Hunter Via ’99 — A Decade of Editing Television’s Best Shows

August 9, 2019

– When I first moved
out here, I ended up working on The Shield
as an Assistant Editor. Moved up to Editor
on The Shield. I then went and did
Sons of Anarchy. I cut the pilot episode
to The Walking Dead up until Season Three,
I cut the finale of Season Three. I’ve been fairly
lucky and done some pretty cool things. Being at home and just
flipping through channels and saying, “I remember
working on that”, I’ve been doing it now
long enough that I do have stuff that’s
on TV randomly, like Showtime or something. It’s Halloween and
some scary movie I cut would be on, and
that’s a lot of fun. I transferred to
Col. of Charleston, and started editing
for Cougar TV. And that’s where I fell
in love with editing, was putting stories
together, was finding ways to put different images together and how that created an
emotion or a feeling, and when I graduated
from Col of Charleston, I knew that that was
what I wanted to do. And I then went to a
school called Full Sail where I got more of a
technical background, but no Film Theory. My Film Theory,
understanding how the story’s put together and
what’s important within that story, really
comes from the classes that I took at
College of Charleston. An editor isn’t just
someone who just slices things together,
we really help find the story that’s there. I went to school thinkin’
that I wanted to be a lawyer or go into
business, and then I started taking those
classes that would kind of take me down
that path, and really discovered that wasn’t
what I wanted to be. So, going to a school like
College of Charleston, you get all of that,
you kinda get the bigger picture and stuff and
you start to connect dots between different
things, and I really value that, and all of
that plays into today and what I do today. It’s fun, it’s a lot of fun.

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