IGTV vs YOUTUBE [ How to use Instagram TV to grow your brand! ] (2018)

January 27, 2020

it’s official I’m quitting YouTube and
moving over to IGTV totally just kidding absolutely just kidding I’m so
sorry what is up people Dunna here and today we are talking about IG TV if you
haven’t heard a recently Instagram decided to launch a whole new platform
called IGTV they announced that their platform on Instagram had recently
reached 1 billion that’s right billion with a B monthly active users which is
absolutely mind-blowing how many people are actually using that platform and at
the same time that they announced that they announced that they were releasing
this new platform called IGTV or Instagram TV that would be for more
long-form video content people of course thought that this meant that they were
taking a run at YouTube and that’s kind of what it’s looking like but I think
there’s a little bit more to it so what I want to talk about today is how is IG
TV similar to YouTube how is it different from YouTube who’s it for and
how can you use it to leverage and build your personal brand first and foremost
let’s look at the ways that IGTV and YouTube are similar the main thing is
that you can make long-form video content so up until now you could only
upload one minute videos onto Instagram or 15-second videos onto Instagram
stories and now on IG TV they’re saying you can upload HD and Ultra HD content
up to an hour now there have been reports that only 15 minutes is allowed
unless you’re a verified or if you’re a large enough account so this sounds very
similar to YouTube now how is this different from YouTube first and
foremost there’s going to be the big one that everyone’s talking about the fact
that IGTV is built for vertical video so rather than your typical widescreen
16 by 9 aspect ratio we’re looking at a 9 by 16 aspect ratio because IGTV is
marketed as a mobile only not just mobile first but mobile only platform
they’re really going after the way that we interact with their phones people
don’t necessarily like to take the time to turn their phone sideways while
they’re using their phone the other big difference between IGTV and you
that I can see is that IGTV is not a search engine there are some ways that
you can search for example you can look for hashtags the same way that you’ve
always been able to on Instagram you can search up users you can’t really search
for content specifically using longtail keywords for example if you go onto
YouTube and you need to learn how to change a tire you’re gonna type in how
to change a tire if you type that in on your IGTV you get nothing so the way
that you find content on either platform at this point anyway is very different
so the big question is is IGTV gonna take over what youtube is the king of
and I don’t think so here’s some of the problems that I see
with IGTV it’s got the similar problems that we’ve all seen from Instagram as
someone who knows and loves Instagram one of the things that I find really
frustrating is that there’s no direct linking so if you make a post on
Instagram and you want to put a link in there so that they go check out whatever
it is you’re talking about you have to say link in bio you can’t actually put a
link that’s clickable in there and it’s the same problem on IGTV the second
problem is that it’s a bit tough to get around I assume they’re going to be
fixing this they might even fix the problem with not being able to search
for specific types of content but that doesn’t really seem like what they’re
going for generally the idea is the people that
you’re following they’re going to show up on your feed Instagram is essentially
trying to guess what you want to see and feed that to you pun intended
the third problem that I found so far that I’m pretty sure they’ll fix pretty
soon is that the comments suck at this current point interacting with the
videos kind of sucks it’s not a really fluid experience when you’re on a video
and you click on the comment section it makes the video super tiny and all the
comments come up it would be much better if like on Instagram live if the comment
scrolled with a transparent background over the video so you could still see it
I have a funny feeling like this will get addressed pretty quickly here so who
is IGTV for what is it going to be good for where is it going to potentially
take over some of what YouTube has been doing personally I think IGTV is for
content creators period think this is just one more platform
where you should be putting content ideally videos on this platform should
probably be around two or three minutes maximum think about when you’re on your
phone and you’re scrolling through Instagram if you see a video are you
gonna want to watch it if it’s more than a minute two minutes maybe three minutes
max probably not that’s not how we like to consume on Instagram or Facebook if
we want longer content typically we’re used to going to YouTube and I feel like
that’s probably still going to stay the same could be wrong but that’s just kind
of the way I feel about it when I’m scrolling Instagram I want that
instant gratification I don’t want to stick around and stay on one thing too
long it’s all about the scrolling I think this will be a great platform for
lifestyle channels quick food based channels like tasty I think this is
gonna be great for vloggers as well because vlogs aren’t something that are
typically searchable if you want to see a video of my day going to Ikea
you’re not gonna search for that you’re gonna have to already be following me
because you think that I’m entertaining so I think this has potential for
vlogging to move from youtube over to Instagram and potentially for anyone I
think there is a market for a lot of the same things that we see on YouTube to
move over to IGTV I just think certain things are gonna work better on that
platform so the question is how can you best use IGTV to build your personal
brand in my opinion I think this is where we can all take what Gary
Vaynerchuk has been doing across multiple platforms for so long and
really hone in on that concept of micro content the biggest thing that I hear
from other youtubers who are thinking about taking on IGTV as part of their
personal brand is that they don’t want to make specific content for IGTV they
already put in a lot of time on the videos that they make for YouTube is
there a way that they can repurpose that for IGTV and this is where I think that
I’m going to probably stand on so for example last week I made a video
about my new Lightroom presets it was 13 minutes long and while I was filming it
I was very intentional about how I framed it so on YouTube where it’s
horizontal I made sure that it was a wide enough shot that if I chopped off
the sides you would still be able to see me nicely framed in the middle so that I
could go to IGTV with parts of it then what I did is I found a couple of little
one or two-minute spots in the video that stood on their own as a piece of
content the first one was just me announcing that I was teaching about
Lightroom presets and that I had a new Lightroom preset back out the second
piece was another two-minute clip that was talking about the four reasons why I
think you should be using Lightroom presets so out of my 13 minute video
that I made for YouTube I also made two videos that were specifically for IGTV
at the end of those videos I also put a little bit of text that explained that
you could see the whole video on YouTube but really those pieces of content stood
on their own I was able to actually get more out of that without having to shoot
something specific so this is one way to approach it the other way to approach it
is to actually take part of your personal brand and put it on IGTV and
take the other part of your personal brand and put it on YouTube do what
makes sense for the platform so the longer stuff let’s say 10-15 minute
videos probably belongs on YouTube now if you’re gonna do a behind-the-scenes
video of that maybe that would be something cool to shoot specifically for
IGTV then you can promote your YouTube from IGTV and you can promote your IGTV from YouTube at the end of your video or partway through your video on YouTube
you could talk about how there’s a behind-the-scenes video but they have to
go follow you on IGTV to get that then you’ve got two platforms where you’re
building up and your following can get even bigger I think this is really the
fine balance between the two of them I think if you’re gonna utilize both and I
do suggest that that you need to have related but separate content I do like
the idea of micro content and being able to get the most out of your filming
session but I do think that if you wanna make the most out of both
platforms they need to have their own thing going on there are lots of
different opportunities here to try new creative things try picture-in-picture
and different framing options but I think that when people will skip over
really quickly is if you look like you’re being lazy about it so be smart
be creative and people will pick up on it now I want to turn it over to you
guys are you using IGTV and what do you think of it is it gonna be useful is it
gonna take over YouTube leave a comment below I really want to get some
conversation started and see how you guys feel about it make sure to go
follow me over on instagram @dunnadidit I am gonna be trying to utilize IGTV
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you want to watch more there’s another video here I think you’ll really like it
thank you so much for watching I’ll see you next time IGTV vs YOUTUBE [ How to use Instagram TV to grow your brand! ] (2018)

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