Illustrator CC Charts 1 – How to make and edit a bar chart

October 7, 2019

Hi. This is Melinda Wolverson With IT Training at the University of Missouri. Today I’m going to show you how to make some basic bar charts and pie charts in Illustrator. This is a particular interest I think for our scientists mu you need to create research posters and a variety of other different documents that they can get funding for their research i’m going to start with a basic bar chart the chart tool in Illustrator initially looks like this a little chart and it’s down towards the bottom in your tools panel on the left hand side if you click and hold on that area on that button and you can see pie chart radar chart scatter area line bar stacked column all kinds of different options are going to go with pure the most basic ones column graph tool and the pie graph tool just to show you how this can work it’s like column graph tool first now I need to draw out how big i want this chart to be so i will click and drag and create a rectangle bar chart about as big as I needed to be in my document as soon as I release it opens up this small dialog and this looks like a little excel sheet because it is mostly but there are some options are not available what i have done is i have created my data in Excel like most researchers would do and that i copied all of the actual information from that Excel spreadsheet and now i’m just going to paste that into this little mini excel spreadsheet so I’ll just highlight the area and then commander ctrl-v to paste that information in there something i want you guys to notice these three columns rows here we have just regular information that this last column is actually some of the other rows you can see that if i highlight the content there there’s no some function there’s no function at all it’s just the final number that it’s giving me and I just wanted you guys to know about that it’s not going to hurt the function of our creation of the chart at all because the greater representation of a number you just need the numbers but i did want to let you guys know about that so that it doesn’t cause confusion later then once we put the numbers in up in the top right hand corner of this little box and then click the checkmark to apply and that creates my chart now i can swap the rows and columns if I’d like to notice it does not change what my chart looks like until I check the apply again now with my selection tool that’s the top-left tool in the tools panel I can select my whole chart and I can move it i can change it and I can resize it and work with it if I would like to recolor the chart it is kinda boring i can come up to the very top with the chart still selected and select the recolor artwork button it looks like a little a little color wheel and i can select bright in this case it’s going to be just a nice quick easy option and notice there are several other color options and you can even go into customer coloring i’ll say okay and that closes that out i can change individual pieces of this chart using the direct selection arrow that’s the lighter arrow at the top of the tools town direct selection arrow I can select just one piece i selected outside of my artwork to be selected the whole thing and then i will click on just one piece of the artwork in this case the longest bar and now i can come up to the top for just that path and change the color for green just to try this again i’m going to select the other two just like this one first and also make that when a darker shade of red and then this one I will make black since their total that kind of tells the story so the first one which is the lowest is black or in the black or losing money the second one we’re in the red but it’s not quite as bad as it was the previous session and then this one were in the green we’re in the clear we’re making money you can actually tell a story with your colors and your information right now that i selected the whole thing again using the regular selection arrow i’m going to come up to my fonts because i want you guys to notice it now i have the wide range of adobe font that I can use within this program i can choose anything that adobe has or is on my computer as you can see it’s a wide-reaching i will use mmm textbook and i will make that bold there we go a basic apart this has been my old person was ikea training at the University of Missouri if you’d like to subscribe please click the subscribe button or check out our other illustrator videos thank you

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