a circle in case you need to edit your image once we select a portion
of my image we can cut using the cut menu and paste it into our file or in
this case our canvas now you guys can see that I have an extra layer the bird
that I cut and pasted is now an independent layer now if I select the
eraser tool you can see that I can remove some parts of that white
background but check this out and not deleting the purple bird and the reason
is because the layer one the bird layer is the active layer so every time you
need to edit or work with layers you must be focused on the active one
okay so the third box that you guys can see in this section is the history box
the history box records up to 20 steps you guys did or do during your image
editing work so I can go back to the starting point in
order to show you a new tool the lasso tool with the lasso tool
you guys can create the section or the portion of the image you want to crop
you want to copy or you want to edit with in this case using my mouse I’m
drawing a portion or a line and I’m gonna cut it I’m gonna paste it and now
I have the same active layer or this a new layer but with a different shape you
can use the eraser tool in order to clean the sides of your bird or if you
need to adjust the eraser brush you can click on this top bar and you can select
a smaller brush type very good okay now I’m going to show you in my opinion the
best tool for make background removals OK once we’re done with the eraser I’m
gonna return to the first step and the best tool in terms of solid backgrounds
solid color backgrounds is the wand tool with the wand tool once you click on any
section in your canvas you can see that automatically the software have selected the
entire color of your canvas I selected the tolerance in 32 as a recommended option
you can leave at 21 as default and then I’m going to clean the entire background
as you guys check before I deselect by using the deselect tool or control D now
I’m using the one again and then with your keyboard you hit “delete”
voila no background your canvas or your image is totally clean well now our
canvas has no background and we’re ready to begin our cropping and pasting part
I’m deselecting the previous one through selection but before starting
with the cropping part I’m going to show you one more tool in the editing tool
box we can select the paint bucket tool with the paint bucket tool we can color
our image or our layers again in this case I’m going to show you how to switch
some colors from my bird I’m selecting light green color and same as the wand
tool you can adjust the tolerance again 32 my recommended option and just with a
few clicks you can color your bird or your penguin or the sprite you have again
so I’m using a darker color as you guys can see and with just a few clicks
according to the tolerance the paint bucket tool selects specific portions
of the image and with just simple clicks you can recolor your bird or your
object so I’m going back in the history box and now it’s time to back again do
the selection tools so no background the birds are clean totally clean so
it’s time to cut the bird and it’s time to switch or paste my bird into a new
background but wait I want to create a good animated gif so
before pasting my bird into this background let’s make the background a
dynamic one or let’s create some movement in our background in order to
create this I’m going to create a new image file or a new canvas this canvas
will be the final one so I’m gonna label this as animated gif
Pixlr offers us several resolutions depending of the work we’re doing but if
we’re creating an animated gif my recommended resolution will always be
400 pixels by 300 I’m gonna take the transparent background in order to avoid
editing or cleaning work and that’s it now I have this it’s time to paste my
bird so paste it or just hit control V on your keyboard and now I have my bird
perfect resolution perfect canvas size I’m gonna delete this extra layer
because I don’t need it check the trash can icon and use it
anytime you want to delete layers okay back to the background in this
opportunity I’m going to use the select all option or just I can hit control A
in my keyboard the entire selection of my canvas is done I’m gonna copy this
and then switching to the new canvas I’m gonna paste it
but as you guys can see the background is over my bird but just clicking on my
bird layer as I’m going to do right now and just dragging and dropping you can
organize your canvas okay as you guys can see I have the active layer and I
have the possibility to move my background because the background has a
bigger resolution than my canvas size right now so I’m going to adjust a small
section the small sections sorry and then I’m going to put my bird right at
the middle the effect we are going to create is a flying effect so before
starting with that if you want to resize your layer you can do this by clicking
on free transform option in the Edit menu
okay I have this but in this opportunity I don’t need to resize anything because
the resolution of my bird is the proper one for the Gif that I’m going to create
okay I have the layers but before continuing with this it is important to
label every layer you work with just in terms of organization or just in terms
of having a perfect control of the things you’re doing okay I’m gonna
select the second bird this opportunity I’m going to use the lasso tool again
I’m going to switch between tools because it’s important that you guys can
see different tools and okay I’m going to paste it with control V
I’m going to organize the layers and I’m going to label my new layer again
so three layers so far with the move tool I’m going to put my bird just in
the exact place that I have my previous layer the frame one I’m going to select
the lasso tool and I’m going to switch to a polygonal lasso tool with this tool
if you don’t want to press and hold your mouse you can just draw some lines so
straight lines like vector lines and cut the selection and paste it it
works the same okay moving on I’m going to organize good label it okay
one more to go for this example I just need four sprites back to the marquee
tool and same editing shortcuts control X to make the cut ctrl V to paste it in
my desired canvas we’re almost done okay so we have four frames and a
background so with these objects practically positioned in my new canvas
it’s time to animate those so hang in there let’s go to the last stage okay
Stage three it’s time to let the animation begins it’s time to create our
animated gif so in the previous stage we created the animated gif canvas we cut
and pasted from our sprite sheet the frames that we need but in this
opportunity it’s time to create the real frames with this tick box you can hide
the frames you want or in this case the layers you want and for this first frame
we only need the frame one and the background to be active once we have
this ready the tasks were going to perform is to save different parts or
different images in order to compile these images into an animated gif so
first I’m going to use the background in the frame 1 and we’re just going to file
and save we are going to create our first frame so I’m going to label this
up as f1 I’m going to keep the format in jpg I’m going to increase the quality
just in case and in my folder I’m going to save the frame 1 and with just using
the tick box I’m going to unclick the frame 1 and I’m going to activate the
frame 2 layer and with my keyboard I’m going to move especially with the arrow
keys the background a little bit in order to create
a flying animation movement so again not to say increase the quality jpg format
and f2 a second frame is complete and now let’s move on with frame three same
idea click on the background move it with the arrow keys in my case and save
this is my third frame that’s it okay now you get the picture it’s time
to play the Super Mario song to make things faster okay back to normal speed now it’s time
to focus on the final result now we have ten different frames that we can
just analyze in terms of checking the results so if I switch between frames
sorry about that I can see that my job is almost done I have ten different
pictures for images with different positions of my bird now it’s time to
compile those images so if I open a new tab there are a lot of free Gif maker
platforms online the recommended one this time will be “” so we
type gif maker me on the searching box and click on the first link and as you
guys can see the only thing I need to do is select all images that I’m going to
use if I press and hold the CTRL key I can make multiple selections okay my ten
images are complete some recommendation select those images in order or your
animation will be laggy or will be damaged okay ten images uploaded
successfully and you guys can see in this section the control panel section
the final result but it’s way too slow so in this animation speed we can adjust
the speed in this case 80 milliseconds no let’s use 100 okay it seems like a
real bird flying if you keep this option in zero you create an infinite loop for
your gif and as an optional thing you can copy paste a YouTube music or a
youtube link in to add some music to your Gif okay
everything is done let’s click here create Gif animation when you click on create
Gif animation you will see several options let’s click on the first one
view the GIf it’s a little bit slow okay it finishes loading and now my Gif is
complete it’s time to download this gif so check the result
if the result is okay for you you can download the Gif and now you have in
your computer stored your animated gif with this result you can now share this
with your friends you can add it you can add it to your movies and this ladies
and gentlemen is how we can create animated gifs hope you liked this video
don’t forget to leave a comment in the comments box below I’m gonna add some
links to another Pixlr exercises that’s for all hope you guys liked it
and bye bye


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