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If You Know You Know | Barry Wood | Before They Were Gone | CV Text Message Prank

March 25, 2020

then check this out before this man
became the prank Photoshop photo sent to millions during the 2020 pandemic good
he barely even looked at it a good-looking Peter beautiful before
websites like barstool sports would start selling merch with a man’s face
right in the center without further interruption let’s celebrate and suck
some dick before the photo would circulate on reddit 4chan twitter and
make its way onto the wonderful world of youtube you got a tight little man put
on the dontcha now if you know the man in today’s video you’ve likely fallen
victim to a prank involving him being sent to you via text message and it’s
likely one that said that Donald Trump he contracted 19 breaking Donald Trump
tested positive for a virus no no no no I’m reading the article right now now if
you fell for the prank you were not alone millions of people they’ve
received the text and it’s even made mainstream news check out this article
put together by TMZ Oh TMZ did some digging and we discovered
the og snapshot was taken by Pantheon Productions owner Walter Smith for a
piece I know Walter says he took it around 2009 and on the site his subject
went by the name what seems appropriate but Walter says that’s not his real name
and the guy he died back in 2016 now from there things took an unexpected
turn though many old school adult content viewers they have him mistaken
for another adult star by the name of OG mudbone you can actually check out some
of the comments that were here on this community page when we talked about this
guy well Nash he said for the people who don’t know him his name is og Mudd bones
and Connor Williams wrote get over here oh gee mudbone 2007 so og mudbone he’s
an interesting dude as well and he’s famous for doing something else entirely yeah it was clear up any confusion
regarding who’s who well I’ve done all the research and I got some help from
you guys the gaming Wiz 330 well they helped clear my initial confusion
posting to my community page by the way to all you who think
this is og mudbone it’s not his name it’s Burwood and he’s a different porn
star also og mudbone he was straight while Burwood he’s gay oh I’m sorry yeah
that’s right the trail just took an unexpected turn
and researching this video well I’ve seen things that I just simply can’t
unsee what’s going on guys disappoint my public reading documenting the life and
career of a man with many names we’re talking berrywood woods sitting on a bed
naked guys sitting bed if you know you know guy and you got some effed up
friends if you know who this guy yes and we have a lot to get through in this
video like who is he is he still alive are the photos even real we’ll be
getting into all that also some recent drops on this channel they include the
crip iris before there are famous also aware they now on Quaid in Bayliss but
you guys has always got to let us know who’s next in the comments down below
now let’s get into this video now before we talked about the man in
question the first thing we need to talk about is the spread of the mean now the
photos that were reportedly taken either in 2009 or 2011 there are conflicting
reports and the photos they were taken by a man by the name of Walter Smith he
is the owner of Pantheon productions now the picture it made its way online were
it lay waiting to be discovered so that it could one day find its way out of the
depths of the dark web and dominate everyone’s direct messages
no it wasn’t until 2012 that the photo began to circulate on Twitter for Chen
and reddit it was a bait and switch prank and by then mr. woods would well
it had been photoshopped yeah that monster hammer that you’ve caught a
glimpse of well it’s gotten some help and enhancements from like you know
someone who’s zoomed in way too close anyway if you’re curious it was still 12
inches prior to being altered like I said I’ve seen things here that I just
I’m never gonna unsee I do it for you guys for god sakes I can’t believe this
story you’re telling me no the circulation of the photo was continued
for years in different ways there are tweets from 2015 that read out love my
parents and my Jeep then you click on the Jeep or hoping to see a Jeep or at
least some parents went up you get hit with an elephant-sized piece of manhood
also other posts include all blank County Schools have been advised to
close for January the 28th 2015 due to inclement weather possibilities check to
see if your school is closed and again clam up a huge chunk of man-meat it
blows up your phone I hope no kids we’re looking at that one in a December 2019
reddit thread asking who is this well it garnered 81% up votes and comments they
started to answer the question with profile pages for a porn star by the
name of what then in 2020 the pandemic hit the news cycle and in February of
2020 well would he became the unexpected hero of prank tanks photos which were
sent all over the globe breaking Donald Trump tested positive for a virus no no
no I’m reading the article right now that’s crazy so who is this dude
well first let’s talk about who he is not now there’s another adult film star
by the name of OG mudbone and a lot of people think it’s hit og my bum yeah
what’s so Todd sigh what a do homie man you know another dude Adelaide uh-oh
cheap mudbone also known as black Bamba or Loudon nigra well he was born on
April 20th 1980 in New York City New York now according to IMDB his adult
career it started in 2005 he was in an appearance in bagging white host 2 he
then starred in freaks of COC K 3 through 8
that was from 2007 to 2011 now he became famous for his use of a prosthetic piece
with a pump attached also for his loud call-outs he also wore grills and he had
a boisterous personality there was also his catchphrase of open
your mouth this guy’s famous all over the internet just for that and the
prosthetic yeah I’m ready to go to the club we’re ready to do this yeah yeah
man was Chuck club 12 o’clock would you love him no this guy’s so interesting he
could use a video entirely dedicated to him
but alas we’re here to talk about mr. what now oh gee mudbone he was a man who
was into the ladies but it appears that mr. wood well there’s only one
appearance in the adult world it was a solo scene apparently it was produced
for the fellas congratulations you’re officially part of the man now at the
time of this shoot is bio red age 39 weight 230 pounds hot and beefy muscle
Burwood is a built x pro football player with a warm personality and a big well
you know know our cameraman he shot these pics with his big you know
throbbing and we know yours will be – welcome to the club buddy oh my god you
have no idea I had to go to find that ya know what
you guys realized the work I’m putting into this it’s uh anyway moving on from
there I googled ex football player turned porn star but only found a former
running back for the Minnesota Vikings his name is Dave Nelson now this guy he
started in the 1995 flick backfield in motion that was directed by ron jeremy
but he and wood well they don’t look anything alike so my search continued
though the only info that exists on the man it comes from walter smith the owner
of pantheon productions and he told the vice reporter i’m sorry to hear that was
his image has been used in such a way it’s quite shameful unfortunately would
he passed away several years ago our images from him or from 2011 absolutely nowhere online does there
exist the cause of death or a link to the announcement of his passing so i
guess we can only guess what happened maybe he got it stuck in something i
really I don’t know now Walter said he wouldn’t give woods real name out to the
public he was willing to put vendors in touch with the family if they wanted to
donate you’d like to see some profits from the merch sales go to the man’s
family now there’s no big surprise on the rise and spread of this trend with
everyone home everyone board will websites like
pornhub they’re reporting a massive spike in traffic so who is the next to
blow up as you saw a video trending about a woman named Sarah J so I guess
we might have to be making a video on her let’s just see if this one gets to
monetized which probably I got I got a feeling it will as always guys you let
me know in the comments down below let me know how things are going with the
Cooke pandemic are you guys staying safe are you staying home are you sending
these kind of messages to your friends I’d love to hear all about it down below
of course you can follow me on Instagram I’m a credit em we do famous news
they’re keeping you guys up to date with everything that’s going on follow me on
Twitter we can get in touch and I now have a phone number that’s right there’s
a link down below you guys have been texting me you guys been facetiming me
and i’m gonna be getting a lot of sleep because of that there’s a lot of you
guys it’s been fun though alright my name is michael crichton you already
know that i’ll see you guys in another video and stop sending me this guy for
real what the hell’s wrong with that like
I know that’s why I’m making the video it’s done


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