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HubSpot Call-to-Actions in NEW HubSpot Drag & Drop Email Tool [2019]

January 25, 2020

In this video We’re gonna talk about your ability to add a CTA in your emails with the new HubSpot drag and drop email editor pro tip No custom module or coding needed. Hey, you know what time it is Are you a hub spot user looking for fun and interactive? education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to Sprockets. Ah, that’s right. I’m your boy George B Thomas from sprockets. Ah Cambria another hub spot educational video if you’re a sales marketing or service professional looking to learn more about hub spot and inbound Strategies to help your business grow then guess what? You’re in the right spot make sure you subscribe to keep learning more and use the comments section below to ask us any inbound and HubSpot questions that you may have now, let’s get in to the good stuff We recently heard some talk about hub spot not adding a CTA module into their new hub spot Email drag-and-drop editor our first thoughts were why do you need one when everything in an email is trackable by default but then we stopped for a hot second thought about it and realized there might be a reason that one might want a CTA in the Email versus just a button but why was there some confusion and why were some people trying to create a custom module when the Functionality was already in the hub spot email drag and drop tool well What you’re about to watch is a small sliver from our email drag-and-drop course over at sprocket TOCOM where we show you how to add a CTA into your design with no coding needed So how to add a CTA to your email drag and drop editor, you know by default You don’t realize that there is a module that allows you to add a call to action It is actually right here the button module. So what I’m gonna do is drag another button out I’ve got a button here you see if I click on this button right here in the settings it says CTA or URL or one of your pages or a file download so if you want to just track a Button in the email editor for courting if it doesn’t have to be across campaigns Then this can totally be a link to a URL. You’re still gonna be able to report on it But if you need to track a URL across campaigns or across your entire campaign You can simply click on this module get to the settings change it to a CTA and then you can choose the call to action that you want and at this point now you can insert a button style CTA You can insert an image style CTA But it’s right there right in the button module which could maybe be called a button slash CTA module But just make sure you’re paying attention to all the things that you can do with that button slash CTA Inside your HubSpot drag and drop email editor Hey, did you like this video then head over to sprocket comm for more actionable and tactical HubSpot user resources make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit that Bell as well for its and Notifications and so that we know that you’re part of the sprocket talk community Until next time make sure you’re focused on being a happy helpful humble human and as always make sure you’re doing some happy hubs bonding

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