How to Use the New Photoshop Content Aware Fill 2019 to Remove People from Photo Tutorial

October 2, 2019

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to use the new Content Aware Fill in Photoshop 2019 and very quickly and easily go from something like this to that. There we go. Now if you liked this video make sure you hit that Like button, and of course Share just click on Share, you can Subscribe if you haven’t already done so. You also can support my channel through Patreon, there’s a link for that in the description, and took a look at my complete training course for Photoshop, there’s a link for that right down there. Okay, let’s get to it the new content aware fill here inside of Photoshop 2019 is amazing it’s very easy to use very fast does a great job you can see it right here here’s the original picture and then here is the cleaned up version now the hardest part about this whole bit here are these clouds in the background very hard to get these clouds exactly right you can do the whole thing down here very easily it took a little while we could do all this stuff with the clone stamp tool no big deal but give me the clouds right very very tricky on a picture like this and this does a perfect job Oh commissioner how this is done I’m just going to delete this layer up here just come down hit the trash can and delete that okay there’s the original picture real easy to use the content-aware fill first start off with the lasso tool here and make a lasso around whatever it is that you want to get rid of you don’t have to be right up against it can be just a little ways away and I’ll just kind of go around this make sure you catch the hair out there just in case and I have my set with a feathering of one pixel just to soften the edge just a little a bit I also have a set add add to selection right there so let’s go over here and add to the selection on this side you know we are just work right around the figure and there it is you get that hair right in there okay there is our selection you have to have a selection in order for the tool to work so make sure you make a selection go up to edit and come down to content aware feel it’s right there right below the fill in the stroke and this brings up a whole new dialog box as you can see in here now the green part this is showing you what you’re going to be removing and this shows you a preview of how it’s going to look when it’s finished you see it’s already done a great job now with the fill up here you can adjust your size right here your brush size you also can adjust the brush size by using the left hand right square bracket size is normal for a brush size in Photoshop you can add to or remove from the selection of this doesn’t add to it or remove from what’s inside of your selected area here where you have your selection but you can remove or add to the outside of the selection using that tool right here now you can set this either to work with the selection which is right over here or it says excluded area or you can go to sampling area so you either you know either side of that next on here is a lasso tool this one you know regular lasso and the polygonal so you can adjust your selection if you need to kind of fine-tune that if you need to and of course the zoom tool in the standard hand tool your usual tools here I actually haven’t had any need yet to come in here and change anything after my initial selection take a look at that if it’s fine you’re all set to go and just click on OK you can to make a couple of adjustments up here that I have found seemed to help you have color adaptation none default high very high default as always worked for me rotation adaptation I put this at low or medium just give it a little bit and that seems to help a bit now notice right down here it’s refiguring based upon this change up here in the settings and this seems to help out just a little bit on the quality and you can also choose to scale and mirror these things will help to hide any adjustments all click on scale this also seems to help a little bit and again it’s figuring that out right down below there once that has been figured out well then take a look at how you want to output this I have mine outputting to a new layer which I would recommend so you can always go back and just remove that layer like I showed you at the very beginning of this video so we can do a current layer I recommend against that new layer or duplicate layer I do the new layer so you have kind of an option on that so click on new there that’s the default anyway if you’re not happy with your settings you can click on these buttons here to reset to their defaults and that’s actually all there is to it click on OK and there you go let’s just go ahead and we’ll deselect it and there it is absolutely perfect removal in there so there is the original and there is a cleaned-up copy and if I wasn’t doing all those talking in here this is going to take you just seconds made it’s amazing how fast this thing actually goes to do this kind of a cleanup so it’s a a beautiful new version here of the content aware fill using the artificial intelligence from Adobe and does a masterful job and notice the clouds I mean the clouds are absolutely perfect so phenomenal one of the best things that will be done in a long time is this new content aware fill here in Photoshop 2019 don’t forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed this video and of course share and subscribe and think about supporting my channel through patreon there’s a link for that on my channel and also in the description and take a look at my complete 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