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#IconContestXD: Top Tips from Anton & Irene on how to get started | Adobe Creative Cloud

September 9, 2019

Top Tips from Top Experts Anton & Irene to start prototyping your app I guess there are a couple of tips from us to get you started if you start from a blank canvas and you don’t know what to do there are so many travel apps out there and they pretty much all look the same they list out places to visit in a list mode,
in a grid mode, on a map Think about experimenting.
Think, is there any other way to drive your users to ten amazing spots in your city? Is there any other interesting layout
Is there any other interesting interaction model or animations or transitions, not to use standard ways of highlighting spots and don’t be afraid to experiment
don’t be afraid to fail, it’s not a real job, nobody is gonna fire you try to have fun, relax and come up with something that nobody has seen before. So besides doing the design which you have to think about this is also a content challenge you have to come up with the stuff
that is going to be inside the app. So if you are gonna be creating a list of 10 places in your city don’t think of the 10 obvious places that everybody already knows
or are already in a hundred other travel guides, think about what you are personally passionate about maybe you are incredible knowledgable about modern architecture and you can highlight ten of the best buildings that you think
other people would love to see or maybe you are coffee connoisseur or maybe you are ramen connoisseur, or whatever it might be, use your passions to fuel your process to fuel your content because if you are passionate
about it and you are taking people to the place that you know a lot about and you love it will shine through and other people will love it as well. Enter the contest now!


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    Excellent presentation Anton & Irene.


    hello good luck day

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