How to use the Squarespace WYSIWYG editor

September 12, 2019

Hi! In this video I want to show you how the Squarespace website editor works. To begin with click on content so you can change the contents in this section. Next I click on edit page which makes the editor open up, and now you can see the editor. Here you can add links, images, videos, blocks of codes or even add an image slideshow. And here’s the usual text formatting. Here for example you can assign a heading, h2, up to h6 for example, and what I want to do now is to add an image. That’s my image. And what’s very nice about Squarespace is that I can resize the image right from here, so I don’t need Photoshop or an image editing software to resize it, and that’s the result, and now I align it to the right side, save and close, and that’s it.

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