December 30, 2019

what up everyone welcome back to my
channel I know it’s been a while and I am so sorry
today I am back with a very quick Snapseed tutorial I’m gonna take y’all
through a very simple wintery edit that you can do on Snapseed and make sure to
watch until the very end because I have some preset giveaway information that
you won’t wanna miss ok let’s get started so I’m going to skip the
granular editing steps because I essentially use the same steps as my
last tutorial with the Moody edit so we’re going to go straight into the
winter part by adding fake snow so what I’m gonna do is go into double exposure
choose a picture that I want to overlay the picture with all I did was go on
Google type in ‘snow PNG’ and chose a picture that I liked and that’s the
picture that I’m going with so there’s various blending options that you can
use I always gravitate towards lighten and I’m going to decrease the opacity of
it to about 40% and once I’m happy with that overlay I’m going to click the
checkmark and that’s essentially it you can also add a cold breath as I like to
call it in this case I didn’t but I did do that for one of my Instagram shots
you can do the exact same thing if you wanted to add hail or rain or pretty
much anything there’s so much you can do with double exposure it’s one of my favorite
features within Snapseed so that’s it
I promise you it’d be really quick so if it’s not snowing where you are and you
don’t have time for a winter getaway you can always fake it for the gram alright so
if you made it this far I am doing a preset giveaway so I’m going to give
away the moody preset in my last tutorial as well as this winter one the
link to the presets is in the description to get the password to
access it all you have to do is follow me on Instagram like the picture that’s
linked below and comment a peach emoticon and that’s it
and I just created a brand new tiktok account so if you want all of those
derpy goodness give me a follow alright so I hope you
guys enjoyed that please give this video a thumbs up if you want more snapseed
tutorials comment below if it’s warm where you are right now
it is I am completely jealous and yeah also subscribe and click that
notification bell because you can’t trust me with uploads I will see you
guys next time and if I don’t see you before then happy holidays and I’ll see
you guys in the new year bye

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